Cost Of Quantum Grammar Learning

Once you understand DWM’s Quantum Grammar technology, you’ll find yourself applying it in many areas of every day living

New 7-Day CSSCPSG QuickStart Coming Soon

7-Day CSSCPSG Quickstart NEW program starts soon … an inspiring, fascinating roadmap to fast-track your CSSCPSGP learning process. Contact us for details/dates

Using Prepositional Phrases

Using prepositional phrases, through punctuation, is classified as hieroglyphics. For example, the Crown’s seal, and Jurisdiction of the courts show the use of correct syntax. That is why you have the dots.

Follow CSSCPSGP rules in every sentence

Follow CSSCPSGP rules in every sentence, says David-Wynn Miller (DWM), or you can destroy the structure. Which is why DWM calls it Correct Sentence Structure communication Parse Syntax Grammar Performance (CSSCPSGP).

Credit Report Clears With CSSCPSG

Credit report clears with CSSCPSG (correct-sentence-structure-communication-parse-syntax grammar). You too, can beat the debt-collectors…

“The Reason For Thinking”

The reason for thinking is to abolish thinking

Bill Peck’s tips for CSSCPSGP

Bill Peck’s tips for learning CSSCPSGP while thumb-suckers are waiting for “the Chief” to clear up the mess

How to Answer Calls From Debt Collectors

How to answer calls from debt collectors when the phone rings, and what they don’t want you to know…

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss only because life seems so much easier
before you fall down the rabbit hole and get stuck in endless mazes and tunnels of legal fictions, contracts, and law-less corporate bullying

Three Word Solution To Stop Traffic Tickets

Three Word Solution To Stop Traffic Tickets…Seems like every week, we’re getting emails from people who’ve landed themselves in the poo poo…

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