Your “Claim of Live-Life” is just what it says it is. A claim that the claimant is a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood fact. It’s NOT a “Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free” card…

Why Not Buy Your Claim of Live-Life?

Firstly, aren’t you committing FRAUD?

Secondly, as DWM says, you can’t buy a Live-Life-Claim,  or Claim of the Live-Life…

Why Can’t You Buy a Claim of the Live Life?

Isn’t buying your Claim of the Live Life in Quantum Grammar like bribing your driving examiner to pass your driving test and get a driver’s license?

Because if you have no knowledge of CSSCPSG and you sign a “Claim of Life“, aren’t you making a fraudulent claim? Isn’t that lying, making False statements?

Do those people selling a “Claim of Life“tell you, that it’s kind of like a certificate of competency?

Isn’t it like a certificate to show that you have knowledge of Correct Sentence Structure Communication Parse Syntax Grammar?

Because the claim of the live-life, or Live-Life-Claim is a simple document stating the fact that you know you are you. That you are alive. And you can prove it.

Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos. Do you own research.

According to DWM’s website, there’s seven points to your “Claim of Live-Life” :

  1. The flag to advertise the terms of the contract under “Law of the Flag”
  2. Stamp endorsed name
  3. An endorsement on the back of the document becomes a negotiable instrument
  4. Four sentences articulate in now-time prepositional phrase order of operations that you know how to read and write in syntax CCSSPSGP
  5. Identifies yourself to be a fact
  6. Your mother and father to be a fact who created you as a fact, and
  7. You have two witnesses who also have claims-of-life, who are facts, to certify and notarise the document that it is a fact

Why You Have A Claim of Live-Life

There’s many reasons to have a Claim of Live-Life. Because of the games being played in the world of legalese, legal fiction, where everything that is, is not. And everything that is not, is.

Such as when you receive a letter “From the Office of …(such and such)”…

And wonder how a corporation can do ANYTHING… Which is crazy, if you think about it for a moment.

It’s crazy if you believe that an inanimate object – a “room”, an “office”, can do ANYTHING.

How is it possible that a whole department makes a decision, or dictates a letter, or writes a letter, or composes an email?

Does each individual employee join hands to hold a really big pen, so they can all move the pen across a sheet of paper to write the words and sign in the name of the department to authenticate the document?

When does the “Government” ever tell you what to do? It’s never the “Government” really, is it? Isn’t it one or two individuals, or maybe a group of people sitting around a table who made the decision?

And none of them want to be responsible, so they hide behind a label, and when push comes to shove, they are happy to point fingers at everyone else, and deny any personal responsibility.

“Oh, well, it’s the committee!”

“Errmmm…it’s a majority decision, so I have to go along with it!”

Claim Of Live-Life, Not A Dead Corporation

Look in a dictionary and you’ll find that the definition of a “person” now includes a corporation or a business, a “dead” entity. A “Legal Fiction”.

From the good old days, “person” means a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood fact, not a Corporation dead entity.

So thanks to DWM we can prove without doubt that we are living, breathing, alive, with a Claim of Live-Life (CLL).

By the way – when some people on U-tube talk about a CLL, they pronounce the word “live” as in GIVE – rather than “live” as in FIVE.

So a Live-Life (give-life) is not the same as a Live-Life (Five-life) claim. Does that make sense?

And here’s another thing.

DWM technology is F.ree – Gratis, Costs nothing, zilch.

Does this suggest that anybody who is charging you for a Claim of Live-Life is likely more interested in chasing the shekels, than chasing the Facts?

Ask yourself this, how can anyone witness a document from the other-side of the planet? Ok, there’s Zoooom and Sky-pe and other software. But how can you hand-on-heart vouch for somebody you’ve never met?

So if someone says that you can’t get two of your mates to witness your CLL, they’re missing some knowledge or not watching DWM’s videos.

And they’re missing the “Stop and Correct” any wrong-doings, which is the whole fundamental foundation and base upon which writing correct grammar using prepositional phrases is formulated.

Articulate Your Claim Of Live-Life

By learning how to ARTICULATE language and show the Fraudulent use of grammar, you can account for all the negative words in a document. Then you’ll be able to stop & correct any wrong-doings and actions being taken against you.

With this quantum grammar technology under your belt, you’ll have a full comprehension of what a Claim Of Live-Life is all about. Having the knowledge to identify when a document is correct, gives you power.

That power comes from the proof that you are a fact, and that you are a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood fact, and not a “Legal Fiction”.

The Bible says:

“Know the truth, and the truth will set you free”,

TRUTH is an Opinion

Correct-ness sets you free, not truth.

As you look deeper into this rabbit hole, you’ll discover:

  • “Dead entities” cannot own anything, or sign anything.
  • All laws, acts, statutes, codes, rules and regulations only apply to “dead entities”, also known as “legal fictions”.
  • That you’re falling into tricks and traps to contract you with “legal fictions”, by becoming, without full disclosure, a “legal fiction”

when all this time you believed that you are a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood fact.

For This Claimant’s-Knowledge

Using a prepositional phrase to identify specifically the Possessive of the Knowledge of a condition of life. And a Claim of the Live Birth Name given to you at birth – complete with punctuation including colons, hyphens, and details of your birth, with dates, location, and your parents identities.

Bill of Lading

The Claim of Live Life is in essence a “Bill of Lading”.
In general terms, a “Bill of Lading” is a document that a carrier (somebody who transports and delivers goods) issues to a Shipper and details the type, quantity and destination of the goods on board.

Although the term historically relates only to carriage by sea, a Bill of Lading may today be used for any type of carriage of goods., since ‘lading’ means ‘loading’ in reference to the loading of cargo aboard a ship.

While the British term refers strictly to shipping, the American definition can apply to the transportation of any type of good.

By the placement of an autographed stamp on the “Claim of Live Life” it becomes a “Bill of Lading”, making you the postmaster of that document to transport that vessel, by cancelling the stamp. So according to DWM, your “Claim of Live Life”, the piece of paper is a “Bill of Lading” that certifies you are an entity with a thinking capacity.

When You Know Who You Are

And you’ll know what you are doing, and know who you are, and the reasons why you are doing it…

Only then you are able to educate “law enforcement” agents, as to what their duties are, and what their responsibilities are… As well as explaining all the privileges that go along with that, at both an international level and a local level, because their superiors never tell them what their true job title is.

Be Wary Of “False Profits”

Have a look online, and you’ll see people calling themselves a “Federal-Postal-Court-Judge” and offering to sell you a “Claim of Live Life” template. Prices can range from $100 to in excess of +$500, or even specified quantities of ounces of silver.

Remember how “Judas” sold out Jesus for twenty silver pieces? He was just in it for the money – and then later realised what he’d done, and went and hanged himself…

Perhaps no “Federal-Postal-Court-Judge” has gone out and hanged themselves yet…

Though it seems these people calling themselves a [Global]- Federal-Postal-Court-Judge may have forgotten about their personal commitment to “Stop and Correct” any wrong-doings.

There’s no reason for you to pay anyone for a “Claim of Live Life”, or to buy any “Claim of Live Life” template or package, because DWM has made all that documentation and training fr.eely available for everybody who has access to internet.

For Evil To Flourish, Good People Must Do Nothing.

When you sign a driver licence, you’ve signed an oath to stop and correct, to save people’s life.

  • Your “Claim of Live-Life” means nothing to the “Policy-Officers” or “Law Enforcement” Agencies.
  • Use your “Claim of Live-Life” as Evidence in the Court when you file a law suit.
  • Tell the Judge that you are studying Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.) to prove language as accurate as a math problem.

And that you have knowledge of Syntax, that you are a LIVE person, that you can be damaged by Fictitious Conveyance of Language, and that you know how to Stop and Correct.

With knowledge of mathematical interface of language you can write Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.) documents to prove language as accurate as a math problem.

And with syntax you can show people what is Wrong and Right.

This technology has power at the highest levels of Government all around the world. Once you learn it, you have the power to stop and correct any-one try-ing to manipulate you.

When you can correct Syntax, you own your freedom.

Get together with a couple of mates, and start learning this stuff, so you can write your own “Claim of Live Life” document, and each be a witness for each other’s Claim.

Why Two Witnesses To Your Claim of Live-Life

  • Any one individual can make a claim about anything they choose, it’s just an opinion.
  • Two people get together and make a claim, that’s called certification.
  • Three people get together and make a claim, that’s called Authorisation.
  • Four people get together and make a claim, that’s called a Class Action.

Class Actions cannot be voided by any body. Class Actions have to go to trial.
And by having the flag at the top, that’s the language certification – if that seems strange, then check out the Law of the Flag.

When you autograph through the stamp in your capacity as a Postmaster to transport the vessel of your identity.

As a postmaster transporting the vessel (paper of your Live Birth document) you endorse the top back of the page with your autograph, just as you would countersign or endorse a bank check.

Little Knowledge = Dangerous

When reading some of the non-sense on the internet, you may be foolish in thinking that your “Claim of Live Life” is a ticket to freedom, and an excuse to avoid any responsibilities.

People claim that you can use your “Claim of Live Life” to stop paying Council rates, Traffic fines and infringements, credit card debts, and all sorts of state enforced penalties.

Straight To Jail

Use this document in the wrong way, and your “Claim of Live Life” can quickly become a ticket to

“Go Straight To Jail, do not pass GO, and
do NOT collect the $200”


It’s not something you can “cut and paste”, or copy. You gotta put in the hard yards and learn what this stuff is all about.

Unless you like wearing orange jump suits and having three squares a day.

Freedom Of Choice

You’ve been blessed with freedom of choice. You can make any choice you want. No matter what country you live in, under what regime or conditions, everybody has this one choice:


Whether you see the glass half-full or half-empty, depends on your attitude.

You have the choice to learn how to closely analyse the wording in every Act, Statute, Code, Rule and Regulation and provide mathematical proof that they say NOTHING…

To discover that you’ve been living under an Illusion of make-belief enslavement, wondering why you’ve lost your freedom.

And then comes the “Yes, But…”

The “yes, but…” is the reality of the illusion, or the illusion of the reality, where fear steps in. And we all know what FEAR is… False Evidence Appearing Real.

It’s also the result of conditional thinking, or filtering experiences, situations, and information that you absorb all your life.

We make decisions around information we collect over time. These decisions come through your thoughts, experiences, internal logic and emotions. You make decisions based on your perspective of the world, and your belief systems, which are often a load of B.S.

B.S. Decisions

Your beliefs are based on decisions you’ve made in the past.

B.S.= Belief Systems.
Some good, some bad, some ugly belief systems (B.S.) . You create beliefs around information you gather through movies, the media, books, audio and visual files, lectures, seminars, and talking to people. There are many different sources.

With the information you collect goes through internal mental filters, as you consciously or subconsciously decide whether or not to believe the information and the data in your brain’s hard-drive.

You are absorbing, or ignoring, new information everyday. Information that influences your beliefs, information and experiences that support your beliefs, and information that may conflict with your beliefs.

Everyday you have the choice whether to stick to your existing beliefs, or update, revise and amend your beliefs and collect new beliefs.

Now’s the best time to make a radical change in your thinking, and in your life, and you want to learn how to overcome a messy situation that you find yourself in, so send us an email and we’ll get back to you quicker than a one-legged man on a bicycle