Stoopid is as stoopid does with name punctuation reasons, explanations, assumptions, presumptions or opinions. No wonder so many people are up to their chins in poo-poo, wearing face-nappies.

The best source to learn about name punctuation is by reading DWMLC.NET, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

Entertain yourself with comments from some of our website visitors lacking the knowledge of CSSCPSG.

Today’s Stoopid is as stoopid does prize goes to Ryan, who claims

“I’ve used [punctuation in my name] to show that it is my name in quantum, but that is all I know. So I’d try to explain it but I have little understanding.”

And Beverley writes:

“Using the colon to identify the living the hyphen the join spirit the full=stop to separate the dead. The wave to indicate the frequency of ancestors in sound.”

Perhaps that’s not so stoopid… As the colon being a vital part of her plumbing system, to help remove the internal garbage.

Sharon answers by saying: What does this have to do with my ability to learn?



Because if (shame on those that blindly copy someone else) you’re not too sure about what you’re doing, why are you doing it? 🙁

Perhaps that’s why you’re reading this article.

And here’s Jonathan, wanting to learn Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance. Because, he says:

For the communication of the facts with clarity is with the working-knowledge by the CSSCPSGP*.

So, does Jonathon have working-knowledge, or does he not? He’s asking for help, and adds

“I’ve put in hundreds of hours in the study of the CSSCPSGP-VENUE.(Mostly watching : Russel-Jay: Gould, videos & some DWM vids)”

Perhaps, Jonathan, too much study-time of the venue… carpet, and/or wall panelling colouring… counting light fittings and power points…

Any 7-Day-Quickstart to Start Learning Quantum Grammar graduate knows how to disqualify that sentence* quicker than old Joe rushing to the Oval-Office dunny.

Stoopid Is As Stoopid Does

{9:9} Give [instruction] to a wise [man,] and he will be yet wiser: teach a just [man,] and he will increase in learning.

Lars writes:

My punctuation comes out of being a secured party credititor. And I guess the function of it is to isolate my real name from my family name. But as this is inside the UCC and I don’t have jurisdiction there.

Sok writes:

“I place punctuation in the right place to make it a correct sentence structure. We are fact and not fiction to how those people sees us, an we must fight for our freedom an liberty. The point is to give a term one meaning across the board for all languages an not having multiple meanings for a term”.

And from Neophytos :

For my knowledge of the Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance is with the lessons of the syntax-&-mechanics by the Quantum-Teachers :Gxx-&-Bxx, -&: Mxx-&-Jxx’s-book. For my quest of the learning is with the more-information-&-details of the mechanics by the Quantum-Coaching.

Josh writes:

~C. For the knowledge I have is from studying parse-syntax-grammar for less-than four days. From the materials I have read, the concept is very simple.

That’s right. Simple.

But not easy.

And Wayne writes:

“Hi, I am trying to find some guidance to complete the claim of my live-life-claim. I was working with a grammar teacher, but lost connection.”

Alex asks:

“Have Checked my birth certificate is not all capitols. Do I still need a claim to life”

Have I Been Scammed?

Yes, you probably have… Carl writes:

“I’ve  purchased the services by Russell Jay Gould for the claim-the-life-birth-contract. $150 USD. Completed step 1.

“Step 2 was they verified data and email PDF link to me. Within 7 days.

“It’s been over 3 months, repeated inquires without reply. Account has been deactivated and phone number for contacting is a Colorado listing with Indiana location. Website address is non existent.

“Now I feel I have been scammed. All websites for Russell Jay Gould seem to be fictitious. Would you have any information?”

DWM says you can’t buy a claim of the life

Levis claims:

“I’ve watched all I can of DWM for the past 5 years. And I am also trying to study how to claim my life. If there is any help in that regard that will be great.”

What have you been watching, Levi, for you to still be studying how to claim your life? For five years? And what knowledge have you gained?

Ramiro writes:

“I paid $150 for claim of the life but never completed it. Then I just got really confused about the process and didn’t finish. Now I see the importance but don’t know how to proceed.”

Well, that’s what happens when you try to take short cuts.

Stoopid is as stoopid does, Blanca:

My flag will be American as I am English but live in France in a van. Do I use an English everyday stamp on CLL or a French everyday Stamp? ( my French is not great) (or) do I need red fox stamps? Can I use wax print of my fathers family crest ring/ picture? I have been studying few months, it has started sinking in… just need to learn parrot fashion.”

If your claim is correct, Blanca, why are you asking those questions? While make a  Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance claim…

Without having 100% knowledge… also known as perjury.

When you put your wet-ink name to the document, you’ll be making a false claim, to create a document with false and misleading statements.

CSSCPSGP works. People Don’t.

And then people wonder why DWM’s technology doesn’t work.

Quantum grammar technology does work… when you use it correctly. If you use a screwdriver to create a woodcarving, it may work…but not as well as a wood-chisel.

There’s no shortcuts to learning Quantum Grammar, Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance CSSCPSGP.

For there’s a correct way, and many wrong ways.

We know.

The best source to learn CSSCPSG is by reading DWMLC.NET, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

And what these comments show, is that no matter how much study people do, they still struggle to learn it.

We know, because we had the same struggles…

As we let 1000’s hours slip through the hour-glass, studying DWM, before all the sand grains neatly arranged themselves.

Now we have a simple, neat package, the “7-Day-Quickstart to Learn Quantum Grammar“. And, just so you know, we’re not CSSCPSG teachers, which means we are not Federal-Postal-Judges… We are students of CSSCPSG

Confession time:
Many of the comments, questions, thoughts and reasoning on this page occupied our grey-matter for weeks and months, before passing between our lips. But hey, we’re just slow learners…

Would you rather walk through a virgin minefield, or follow in someone else’s footsteps? Sure wish we’d come across this 7-Day Quickstart a few years ago…

Because the “7-Day-Quickstart to Start Learning Quantum Grammar” is designed to save you 100’s of hours… To keep you focused, and not get side-tracked by other “subject-matter” or rabbit holes

It’s not a walk in the park… This program requires a couple of hours of your time each day, and your input to complete the exercises is vital to finish the course.

And at the end of the 7-Days, you’ll know when Stoopid is as stoopid does.