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Syntax and Parts of Speech

DWM Secrets of Syntax

DWM Secrets of Syntax proving there’s no such thing as a legal contract or law UNLESS two specific people come to an agreement…On the SPECIFIC meaning and definition of EACH word in each specific USE of each word over the… Continue Reading →

Prepositional Phrases in Quantum Grammar

Prepositional phrases in Quantum Grammar contracts consist of [pre]position, object (FACT), and a word modifying the fact object (article). [ Read more…]

How to Syntax Justice

How to syntax justice avoids traps in court legal system, what Justice means, and how it’s another landmine for you in the legal-system.

How To Use Parse Syntax Grammar To Correct Laws

Parse Syntax Grammar to correct Laws empowers you to identify fraudulent grammar, prove the fraud, and protect your family

Rules of Correct Sentence Structure

Rules of Correct Sentence Structure Parse Syntax Grammar for water-tight contracts & law suits with no wriggle-room for lawyers to argue

Secret Facts and Fiction Lies in Laws and Courts

Knowing these secret facts and fiction lies in laws and courts, with the right volition & timing, will create pressure to give you the upper-hand.

“I’ll Crumpet You While You Tanker…”

Knowledge of parts of speech & correct sentence structure quantum grammar has many benefits in writing contracts that lawyers cannot fight.

High School English Vs Quantum Grammar

Quantum parse syntax grammar gives you freedom and power to correct contracts, so why don’t we learn this in High School English lessons

How To Avoid Tricks & Traps In Commercial Contracts

How to avoid tricks and traps in commercial contracts by looking at basic rules of grammar, language, and correct sentence structures

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