Who is this Quantum Grammar Coach?  And why should you take any notice of this website?
[It’s all opinion: O=no; Pin=Stick; Ion=Contract; No-Stick-Contract, written in “adverb-verb” fiction :-)]

We’re passionate about spreading the message about Quantum Grammar.

Maybe you’re watching David-Wynn Miller videos…

Like us. Hours and hours watching the videos, thinking how the heck do we learn this stuff?

It’s all so new… certainly doesn’t make sense to us the first few times. Like learning a foreign language, or working how where to start playing a guitar.

So, what if you can find someone to help while you’re watching DWM videos. Someone who’s walking the walk, clearing a pathway for you to follow.

That’s what this website is all about.

Avoiding Landmines

Let’s be real honest. You cannot learn correct sentence structure communication parse syntax grammar in two weeks.

But you can save yourself many hours by following a pathway that we believe will make your journey a whole lot easier.

Remember, we’re not teaching CSSCPSG, we are here to hold your hand, helping you avoid any landmines.

You decide. Do your own research.

Who is Quantum Grammar Coach?

He starts playing Violin aged 8, with his first public performance, a Violin Duet aged 13

He completes reading “Lord Of The Rings” Trilogy before his 11th birthday

As a teenager, he travels around Italy on $2 per day (many years ago!)

One day he buys a twenty-year-old Holden Kingswood. Starting in Sydney, Australia, he drives solo (approx 2750 miles), via Broken Hill, Maree (SA), along the Oodnadatta (dirt) track. Then back onto the bitumen and upto Darwin, Northern Territory.

Along this journey he stumbles across a marque and make-shift camp-site in the middle of the desert. So he gate-crashes a “Bachelor and Spinsters” (B&S) Ball beside the old Ghan railway line 300kms from Roxby Downs….

Clouds burst (in the driest part of the continent) and struggles to drive through the rain and muddy dirt road, to the next “town”. He’s now stranded for four days at William Creek (population of 11).

So he’s stuck at a pub with no beer,  with 300 other travelers waiting for Flying Doctors to drop emergency food parcels…

When the waters subside, the mud dries, he continues his journey to Coober Pedy and up the Red Centre to Darwin

He’s keen on organic foods, planting fruit trees in the garden, nurturing and harvesting the fruit.. Then he discovers “skins” of passion fruit work as pectin for other jams. So now he creates home-made low sugar fruit jams and jellies…

And he’s traveled to 23 countries in five continents. During that time he picks up a smattering of eight foreign languages to communicate with the locals.

He enjoys movies based on true stories… and doesn’t accept profanities or gratuitous depiction of violence as necessary to add to any story line… compare Godfather I to Godfather III.

Last year he reads 66 books, from cover to cover, and then reads them again another three times in twelve months. That’s besides the long-list of non-fiction books… Covering topics associated with manipulation of “history”, language, mathematics… As well as government-organised-crimes, propaganda and the erosion of common laws and freedoms.

Serious bookworms can contact Quantum Grammar Coach for a list of further reading 🙂

When he’s not sleeping, reading, writing, and helping other people, he’s watching movies, or eating healthy food… he’s doing other stuff to enjoy his happy and healthy lifestyle.