Category Success of CSSCPSG

success stories using quantum grammar and CSSCPSGP

Quantum CCPSG Closure to Forced Jabs USA Military

Quantum closure by Russell-Jay: Gould’s contracts & forensics of not forcing medical matters on the Claim-of-the-life Citizens active in the U.S. Military

Court Rules, Titles and Codes

Court rules, Titles and Codes, traps engineered to get you into deeper poo… If you do not know what to look out for, to stay clear and free…

Quantum Indictment Chewing Gum

Quantum Indictment knowledge to correct with Parse-Syntax-Grammar Communication while chewing gum, walking and talking, or face perjury charges…

How To Handle Bank Mortgage Foreclosure

Here’s some ideas about how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure, and fraud mortgage contracts without stress of lawyers & huge legal fees

Bill Clinton Using Parse Syntax Grammar

Bill Clinton using parse syntax grammar, (Quantum) says:”You want the truth?”… about fraudulent grammar & fictitious conveyance of language

Secret Facts and Fiction Lies in Laws and Courts

Knowing these secret facts and fiction lies in laws and courts, with the right volition & timing, will create pressure to give you the upper-hand.

False Claims To Extort Money By Twisting Words

They’re using false claims to extort money by with fraudulant grammar… And we’ve got the technology to prove those lies and show evidence of their confessions .

How To Get The Bank Stressing Over Your Mortgage

With the increase of Mortgage Arrears & Default Notices, here’s how to get The Bank stressing over your mortgage, making “The Bank” accountable…

What Is Law Of The Flag?

Everything in Commerce is about Contracts, and knowing Maritime and Law of the Flag is key to rescue you from situations & troubles

Quantum Grammar (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.)

Quantum Grammar (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.) or Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar mathematically certifies languages

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