Quantum Syntax Grammar Structure where every word & each sentence is mathematically certified, frontwards & backwards. David-Wynn Miller‘s legacy…


Maybe you’re watching David-Wynn Miller videos… Like us.

Hours and hours watching the videos, thinking how the heck do we learn this stuff?

It’s all so new… certainly doesn’t make sense to us the first few times. Like learning a foreign language, or working how where to start playing a guitar.

So, what if you can find someone to help while you’re watching DWM videos. Someone who’s walking the walk, clearing a pathway for you to follow.

That’s what this website is all about .. notes from DWM videos… For a full list of articles go HERE

By tweaking what you are already doing, you can transform your personal and business life, finances, relationships, health, wealth and happiness…

Because everything in the world revolves around Contracts,  with four basic components:

  1. The written words on the paper form an agreement, called “meeting of the minds”.
  2. Exchange of goods/services/products for some consideration.
  3. Both parties are competent to Contract, i.e. age of consent, of sound mind, & freely agree to be a party to the deal, with no threat of personal danger, intimidation etc.
  4. Full disclosure. If either party fails to make full disclosure, the Contract is null and void.

And this is where the problems start… 

If you think back to all the documents you sign since you reach the Age of Consent.  Where every application like voter registration, applying for a credit card, mobile phone, driver licence, passport, bank loan, … Or even when you tick the box on a website… You agree (volunteer) to all the “Terms and Conditions”.

“When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom.”
Confucius (551 BCE – 479 BCE)

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The Hidden Art Of Trickery

In the world of Legalese and Commerce those type of Contracts are called “Adhesion Contracts” – If you want what they’ve got, you get no say in their Terms and Conditions. (Where’s the meeting of the minds?!)

You’ll discover in this series of articlesNone Of Those Contracts Say Anything of value, they are all “smoke and mirrors” engineered to trick you.

Every time you make a presumption or an assumption, you open the door to being tricked and trapped by your own volition… Through the hidden art of trickery in written documents and Contracts.

All Law is based upon “adverb-verb” (descriptive or rhetorical versus factual) and when such errors are pointed out with Correct-Syntax then Judges, Attorneys, and other Officers of the Court have no choice but to recuse themselves and/or drop all charges or face criminal charges themselves.

We’re tricked from the first day we got to school, believing we’re being educated to read and write, yet we all learn non-sense that bites us in the rear-end as we get older, moving into the world of Commerce.

You’ll Be Kicking Yourself For Not
Discovering This Years Ago.

Disputes happen through lack of communication, yet no-one in history goes to war over a math problem.

You can certify the correctness of mathematics, so that any equation reads the same frontwards and backwards.

Mathematics doesn’t lie. There’s an order of operations. Same with language.

Every word is articulated and every sentence mathematically certified, frontwards and backwards.

Quantum Syntax Grammar Structure

Now we have a system to certify written English both frontwards and backwards… And when two or more parties communicate with “Quantum Grammar”, (also known as) Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.), there is no dispute.

These skills teach you how to read and write in the truth so that people cannot cheat each other or be cheated by anyone else.

This technology works for those that are willing and able to invest the time and energy into learning…

So with around 200 hours (for most people) to study, to learn the Rules of English Grammar, International Rules, used for Commerce all over planet Earth…

You’ll discover something so simple, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having found this many moons ago.

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