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“The Reason For Thinking”

The reason for thinking is to abolish thinking

How to Answer Calls From Debt Collectors

How to answer calls from debt collectors when the phone rings, and what they don’t want you to know…

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss only because life seems so much easier
before you fall down the rabbit hole and get stuck in endless mazes and tunnels of legal fictions, contracts, and law-less corporate bullying

Three Word Solution To Stop Traffic Tickets

Three Word Solution To Stop Traffic Tickets…Seems like every week, we’re getting emails from people who’ve landed themselves in the poo poo…

How You Think About Quantum Grammar

How you think about quantum grammar is a big part of you learning quantum parse syntax grammar. It’s not a quick-fix to get out of paying a parking fine or traffic violation.

Bitcoin Scamming Scheme

Bitcoin Scamming Scheme variation of the blackmail attempts in which strangers threaten you in exchange for bitcoin as a means of extortion

Words Create Situations – Gary Halbert “Dear Mom”

Words create situations, outbursts, rage, tears, laughter, joy and sadness, yet what are words? Nothing more than sounds or symbols to represent things

Mindset Learning Quantum Grammar

Mindset learning quantum grammar takes a shift in thinking. Having to unlearn everything your grade-school English. Basic grammar, parts of speech, & mathematics order of operations.

Most Important Day of Your Life Is To-day

If you don’t like Mondays, have a happy Choose-Day, and decide, before you get out of bed, that today Is a Great Day.

Increase Faith Day by Day

Increase Faith Day by Day [George Muller (1805-1898) lived by Faith. without asking for income, salary, or fund-raising campaigns, he established an orphanage in Bristol, England. In the article below (1881) he talks about how to increase faith] .

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