How to handle bank mortgage foreclosure, Rule Number One: This is possibly the most difficult, because it’s an intangible. It’s messing with your mind, and handling the psychological and emotional issues. We’re all born with an automatic “fight and flight response” that saves you from attack by lions in the jungle.

So your first response is to panic, as your imagination starts running wild… Why? Because you’re looking at a document covered in straight lines and wiggly lines, boxes and squiggles… none of which can physically harm you.

The second rule of how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure is to put the document somewhere safe, and don’t look at it for a few hours, or even better, the next day.

Why? Because when we feel under attack, the adrenalin’s running crazy wild, emotions rule over logic, and you make stupid decisions that have no foundation.

So get a massage, or have a relaxing cup of your favourite (non-alcoholic) beverage, while your body and mind finds a state of calm, ready to start some logical thinking.

The third rule of how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure is to read the documents, all the way through, starting at the top left hand corner, reading every single word, letter, number, and symbol on each page, line by line, through to the bottom right hand corner of the final page.

Threat of Bank Mortgage Foreclosure

After reading the documents, put them aside, while you ponder Don Miguel Ruiz’s rules for living each day, from his book, “The Four Agreements”:
1. Be Impeccable with Your Word
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
3. Do not Make Assumptions
4. Always Do Your Best

Now, these points are really important in the process of how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure because everything the bank is doing focuses on the documents.

Since you personally are not under attack, do not take this personally.

Yes, it’s a huge challenge not to take any of this personally. But when you think about it, the main reason that you are taking it personally is more than likely you are not following Ruiz’s third agreement, “Do not Make Assumptions.

Remember, the bank has many years of experience in how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure, making threats and using intimidation to scare and frighten people, to steal homes and force bankruptcy.

And the banks get away with it because they know that most people make assumptions.

The fourth rule of how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure is this:
If someone makes a claim that puts some obligation upon you, you have a DUTY to ensure that obligation is legitimate and proper.

Most people panic and run to lawyers, or finance companies, without really studying the documents.

Avoid Subjective Matter Argument

There’s lots of websites telling you how when you take out a loan (or better description, create money of account with your signature) the paperwork has no value until it is signed. Then it takes on the value of what number is on the paper.

And how the bank converts this money of account into money of exchange and gives you back what you gave them in the first place, but expects you to pay it back with interest, even though it originally came from you.

In reality, you are the creditor, so you borrow the money from your future self. This fact has been very cleverly hidden for a very long time. You are the source of value, the energy behind the medium of exchange we call money.

Don’t go there.

When you’re dealing with how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure, where the money came from is not the issue at hand. The bank claims you have a contract, by signing an agreement to make regular monthly payments and clear the loan.

And the loan is not conditional on the source of the money the banks lends you.

So do not go down the path of “Subjective Matter Arguments.”

Facts of Bank Mortgage Foreclosure

Never make assumptions about how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure, or what you think the bank mortgage foreclosure is all about. The only thing that you MUST FOCUS ON, are the documents.

Let’s look at the facts before looking at how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure.

When one is stating facts, there can be no interpretation, or it simply cannot be a fact.

Certainly, a house is a fact, but a “big” house is different depending on where you go and whom you talk to.

When the bank starts adding descriptive words to their claim, or to the mortgage documents, they create the distinct possibility of confusion or misinterpretation.

“Big” does not mean the same thing to any two people. And the term “big house” changes between classes of people and even countries. Fast car, really mad, long explanation, short time… Each example can be interpreted many ways.

Descriptors such as these invalidate the fact from objective to subjective. This is something you REALLY don’t want in your contracts.

Effective communication depends upon the I.Q. level of both parties in the exchange of information. Unnecessary argument takes place when one of the parties communicating misinterprets or misunderstands the other’s level of attention to detail.

The bank uses a “get out” clause, by recommending you seek INDEPENDENT legal advice before signing the mortgage document, or entering into any contracts.

Lawyers Handle Bank Mortgage Foreclosures

Lawyers, Barristers, Attorneys, and Judges, all carry a licence to be law practitioners. They follow the same laws, codes, rules and regulations, or they lose their licences.

This means they’re all in the same club, so where can you get “Independent” legal advice? You can’t, because they’re all in the same club. They’ll rub their hands together when you ask how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure. But try finding a lawyer who’s willing to help you sue another lawyer for writing fraudulent contracts.

While some of the Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from DWM videos, do you own research by reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos.

Your school English teacher says never start a sentence with a prepositional phrase, (preposition + article + noun). This creates a problem, because when you remove the prepositions from a prepositional phrase, you have an adverb-verb, which disqualifies your ability to use a fact.

In math, 3 x 3 x 3 = 27, and 3 x 3 x 3 x 0 = 0 (zero)

Same in English, Fact x Fact x Fact = Fact; and Fact x Fact x LIE = LIE.

Really? Yes, because you can take the witness stand and testify all day long with the facts, and tell one lie, and all your testimony is thrown out.

You can fill out an insurance form, answer all 403 questions, and write a 380 point affidavit, but if there’s one discrepancy… then any number of facts times zero equals zero.

And any number of facts times a lie, means the insurance company disqualifies you, so you don’t collect your insurance premium.

All law is based upon “adverb-verb” sentence structure communication syntax (descriptive or rhetorical versus factual). When such errors are pointed out with proper syntax then Judges, Attorneys, and other Officers of the Court have no choice but to recuse themselves and/or drop all charges or face criminal charges themselves.

Lawyers Write No-Contract Bank Mortgages

What they don’t tell you at school, is that anytime you have a vowel + 2 consonants = no contract. Take the word CORRECT, COR comes from corporation and RECT comes from erect or to build, which is joining, which is construction, so therefore you have a contract-construction. That’s what correct is. Put “IN-“ in front of it, and you have “INCORRECT”

Now you have a vowel + 2 consonants which means “no correct contract”.

Here’s another example, where the Tax office (IRS) demands you pay taxes on INCOME (income tax). The word “In-Come”, the “IN-“ is “NO” of “Come”.

How can you pay taxes on “No Come”, which is “No contract”?

You sign the IRS (tax office) form, but the attorneys, the judges, and the lawyers (which is the Bar Association) own the IRS, says DWM.

They are not part of government they’re hired to collect taxes from people. And when you walk into a foreign vessel in dry dock, called a court, you’ve just a left planet Earth.

And now you’re on the spaceship of a foreign country, or a foreign planet, where all (+8.6 billion) humans are babbling. They’re speaking a foreign language, they’re on a foreign vessel on a foreign vessel.

Because there’s no communication, only babbling, the lawyers call you a “PRO SE”, and PRO=NO, and SE=SPEAK, so “Pro Se” means “No Speak”.

Then the Courts order you to RESPOND. RE=No, SPOND= Talk, so they order you to “No Talk”.

What Lies In Bank Mortgage Foreclosures

Remember the saying:
“Locks keep honest people honest. But a thief will find a way in, no matter what, and break the law.”

That’s no different in the courtroom. You have judges who are corrupt; they only speak in adverb-verb to attorneys that only speak in adverb-verb to lawyers who speak in adverb-verb. All three of these departments stick by the rule:

“No Law or Fact shall be tried in court”

Every politician, the Congress, the Senate, the Legislature, the Supreme Court… every single one of them, police officers, sheriff, everybody works for government, three million people swear to: “No Law or Fact shall be tried in court”.

That’s why the sign says “No Parking”, “Don’t Walk”, and “No Trespassing.”

“No” is an adverb, modifies the verb “Trespassing”. And “Parking” is a condition of state, not a verb, so that’s a lie… so they put a box around it.

Anything in a box, is enclosed area, and cannot be considered.

When you re-write the bank documents in correct parse syntax grammar, a fiction can never come into a fact, and the fact never goes into a fiction

Get some highlighters and mark up the bank mortgage foreclosure documents; use Pink for Adverb; Yellow for verb; Purple for an adjective; and Green for a pronoun.

Then read all the colour code to say where’s a preposition, article and noun. All you’ll see is adverbs and adjectives, which are modifiers of pronouns and verbs, which are not fact.

Therefore nothing has been said, and shows grammatically as well as mathematically that the attorneys, judges, lawyers, insurance companies and banks, are only modifying, without showing any facts.

How Courts Handle Bank Mortgage Foreclosures

“ Anybody that’s in a courthouse is dealing in fraud,” says DWM.

If you try to make sense of adverb-verb, you haven’t said anything, you haven’t read anything, and you haven’t written anything, it’s one big fat lie.

So you enter this foreign vessel in drydock and you’ve left the respective state you live in you, you’ve left planet Earth…

Why don’t you just run down to the wharf and jump on a Chinese freighter or a Russian freighter, without a seaman’s pass, without a bill of lading, without any identification and watch how long it takes to get thrown into the brig for trespassing on a foreign country.

It’s no different when you walk into a courthouse. The courthouse is a foreign country.

And without the correct paperwork, you have no rights.

The Bank’s lawyer, with years of experience in how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure, stands up in front of a judge and says “I want to use this perjury to take that man’s house”… and that’s the lie.

Here’s your remedy:

When you syntax any documents from the bank, lawyers, and the courts, you’ll see the documents say nothing, and you have their signed confessions of the fraud taking place.

By writing a document/contract/treaty with the correct-sentence-structure-communication-syntax. You’ll know it’s correct when each sentence can be mathematically verified frontward and backward.

This leaves no room for any party to the contract/treaty to have any subjective interpretations as to the meaning of a sentence and the words used.
When you walk into the court and your paperwork is endorsed with a stamp on it, making you a postmaster…

Because the post office controls the port authorities, which controls the Department of Transportation, which controls the Treasury and the money…

Postmaster of the Documents

When you put a stamp on your document and you file it, the post office first makes you a postmaster, because you sign your name across the stamps to deliver the mail to the foreign vessel in drydock under the jurisdiction of the court authority.

So therefore you are already contracted through the port authorities as a maritime bill of lading as a postmaster who delivered the mail of the community.

Now, if you have something to say to the captain of the ship of a foreign vessel of the courtroom, you have authorisation.

And the documents that you got signed now become a vessel of paper. Whether it’s a 300,000 tonne super tanker, or a piece of paper, it’s still a vessel.

The vessel comes to the port of the court with a stamp on it.

So the letter carrier is bringing the vessel to be dock-ed, “DOCKET”, getting a docket number. Therefore you then are called a “Document” with a file stamp from the foreign vessel in drydock, which becomes your maritime bill of lading.

And you sign your name across the docket number stamp, then you become the postmaster of that foreign vessel in drydock.

Now you have a postal position between the postmaster of the foreign vessel and the postmaster of your vessel. And you have a legitimate bill of lading to enter a court room with the correct sentence structure communication parsing syntax grammar.

Correct Parse Syntax Grammar

DWM claims that since 1775 any fiction Court created in adverb-verb has no standing. The United States Supreme Court since 1799 never issues an order or a command. It only issues opinions written an adverb-verb by judges with a second grade reading level.

And that’s where they keep the entire judiciary. Every lawyer, every attorney, every judge, and all people of the United States … 360 million people have a second grade reading level. If you can’t read and write in quantum mathematical procedures, which is 29 grade reading level, you’ll be harvested, for lack of knowledge.

Any judge, who does not adhere to the correct parse syntax grammar, activates the threat of de novo. And if the court, the vessel in drydock, is not adhering to the treaty to hear grievances, it’s fraud against the state.

At the same time the court uses false or misleading statements to handicap an individual, under Title 29, Chapter 16, Section 701 of the Disabilities Act, handicapping a person.

Modification Of Grammar For Bank Mortgage Foreclosure

Let’s say the vessel is in drydock for the state of California… State= pronoun, Of= Adverb, making “California” a verb fiction.

The verb fiction is a treaty with the 1964 Civil Rights Acts. Under the Disabilities Act they put wheelchair ramps in all the streets. All over California they have wheelchair ramps so that handicapped people can travel get around otherwise they’ve been discriminated against.

It’s no different when it comes to grammar. The handicap ramp goes to the courthouse and they are under treaty to not handicap an individual.

By modification of grammar in violation of Title 18, 1001 & 1002, and Title 15, Section 1692e under false and misleading statements, with the penalty under Title 15, Section 78ff for a $25million fine and 30 years in prison.

Title 18, Section 1341 for the use of money under mail fraud while engaged in fictitious conveyance of language, in violation of Title 15, Section 1635a where a Three-Day rescission was not exercised to notify you that false misleading statements were going to be used…

This results in a Title 15 section 1639a for the penalty of four times what other monies they have extorted from you. Interest on your mortgages, or damages against you, which then comes under the Clayton Act 1914, which came out of the Sherman Act 1906.

Does “Correct Parse Syntax Grammar” Handle Bank Mortgage Foreclosure?

Each case is unique. You’ll struggle fighting fiction with fiction, and lawyers get their pound of flesh whether they win or lose while “helping” you.

If you lose, you lose your house.

DWM claims over 40 million USA mortgage contracts are 125% fraud with 4,500 mistakes.

In 2008, DWM syntaxes Washington Mutual mortgages. Three days later they file bankruptcy, and stock drops from $60 to $0.10 overnight.

It’s all about syntax, says DWM, claiming his lawsuits put over 1480 banks out of business in five years.

DWM says study now, or study in jail without any books. If you study parse syntax grammar they won’t put you in jail. Because if they do, with your quantum knowledge, among 2,500 prisoners with a second grade reading level, and your federal judge reading level 29, how long before you take over the whole entire prison?

The only way anybody’s getting out of prison is by using correct parse syntax grammar to vacate his or her case, claims DWM.

Bill Clinton says two journalists became free because of parse syntax grammar.

Since September 2012 China is teaching correct parse syntax grammar in their high schools, colleges and universities. South Korea’s been using it since 2008

For over five years the Bar Association College, in Colorado, is teaching quantum to the graduating class of seniors, so students understand what happens when a parse syntax grammar lawsuit hits them.

Hopefully you’ll have a better understanding of courts, lawyers, banks, and mortgage contracts, so you can move forward, though the authors and owners of this website accept no responsibility for your actions after reading this article.

It’s your choice where or what you decide to do next, or how to handle bank mortgage foreclosure.