Maritime and Law of the Flag talk about how a ship-owner who sends his vessel into a foreign port gives notice by his flag. So that all who enter into contracts with the master see that he intends the Law of THAT flag to regulate such contracts. And they either submit to its operation, by allowing him to dock, or not contract with him and send the vessel away.

Knowing about Maritime and Law of the Flag can change your life, and here’s why:

In the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” every family had a flag. The enemy wanted to tear down the flag.

In World war One, Gallipoli – men died because they thought they saw the British Flag in the trenches.

When the USA Astronauts allegedly landed on the moon, their first action was to plant the “stars and stripes” flag, claiming jurisdiction on the surface of the moon.

Some of the Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos. Do you own research.

In the United States of America, the flags have a yellow fringe = Postmaster’s Flag in Banks, Courts, Post Offices.

The yellow fringe adds another colour to the flag, changing the jurisdiction. Most people don’ t think about this fact, or even take any notice.

Same as any decoration (including a coke can) on top of the flag pole, CANCELS the jurisdiction of the flag. Spear, Eagle, Ball, Acorn… all cancel the flag.

Those symbols have a meaning:
Eagle on top of flag pole = Pre-Si-Dent (Pre-Simulated-Contract)
Spear = Military Court Martials
Ball = Military Recruiting
Acorn = Military Parade by platoons

All Contracts in the history of Flags are written in Adverb-Verb and say nothing.

Yellow Braid = Maritime Law Contract = Judge will make determination of what the law says in that Judge’s Courtroom.

The “Stars and Stripes” Flag

The “stars and stripes” flag, famous around the world as being the flag of the United States of America, was never copyrighted.

And nobody had ever made a claim on the flag…

Until 1999, when David-Wynn Miller sued the government of the United States of America, for the flag, under Title-4.

The flag of the United States of America had never been “quantumised” in any United States Codes by the Congress, Senate, or Legislation, so DWM corrected the Codes mathematically and wrote a blueprint with all the dimensions.

Study Maritime and Law of the Flag, and you’ll discover dimensions of flags have specific meanings:

1 : 2 ratio = Civil Contract Flag
3 : 5 ratio = Military Base Flag
3 : 4 ratio = Maritime Boat Flag (worldwide)

Flags flying at United Nations Building (except one*) are all 3 x 4 dimension flags (Boat Flags), because all nations are boats, vessels in dry-dock.

DWM has a copyclaim/copyright on the language and dimensions of the Title-4 flag, while the government continue to fly 3 x 5 flags with a square blue field, or a 10 x 24 flag that flies over the Treasury building.

DWM took his claim to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and won the Title to the “stars and stripes” flag on dimensions 10 x 19.

And all nation members of the United Nations traversed with DWM’s copy-claimed flag, and acknowledged DWM as ambassador of the flag. But of which country, they asked.

DWM filed a Title 46 – 781 Salvage Claim for:
“All court rooms on planet earth (earth is a vessel in the sea of space) as Territory of Land of Contract to Correct prepositional phrases and correct language”

So he claimed the country = “Land of Contract”.

Flag Of The Land Of Contract

By using the DWM copyright/copyclaim flag on all your documents you’re advertising the jurisdiction of C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P. (the “land of Contract”).

Correctness (truth) ALWAYS has jurisdiction over perjury, so we can trump any flag or seal as a lie, and VACATE it under perjury.

*The only flag flying at United Nations Building that is not 3 x 4, is the DWM Flag (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.- Flag) because it doesn’t represent a nation, it’s an IDEA.

DWM Flag only exists as a Contract Idea, mathematically certified. It doesn’t exist with the location of a boat… only a Contract in Court.

DWM then took his case to The Hague, filing a CORPORATION CASE with a Writ of Habeas Corpus… [Corporation Cases have a perpetual existence, and cannot be removed.]

He then disqualified all cases that had ever been filed in the World Court, for Modification, Opinion, Presumption, Assumption and crimes against mankind through Apartheid (because they’ve never issued a judgement in the truth).

The World Court Judges were identified as Vassalees – servants, employees of the Corporate Contract paper under Maritime Law. DWM showed them language mathematically certified frontwards & backwards.

Those judges are bound by under laws of corporation as officers of the corporation – and cannot quit until the situation is resolved.

DWM flag is a Constitutional Flag, and only deals with C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P. and always flies in a horizontal position = represents DWM Contract.

A Flag hung vertical = Banner; it suspends the constitution.

Any Business, because of Maritime and Law of the Flag, that states it has a licence to do business, is licensed by the Port Authorities, as a Boat/Vessel in dry-dock.

US Postal Service, Revenue Flag, 1x 2.25 as a banner, for a reason, sending a message that:

“We don’t have a Treaty, Trust or Contract and
no correct sentence structure
to articulate the collection of taxes”.

Flag or Seals In Court

All Courtrooms are vessels in dry-dock. All vessels are required to fly a flag.

In Australia, courtrooms display “Coat of Arms” not flags, known as “Seals”. DWM asked the Australian Judge, “I’ve brought my flag, where’s yours?

Take note of different seals used in different courtrooms.

When they change the seals, they are advertising a change of JURISDICTION.

So they are violating “Continuation of Evidence”. And when you return to the court for another hearing, it’s a brand new case, but you think it’s a continuation of the original case.

The first part of the case and information is now VOID as they’ve changed the Jurisdiction because they’ve changed the seals.

In Sydney, NSW, DWM says to the judge:
I see you have a new cartoon on the wall. In the first trial I came in to the Court and you had a lion and kangaroo on the seal, and words written in latin, between each word there is a dot.

SEALS – In coinage, a DOT between the words = a pre-positional phrase, making the word to be a FACT.

They are advertising the FICTION of communication. But the DOTS advertise the Syntax, the FACTS.

DWM says to judge:
You’ve got correct syntax on the seals, yet you have adverb-verb written words on the paper, so you’ve changed jurisdictions, where you are advertising FACT and accepting a LIE. That makes you guilty of Association to commit a felony in the Courtroom, and you are allowing a felony to take place.

The clerk of the Court signed us in, and she is the Postmaster, banker and Judge here to-day, and you’re in a box”.

So the judge walks out.

Maritime and Law of the Flag on Passport

Look closely at the Coat of Arms, the Seal, and wording in your Passport. It’s all written in “fiction” language using adverb-verb construction. In other words, it doesn’t say what you think.

The passport, issued by your government, displays the seal of your country, and allows you to enter foreign jurisdictions. The seal advertises contract under Maritime and Law of the Flag.

You signed an application for your passport using the name that’s stated on your Birth Certificate…

The Birth Certificate states the name/s of your mother and your father, and only your “given names”, not your “full name”.

Without having full knowledge you agree to using your “Full Name”, what’s known as a “Nom De Guerre”, a legal fiction name for the Trust that’s is registered with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The Nom De Guerre applies to a legal fiction “Dead” entity, not the living, breathing entity you believe yourself to be. And you’ve signed a document that joindered yourself, the living man or woman, to the “dead’ entity that has no rights or privileges.

After your birth, your “name” the “Nom de Guerre” is written on your Birth Certificate, in a box, and enclosed area, that cannot be considered (Law of Boxing), and the name is written in all upper case.

Under Maritime Law, Title 46 – Section 1441, 15 days after the month (30 days + 15 days) 45 days after a Trustee vacates the Trust it goes to probate court for settlement. Since only living people can own trusts, the Birth Certificate “Trust” is then sold.

Under Maritime Law, your body is a vessel, but the Birth Certificate is nothing more than a piece of paper, a vessel in the sea of space (Maritime and Law of the Flag).

And everything in your life is Fiction.

Trapped By Birth Certificate Contract

Your parents were tricked into registering your birth, without full disclosure of the contract they entered into. That’s how the trap is set, from Cradle to Grave.

And throughout your life, you get tricked into signing adhesion contracts because you want the “Benefits” offered.

If you are looking to be correct, then you cannot point the finger at anyone else, and make a claim that they did something.

Though you can claim that you are being damaged by negligence.

There’s a difference.

You first have to have knowledge, of Maritime and Law of the Flag then go and investigate whether or not there is a case for negligence, then you should report that negligence.

Without that first-hand knowledge, you cannot claim to be a witness of the events that are taking place.

When you use any preposition (For, Of, By, In, On, With) without an article, it becomes an adverb. When you use an article without a preposition, it becomes an adverb.

Adverb = modification = change = motion => so the next word becomes a verb.

You may look at the statement “The The Is For The The” and think it is nonsense.

Now take the same statement, and replace a couple of “The” :

The Car Is For The Driving

Firstly, the word THE articulates the definition of THE in the dictionary.

Secondly, THE = a person, a place & a thing in the dictionary, to articulate the definition = A proper NOUN.

Can you see how we’ve been tricked from the first day we went to school?

Your parents sent you to school believing you were being educated to read and write, yet we’ve all been taught non-sense that comes and bites us in the rear-end as we get older, and move into the world of commerce.

Everything Is About Contract

Your contracts must give freedom of choice.

And you can choose between being a sheeple or a Lion, because lions win!

When you learn this technology, you’ll see 2/3 of all the words are missing from contracts etc.

When they use a negative word, followed by a comma to isolate the meaning, you have to dissect it and discover that it’s not ONE-word, it’s an entire paragraph, spelled out, if you can read beyond the language that’s used.

Firstly,  you’ll then discover all the negative words and “-LY” (ending) words that are traps. These words TELL you they are modifications – so look beyond at the meanings – read the sentence forward from the end.

Secondly, put prepositional phrases in front of all the hard NOUNS and read it backwards.

Finally the sentences will make sense, and you’ll see all the hidden meanings.

It’s happening under your nose.

Next time you see a “policy-officer” (police) or other “law-enforcement” agents, look for evidence of Maritime and Law of the Flag on their uniform.

If their flag has a yellow border, it means the flag has been changed, because another colour has been added.

So they’re telling you they’ve changed jurisdictions.

Which is omething that most people don’t notice.

Maritime and Law of the Flag is Everything on Planet Earth.

Everything happens through contract. They make an offer, and you accept, most times you do this without thinking. Like all the times you download an App on your phone and click the “Accept Terms and Conditions” link…

Because you are given no choice but to accept, if you want the benefit of the software.

You see, everything in your life is Fiction. And without knowledge of Maritime and Law of the Flag you’ll stay in trouble…

Or you can learn this technology and rescue you from situations you’ve landed yourself in.

Now we have a system to certify written English both frontwards and backwards, and when two or more parties communicate with correct-sentence-structure-communication-parse-syntax-grammar there is no dispute.

These skills teach you how to read and write in the truth so that people cannot cheat each other or be cheated by anyone else.

And since correctness (truth) ALWAYS has jurisdiction over perjury, we can trump any flag or seal as a lie, and VACATE it under perjury.

Because when you can correct Syntax, you own your freedom.

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

Now you’ve decided that to-day is the day to make a radical change in your thinking, and in your life, and you want to learn how to overcome a messy situation that you’ve landed in, then send a quick HELP message, and we’ll get back to you faster than a venomous “Sidewinder” viper.