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Using Prepositional Phrases

Using prepositional phrases, through punctuation, is classified as hieroglyphics. For example, the Crown’s seal, and Jurisdiction of the courts show the use of correct syntax. That is why you have the dots.

How to Answer Calls From Debt Collectors

How to answer calls from debt collectors when the phone rings, and what they don’t want you to know…

Three Word Solution To Stop Traffic Tickets

Three Word Solution To Stop Traffic Tickets…Seems like every week, we’re getting emails from people who’ve landed themselves in the poo poo…

Correct Questions Have Power

Correct questions have power when you’re caught up in “legal” stuff, with lawyers, courts, debt collectors, and law enforcement agencies…

Artificial World Of Corps, Courts & Clubs

Artificial World Of Corps, Courts & Clubs trick you to believe lies from lawyers, Government Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies or similar Corporations.

Parse Syntax Relieves Mortgage Stress

Parse syntax relieves mortgage stress to overcome any scary lawyers’ Mortgage Foreclosure Notice or Letter of Demand” landing in your letterbox.

Fact or Fiction in Real World?

Fact or Fiction in Real World is blurred by ignorance and the lack of education, members of the BAR who have little more than second-grade writing/reading skills.

Court Rules, Titles and Codes

Court rules, Titles and Codes, traps engineered to get you into deeper poo… If you do not know what to look out for, to stay clear and free…

How To Handle Lawyers & Insurance Claims

How to handle lawyers & insurance claims, using Parse Syntax Grammar, making an offer they cannot refuse, as seen in this real life situation by DWM.

Chemistry of Relationships & Divorce

Chemistry of Relationships & Divorce happen through communication around honouring contracts & maintaining your physical and mental health.

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