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History of Banking, Law and Grammar

Artificial World Of Corps, Courts & Clubs

Artificial World Of Corps, Courts & Clubs trick you to believe lies from lawyers, Government Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies or similar Corporations.

Quantum CCPSG Closure to Forced Jabs USA Military

Quantum closure by Russell-Jay: Gould’s contracts & forensics of not forcing medical matters on the Claim-of-the-life Citizens active in the U.S. Military

DWM Secrets of Syntax

DWM Secrets of Syntax proving there’s no such thing as a legal contract or law UNLESS two specific people come to an agreement…On the SPECIFIC meaning and definition of EACH word in each specific USE of each word over the… Continue Reading →

Post Office Controls All Government

Post Office controls all government and militaries, which controls all paper money & commerce planet-wide, establishing the New World Order

Mechanics of Slavery [War Castles]

Mechanics of slavery and usury through contract, that DWM and RJG find by trial and error, through the court systems.

Quantum Grammar Fraud [War Castles]

Quantum grammar fraud is revealed in all Acts, Statutes, Codes, Rules and Regulations by definitions of words and sentence structure

Birth Certificate System – War Castles

At birth you’re considered a dead entity… You’re a piece of cargo owned by the Vatican and they claim a lot more than just your body

Largest National Security Secret – War Castles

War Castles Documentary Series reveals Largest National Security Secret.. presented by Robert-LeRoy: Horton, U.S.Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command… see part two here “In 1999 the United States was quietly being taken over by Great Britain. A vigilant Patriot… Continue Reading →

Post Office Banking & Parse Syntax Grammar

Banking, the Post Office, and Parse Syntax Grammar makes the world go round. Everything revolves around the use of words in contracts, scripts (money orders).

Quantum Syntax Grammar Empowers You

Quantum syntax grammar empowers you with any contracts & agreements with government and banking where no-one can lie, cheat or steal.

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