Knowledge of parts of speech & correct sentence structure quantum grammar (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.S.-G.) has many benefits when writing & signing contracts water-tight contracts that lawyers and courts cannot fight. 

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

You may remember from your school days, learning about parts of speech, like verbs and adverbs and pronouns and nouns. All nouns can be used as verbs. After that it gets a little tricky with things like “prepositions” and “past participles” and other stuff that you quickly forgot.

Verbs, we were taught, are “doing” words. Like running, walking, shouting, eating.

Nouns were “things” like table, chair, tree, bird.

Pronouns were “proper names” like “Smith”, “McHenry”, “London”, “Oscar”.

But, what if what we were taught was not correct? Well, not TOTALLY correct.

Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos. Do you own research.

The Bridge Is Over The River

Following the international rules of parts of speech in English grammar, this statement, “The Bridge Is Over The River“, contains no nouns.

The = Adverb;
Bridge = Verb;
Is = Adverb;
Over = Verb;
The = Adverb;
River = Verb.

NONSENSE, you cry!!! That doesn’t make sense…
You want to know why that doesn’t make sense? Because you did not learn correct English grammar. You’ve been fooled, misled, deceived, conned, duped.

All nouns can be used as verbs.

Any word — in English can be used as a verb.

When you look at the statement:
The the is for the the
it makes no sense… yet the structure of the statement is no different to saying:
The key is for the door

Since the first “the” is being used as an adverb, it modifies the next word, “key”, to be a verb, making “is” an adverb, which modifies “for” to be a verb, and since “the” is an adverb, it modifies “door” to be a verb.

So we have three adverbs: The, Is, The
and three verbs: key, For, Door

And in the first example above, “The the is for the the
three adverbs: The, Is, The
and three verbs: The, For, The

Another way of looking at the statement
the key is for the door
The first “the” is a pronoun, the next word, “key”, an adverb, making “is” an adjective, which modifies “for” to be a pronoun, and since “the” is an adverb, it modifies “door” to be a verb.

So we have two pronouns: The, For,
two adverbs: The, The
one adjective: Is
one verb: The

Parts of Speech

Pronouns are modified by Adjectives (descriptive word in front of a noun) and Adverbs.

Adverbs are words that describe verbs. An easy way to spot an adverb is by their ending, since they often end in the letters ly, like quickly.

Verbs are action words!
A Verb is a part of speech that expresses existence, action or occurrence They are used to describe things that nouns do!

A verb normally connects a subject to an object. On the other hand, both the subject and object can be termed as nouns.

Adjectives are describing words. They are used to describe nouns. An example of an adjective would be “beautiful”. Beautiful is a word to describe someone or something.

A noun is a word that is the name of something (person, animal, plant, place, thing, substance, quality, idea, action or state)

What’s the difference between Verb & Noun?

A verb denotes action whereas a noun denotes a FACT.

And I’ll crumpet you while you tanker
if you banana any different

Playful language works in humour, of course, and is enjoyable if done well.

But if you do not intend humour, by learning Correct Sentence Structure to express yourself in a clear concise and correct way, no judge, lawyer, barrister, attorney, or solicitor can waste your time and energy fighting over words in the Courts.

Attorneys and Lawyers speak in patterns using Adverb-Verb, without any nouns (FACTS), talking in gobbldy-gook.

And it’s up to you to be able to prove it. Fraudulent conveyance of language to extort money, Title 15, Chapter 2B Section 78ff $25m fine, 30 years in prison.

With knowledge of mathematical interface of language you can write Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.) documents to prove language as accurate as a math problem.