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And watch out for scammers, people claiming to teach DWM’s technology (see more below)

The only place you can buy David-Wynn Miller book / study guide / manual online is through his website,

[For All Who Would Like To Order A David Wynn Millers Book, Please Postal Money Orders, Or Cash US$200.00 For The Book And With US$40.00 For Mailing Fee.

Send to:


Po Box 61 Brookfield, Wi 53008 USA]

David-Wynn Miller’s old website can be viewed here

David’s book is copyright, and the folks selling copies are not copying-it-right,  so check the source before you buy David-Wynn Miller Book.

The book is a hardcopy printed and bonded document, and you cannot buy electronic versions of the book without being a party to scamming.

So what if it costs a couple of hundred bucks… that’s way cheaper than going to a lawyer to spin you lies, more lies and fleece you.

David’s book is a valuable tool, a great investment into your education. Don’t hand over your sweat equity to thieves claiming to have ownership of David’s work.

And his videos are freely available on U – tube. Hundreds of hours of viewing.

Quantum Syntax Grammar Gaslighters

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

Scammers come in all shapes and sizes, visible and invisible… chances are you know some gaslighters  and con artists.

So much for wanting to “stop and correct” any wrong-doings, Quantum Syntax Grammar Scammers are quick to take your shekels…

They think they are “better” than DWM, and want to invent their own words, symbols mixing flags and jurisdictions, because they are dumb-dumb-dumb.

Because they don’t know what they don’t know, and they don’t really know what they do know.

Except how to get people to part with hard-earned moo-lah, and sink you into deeper poo…

Now you know.

Be forewarned and do your own research.

DWM often talks about how such fast-talking snake-oil-salespeople will rise up following his passing.

And he’s spot on.

Name and Shame

Someone calling themselves “:Leon: Edwards” claiming to have authority to sell DWM’s Book, writes:

For the DAVID gave the Iolanda: Menino and myself :Leon: Edwards permission to provide his Quantum-Grammar study guide
:Leon: Edwards.

If Leon Edwards studied DWM’s book he’d have knowledge of CSSCPSGP, yet he’s writing a quantum sentence(?), using past-tense and personal pronouns.

Syntax the sentence, and you’ll see that it’s all adverb-verb, saying nothing.

Is this evidence that Leon is more interested in making money from selling DWM’s book, than learning Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax Grammar?

FACT CHECK: According to DWM’s family, Leon has NO AUTHORITY to sell David’s book, as DWM and Leon did not complete DWM’s paperwork, so there is no agreement in writing.

Thus, by selling (pirated copies) of the book, Leon’s breaking copyright and committing fraud. So if you pay Leon any money for a pirated copy, you’ll also be party to the crime.

To Order David-Wynn: Miller’s Book, (see, you can send Postal Money Orders, Or Cash, US$200.00, for the Book plus US$40.00 to cover the Mailing Fee:

Po Box 61 Brookfield, Wi 53008. USA

Federal Postal Court Judge Scammers

It seems like everyone who’s even sniffing around Quantum correct-sentence-structure-communication-parse-syntax-grammar technology is calling himself or herself a “Federal Postal Court Judge”, or “Plenipotentiary Federal Postal Court Judge”.

Some of these people may have gained their status by paying a certain Mark large sums of moo-lah…

Because they genuinely believe in this man, wearing a lanyard displaying his photo, thumbprint, stamp and flag. They don’t know any different, so they literally “buy” into his narrative.

Perhaps his ego is far bigger than his IQ, because even in his videos he asks such dumb questions of DWM, and has no idea what the answers mean.

There’s other folks with purple and red thumbs, mixing facts with fiction.

If you’ve only the smallest amount of knowledge about Quantum Grammar Language, or Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar, you will be able to spot the “false profits” from the genuine article.

Warning: Claim of the Live Life Scammers

Anyone that claims they can sell you a “Claim of the Live Life” is a con artist looking for a quick buck.

Often they are just like Judas selling his soul for twenty pieces of silver… how many pieces of silver do they want from you?

Read more about Claim of the Live Life here