7-Day-Quickstart fun way to start Learning Quantum Grammar is an inspiring, fascinating, and very rewarding structured roadmap to fast-track your CSSCPSGP learning process. For a piddly-itsy-bitsy US$397 (for action takers) together with around 25 – 30 hours of your time.

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“I’ve learnt a lot quicker through doing this course. A lot of things I was skipping over because i didn’t understand it well, so having someone there to ask the right questions to find out what I wasn’t comprehending has been most helpful.”
Keith F., Cheshire, UK

It’s the outcome of thousands of hours studying David Wynn Miller website and DWM videos.

Why? Because we’re passionate about spreading the message about Quantum Grammar.

So, how can we help evangelise DWM’s technology?

For about three years we struggle with learning CSSCPSG.

Maybe we’re just dumb, though we find there’s many other people spending hours and hours watching DWM videos, and it’s still not clicking.

And now people ask us.

“Do you have a roadmap?”

“Is there some sort of course I can study to learn this stuff?”

“Your website’s great, but where do I start?”

So, here’s our “7-Day Quickstart Fun Way to Start Learning Quantum Grammar”. Click here to Start

You’ll literally save yourself weeks, months and years of onion-peeling tears… getting your head around DWM’s teaching.

“This course is an excellent way to get a ‘start’ on learning the CSSCPSG in a short amount of time. It’s an intense learning experience, especially if you work at it and try and push your understanding to the max. I feel more confident now to continue my learning process through practicing some the material I learnt here in the outside world.” Keith F., Cheshire, UK

What Makes 7-Day Quickstart So Special?

You’ll benefit by having a clear structured pathway with daily assignments, “homework”, and questions to answer. So much more than standard “Frequently Asked Questions”.

You get to ask questions to keep you on track each day, with links to specific resources to address your questions. With accountability, having someone keeping you focused.

As Najm says, “…the 7-Day Quickstart program is a great jump-start to comprehending proper syntax… your mind expands as you’re challenged to look at things differently”.

Structured Roadmap to Fast-Learning of CSSCPSGP

  • Fun, Fascinating, Challenging and Rewarding way to learn
  • Great learning tool (worth every minute that you put into it).
  • Proven avenue to build a solid foundation for CSSCPSGP (in 14 Days not 7-months)
  • Like learning to walk, starting with baby steps,once you learn this, you’ll not forget
  • Seven solid evenings (25-30 hours) of structured study and assignments (no rabbit holes)
  • Daily assignments & Accountability to stay on track (with personal replies)
  • Painless Pointers to accelerate CSSCPSGP learning (Secrets known only to less than 1% Quantum Grammar students)
  • DWM’s “secret phrase” we discovered (hidden in plain sight) & why it’s so powerful
  • Simple tips to understand DWM’s website & book (you’ll be amazed when you discover these)
  • Crazy technique (spilled from a wealthy businessman one drunken-night) to speed up your Quantum grammar learning

“Challenging, Fascinating & Rewarding”
-James C., London UK

“7-Day-Quickstart” Feedback: 

“You got me to Respect the Grammar. No one’s ever got me to do that, before…

You’ve presented something new (to me) in a good way because I’ve never known about the fraud… Now I’ve learned to look at contracts or agreements a different way.. And I’ll be looking deeper into them before I sign any of them” -Angelo K., New York, New York, USA

7-Day-Quickstart is a fast study of basic quantum grammar in a focused manner. I have learned 99% more this week, compared to the time I’ve spent before.

In the 7-days you’ll cover all you need to begin learning foundation knowledge to writing contracts with a mathematical interface as being FACT not fiction.
– Glenda S, Homer, Alaska

Inspiring, challenging, fun if you’re really want to get into it. I’m quite amazed at how you’ve put this together, sharing the information through exercises, a sense of humour…” – Rineke, Netherlands

“I would describe the course to my friends as intense, challenging, fascinating and rewarding.” Jamie C. London

“I’ve learned 95% more in the last week, than the last seven months, thanks to the 7-Day Quickstart…” – Anthony, San Francisco, California

7-Day-Quickstart Isn’t For Those Who

  • Looking for Freebies
  • Can’t dedicate a couple of hours a day(or early am / late pm) x 14days
  • Are looking for a quick-fix to some messy legal stuff
  • Want to avoid traffic violations and issues of public safety
  • Seek simple “cut & paste” templates
  • Are curious, but not prepared to do the hard yakka
  • Like collecting “bright shiny objects” but never unwrap the packages
  • For the think-you :Know-it-all: Ready, smarty-pants
  • Aren’t willing to follow a program built to help YOU
  • Always a starter, but never a finisher
  • Prefer being busy-bizy falling down rabbit-holes
  • Say they can’t afford it, snorting, as they grab another smoke, between gulps of grog.

This program is “Hands-On, Roll Your Sleeves Up”

  • You’ll need to roll up your sleeves, switch off your [anti]Social Media Accounts, phone, and any other distractions, and Focus.
  • There’s daily tasks to finish before moving on to the next day.
  • If you’re expecting spreadsheets, charts, hand-holding, cut & paste templates, forgedaboudid… Not with this program.
  • You’ll get your hands dirty, and your head spinning.

As Rineke, from Netherlands says, it’s:

Inspiring, challenging, fun… if you’re really want to get into it. I’m quite amazed at how you’ve put this together, sharing the information through exercises, a sense of humour…”

7-Day-Quickstart Outline

Without giving away too many surprises. .. You’ll need internet access, notepad and pen/pencils, printer, photocopier, and gallons of black coffee (kidding)

Day One = Foundation for the 7-Days (Reading ) Easiest day

Day Two = Video & note-taking (less easy)

Days Three -> Seven = Roll your sleeves up, the “hard yakka” starts… with reading, writing, note-taking, listening, watching, observing

“7-Day-Quickstart to Learn Quantum Grammar”
is a great learning tool and not a shortcut.
It’s worth every minute that you put into it.
Shaun H. (from Texas)

What’s It Cost?

It’s not a freebie. For a piddly-itsy-bitsy US$397 (for action-takers) together with around 25 – 30 hours of your time and sweat equity…   you’ll gain:

  • Knowledge = Power = Peace of mind
  • Proven system and solid foundation in Quantum Parse Syntax Grammar (CSSCPSGP).
  • Knowledge to spot the frauds in your mortgage documents, and other Government and Corporation contracts.
  • Perspective of what’s really happening to-day
  • How to Spot Events/Actions Hiding in Plain Sight

So, ask yourself… how much is that worth to you?

To have peace of mind with the knowledge and tools to protect you and your loved ones… It’s priceless.

And the relatively small contribution of funds we raise goes to our philanthropic not-for-profit foundation to help others in real need]

Juicy Stuff & Surprises Inside 7-Day Quickstart

If you like what you see on this website, you’ll be amazed by even more “juicy stuff” and other surprises, hiding inside the 7-Day Quickstart.

And because you can access almost everything in the program for free on this website, there’s no refunds, and no guarantees inside the program.

Now if you’re struggling to honour your financial commitments with the Bank etc. .. And your temporal needs like food, clothing and shelter, you can still learn CSSCPSGP, for no financial outlay… Let us know, and you may be able to sneak into the program)…

Ok… so if you agree to all these terms above, fill in your details below, and Double-Check that you give the correct email address.

If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll receive an email with instructions about the “7-Day-Quickstart to Learn Quantum Grammar” guide.

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