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Using Prepositional Phrases

Using prepositional phrases, through punctuation, is classified as hieroglyphics. For example, the Crown’s seal, and Jurisdiction of the courts show the use of correct syntax. That is why you have the dots.

Follow CSSCPSGP rules in every sentence

Follow CSSCPSGP rules in every sentence, says David-Wynn Miller (DWM), or you can destroy the structure. Which is why DWM calls it Correct Sentence Structure communication Parse Syntax Grammar Performance (CSSCPSGP).

Educate USA Military with Claims Of The Life

Educate USA Military with Claims Of The Life in the quantum banking system… That’s the plea being made by Russell-Jay: Gould … As :Postmaster-General Of The Unity-States of Our World-Corporation

Quantum CCPSG Closure to Forced Jabs USA Military

Quantum closure by Russell-Jay: Gould’s contracts & forensics of not forcing medical matters on the Claim-of-the-life Citizens active in the U.S. Military

Fact or Fiction in Real World?

Fact or Fiction in Real World is blurred by ignorance and the lack of education, members of the BAR who have little more than second-grade writing/reading skills.

DWM Secrets of Syntax

DWM Secrets of Syntax proving there’s no such thing as a legal contract or law UNLESS two specific people come to an agreement…On the SPECIFIC meaning and definition of EACH word in each specific USE of each word over the… Continue Reading →

Certify Correct Sentences in Quantum

Certify correct sentences in quantum using mathematical interface, so reading the sentence both frontwards and backwards has the same volition with parse syntax grammar


Adverb is a modifier, and modification is change, and change is motion; motion is action, modifying the next word, eg a verb, as “The Table”.

Prepositional Phrases in Quantum Grammar

Prepositional phrases in Quantum Grammar contracts consist of [pre]position, object (FACT), and a word modifying the fact object (article). [ Read more…]

Court Rules, Titles and Codes

Court rules, Titles and Codes, traps engineered to get you into deeper poo… If you do not know what to look out for, to stay clear and free…

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