Deep State Mafia dominates Governments globally, at all levels, using fear, intimidation, thugery, guns and clubs to control us all. You may think it’s an extreme description before reading this article. Now, perhaps you’ll recognise how your personal and business life is under attack with “Deep State Domination” by Mafia-Styled Governments… all around the globe.

Or why there seems little point in challenging any processes through the “usual ‘Legal’ channels”…

Or why all those involved in Strawman, Sovereignty, Common Law, Free-man-on-the-land Movements haven’t succeeded in their respective quests for “freedom from slavery,” or the “Deep State Mafia.”

It’s one thing to sit behind a keyboard and regurgitate the same old stories over and over again…

Or the “cut & paste” from other websites…

Without doing any independent research about Deep State Mafia, or connecting with vacant space in the ‘grey-matter’ cubicles ….

Which seems to be little more than belly-button-gazing.

Then to turn around and slam something because they don’t take the time or the effort to dig deeper and discover for themselves the hidden truths, is amazing in itself.

Sir Walter Scott nails it, in his poem, Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field

“Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When we first practice to deceive…”

Socks Blown Off…

An Italian named Giuseppe [Joseph] Mazzini, (1805-1872) loves his country with a passion. He’s not happy with the way things were heading, and decides to take action towards liberating Italy, and wanted to destroy “The Monarchy” worldwide.

At the age of twenty-two he’s initiated into Freemasonry, which in Italy is called the Carbonari. The Carbonari’s secret official document “Permanent Instructions, or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Masonry” states that

‘Our final aim is that of Voltaire and of the French Revolution – the complete annihilation of Catholicism, and ultimately of all Christianity.”.

After three years of training (1827-1830), Mazzini goes on a recruiting drive, founds a form of Freemasonry prefixed by the word Young., which has grown to 60,000 members by 1833. They become a highly organized group of labourers, students, unemployed and a few were wealthy.

The following extracts are taken from John Daniel’s book “Scarlet and the Beast,” published in 1995. This book goes into greater depth about Deep State Mafia, but is no longer in print, and second hand copies are hard to locate.

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Birth of Deep State Mafia

Basically Mazzini’s “Young Freemasons” are a bunch of hoodlums, unwittingly working for the Templar Scottish Rite Hierachy of Freemasons, and…

“…supporting themselves by robbing banks, looting or burning businesses if protection money isn’t paid, and kidnapping for ransom. Throughout Italy the word spread that “Mazzini Autorizza Furti, Incendi e Attentati,” meaning,

‘Mazzini authorizes theft, arson, and kidnapping.’

This phrase is shortened to the acronym, M.A.F.I.A.

Organized crime is born.”

(John Daniel, “Scarlet and the Beast,” Vol. I., pages 330-331)

“… before his death, Mazzini, with American Freemason Albert Pike (1809-1891), English Freemason Henry Palmerston (1784-1865), and German Freemason Otto von Bismarck (1815- 1898), all cooperate in uniting the hierarchies in French, British, and American Masonry in a super rite founded by Albert Pike. All four men, as 33rd degree Masons, are destined to rule Universal Freemasonry through this rite. “

“…Lord Palmerston Pike, Mazzini, Bismarck, and Palmerston are the leaders of Freemasonry in their respective countries. Prime Minister Palmerston is so important to English Masonry, the authors of Dope, Inc. state that “nearly every… inhabitant of Britain’s political nether world follow a chain of command leading through the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry directly to Lord Palmerston and his Successors. “22

[British Fund Masonic Revolutions]

“…This chain of command enables Palmerston to assist Masonic revolutions with British pounds.

“…When Mazzini calls for financial aid to fund his Grand Orient insurrection in Italy (1848-1865), he turns to Palmerston, who encourages Parliament to back Mazzini’s effort. The duped politicians allocate funds to their Templar adversary.

“…Following Palmerston’s death the Earl of Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), a Jewish Freemason, is elected Prime Minister, taking up Mazzini’s cause. Disraeli has more decency than Palmerston. Instead of using the taxpayer’s pounds, he goes to the two leading Jewish bankers, Freemasons Lionel Rothschild and Montefiore, and Mazzini’s funding continues.23

[Deep State + English Freemasons ]

“Disraeli later discovers his error and publishes Lothair, a novel about secret societies in European politics. The novel states, “The world is governed by very different personages to what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes…“24

“The British East India Company English Freemasonry becomes interested in Mazzini’s Grand Orient MAFIA for a specific reason.

“To understand why, we must first take a look at a brief history of the British East India Company (BEIC) as told by the authors of Dope, Inc.

“From the late 1600s the BEIC, whose stockholders are English Freemasons, is heavily involved in opium and slave trading. Slave trading, however, is drastically curtailed when in 1772 Great Britain makes it illegal.25

“To make up the slack in revenues, opium sales increase in Europe, where the drug is sold as a treatment for pain. The BEIC becomes extremely wealthy during the Napoleonic Wars when governments purchase tons of the drug for their wounded soldiers. After Waterloo, however, drug sales drop substantially.

“Consequently, the BEIC stockholders begin developing a new drug market in China. Assisting them are the vicious Triads, the Oriental secret societies similar to Western Freemasonry. The attempt to develop a China market entangles Great Britain in her First Opium War with China in 1840.

[Drugs & American Civil War]

“After winning that war, merchant Masons throughout the next two decades establish many Masonic Lodges in China for the purpose of controlling their drug operation.26 Financial catastrophe strikes the BEIC once again when the American Civil War (1860-1865) eliminates their largest slave market.

“To compound their financial woes, after the Civil War, the bottom drops out of the American opium market when the drug is no longer needed for our wounded soldiers. Moreover, by 1870 the world is at peace, reducing still more the necessity for the legitimate sale of opium.

“The BEIC is in serious financial trouble. For two centuries the shipping industry has been the largest industry of England, the industry most responsible for carrying the British flag around the world, the industry that supplied all of Great Britain’s colonies. If the BEIC does not generate a new market for its opium, the British economy would collapse.

“In the late 1850s, as we shall learn in volume three of Scarlet and the Beast, the BEIC had already determined to open Western Europe and the Americas to illegal drugs.

“This expansion required banking headquarters in the Orient for financing the expansion. Hence, Great Britain entered her Second Opium War with China in 1859-1860, and gained sovereignty over Hong Kong as her prize. By 1873 the BEIC was dissolved and its stockholders well established in banking.27

[Deep State Mafia]

Hong Kong became Great Britain’s far-eastern banking center, financing both poppy farmers and drug manufacturers.28

“While Great Britain was entangled in her Second Opium War, English Freemasonry searched for a channel to traffic her drugs in Western Europe.

The ruthless character of the Masonic Mafia, similar to that of the Triads, would serve England’s passive drug lords well. Great Britain, as protector of Sicily during the Napoleonic Wars, was able to offer Mazzini’s displaced Mafia a home on the island of Sicily.

“In 1860, the year Great Britain ended her Second Opium War, Garibaldi’s army, aided by the British navy, invaded Sicily. The Mafia immediately established its headquarters on this island nation, using it as a hub for heroin distribution worldwide. From then until now, attempts to suppress its control of the heroin trade have failed.29

“At the Masonic convention of 1902, at a time when the Catholic Church was again fighting this godless system in France, de Poncins quotes the Mason who made the closing speech:
“‘This is the last phase of the struggle of the church and its congregation against our republican and laical society. This effort must be the last.”’50

By this time Freemasonry was bold enough to take off its mask and everywhere proclaim its victory. De Poncins quotes the Masonic public newspaper Matin, as early as 1893, openly stating in one of its articles:

We may affirm, without being overbold, that the majority of the laws which the French submit to – we speak of important political laws – have been examined by freemasonry [sic] before appearing in the official gazette.

The laws on primary education, on divorce, the military laws and among others the law obliging seminarists to do military service, went from the rue Cadet [headquarters of Grand Orient Freemasonry] to the Palais Bourbon; and they came back inviolate and definitive. In conclusion comes this shout of triumph:

“We are still all powerful, but on condition that we compose our aspirations in a simple formula.

For ten years we have marched forward repeating: ‘Clericalism is the enemy!’ We have everywhere schools without religious teaching, priests are reduced to silence and seminarists have to carry the soldier’s pack.

That is no ordinary result in a nation which calls itself the eldest daughter of the Church.”51

[League of Nations Cartel – Deep State Mafia]

Following World War One, with the creation of the League of Nations, French Freemasonry made another bid to form a united Europe, this time actually calling it the United States of Europe. Stoddard reveals the story by quoting from the 1922 Convention minutes of the Grand Lodge of France:

The principal tasks of the League of Nations consist in the organisation of peace, the abolition of secret diplomacy, the application of the right of peoples to self-determination.

“…the establishment of commercial relations inspired by the principle of Free Trade, the repartition of basic matters, the regulation of transport, restoration of normal relations between national devices, and the creation of an international note; the development of international legislation of labour, and especially the participation of an organized working-class in international councils; the spread of a general pacifist education based notably on the extension of an international language; the creation of a European spirit, of a League of Nations patriotism – in brief, the formation of the United States of Europe, or rather World Federation.52

[Freemasons Control Governments – Deep State Mafia]

In 1923, at its annual convention, Grand Orient Freemasonry sounded its note of praise to the forerunner of the United States of Europe. De Poncins quotes: “‘It is the duty of universal Freemasonry to give its absolute support to the League of Nations, so that it [Freemasonry] no longer has to be subject to the partisan influences of Governments.”’53

After dethroning the monarchies throughout Europe with World War I, Freemasonry placed its own in governments across the Continent.

These men had no prior political or financial experience. In their attempt to socialize government (a system unproven politically and economically), the world was plunged into depression. This gave rise to Fascism.

The Fascists and Nazis, however, did not go after Freemasonry as the cause of world unrest. They went after the Jews, so well had Gentile Grand Orient Freemasonry made them the scapegoats in carrying out its diabolical communist conspiracy.

Fascism was nationalistic in nature, opposed to Freemasonry’s universalism. Fascists and Nazis were haters of Jews first, then haters of Masons. Their success was due largely to the powerless League of Nations, as well as to the inexperience of Masonic politicians, many of whom were Jews.

[Masonic Conspiracy of World War II]

For example, the French Communist Party leader in the 1930s was Grand Orient Freemason Leon Blum, a Reform Jew. Blum was an intimate friend of the Russian Communist and Grand Orient Freemason Leon Trotsky (Bronstein), also a Reform Jew. Trotsky, residing in Paris at the time, had fled the wrath of Joseph Stalin, who was married to a Jewess

When Mussolini and Hitler rose to power, they almost silenced the Continental Masonic conspiracy during World War II. For example, both dictators outlawed Freemasonry in their respective countries in 1925 and 1933, perceiving it to be of Jewish origin. Then they set out to obliterate it from the face of Europe.

Although the Jews received the brunt of Hitler’s wrath, Freemasonry had no idea that in the process it too would be decimated. With European economies in shambles, and the war raging all around, the Lodge could do no better than succumb to persecution.

(page 286) Throughout the Second World War, English Freemasonry secretly funded Hitler to war against her Templar adversary. The Fuhrer’s funding was distributed through the oligarchy Bank for International Settlements (BIS), founded in 1930 and safely headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

Hitler would have succeeded in destroying the Templar conspiracy on the Continent and in Bolshevik Russia had he not turned against England.61 Meanwhile, French lodges went underground during the war

[Why FreeMasons Get Top Jobs Worldwide]

Deep State Mafia is everywhere…

In our day the Masonic Lodge is tied directly to state intelligence services. Agents are placed according to certain requirements and abilities, one of which is the ability to keep a secret.

Therefore, agents who are Masons are given preference for top positions. For example, in the U.S.A. the heads of both the FBI and the CIA have always been either 33rd degree Masons, or high initiates in affiliated secret societies.

In fact, J. Edgar Hoover (33rd degree) obtained a charter for the FBI’s own Masonic lodge, the Fidelity Lodge. Curt Gentry, in his book J. Edgar Hoover, informs us that “Membership and attendance at the Monday-night meetings were ‘voluntary,’ but those who aspired to higher positions soon realized that associating with the director on this one semi-social occasion was almost a prerequisite to advancement.

The above extracts are taken from John Daniel’s book “Scarlet and the Beast,” published in 1995. This book goes into greater depth about Deep State Mafia, but is no longer in print, and second hand copies are hard to locate.

If you feel this item violates a copyright, then please make contact immediately to stop and correct any wrong-doings…