Dangers of dodgy bank contracts, not reading fine print of terms and conditions while being tricked through ignorance or greed, can sometimes work in your favour. Imagine being qualified for bank’s $750,000 compensation… What a great start to a new year…Having a large sum of money deposited into your account. If only life was that simple, everybody would be doing it…

Bank’s $750,000 Compensation Email

Perhaps you’ve seen emails similar like this land in your “Inbox” overnight:

Subject: You’re Qualified To Receive Compensation Fund of $750,000.00
Date: 31/12/2020 (22:05:14 AEST)
From: isay7883cre78@gmail.com
Attention: Beneficiary,
We are writing to inform you that your email is short listed by the Apex Bank Compensation Award Committee that was set up to compensate the huge losses of the victims of the internet scam/fraud.

However, you are hereby advice to contact Mrs. Hennie VERBEEK-KUSTERS to enable you receive your $750,000.00 compensation fund as already approved in your favor. Her E-mail: (mrshennie22@hotmail.com)

You should follow her advice religiously. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Claire

What happens next is up to you.

You believe what you want to believe… Or, as Dale Carnegie wrote, “You Can’t Win an Argument,” section of How to Win Friends and Influence People:

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

Maybe he was thinking of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), who, in Chapter 5 of “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” (1792) wrote

“Convince a man against his will, He’s of the same opinion still.”

And before her, came Samuel Butler’s (1612-1680) poem Hudibras. Part III, Canto iii, (lines 547-550)

He that complies against his will
Is of his own opinion still
Which he may adhere to, yet disown,
For reasons to himself best known

Signing Dodgy Bank Contracts

How often do you find yourself complying against your will? It’s happening more often these days. Every time you download an App, of complete an online enquiry, you can’t click the “SEND” button until you “Agree to the terms and conditions.”

And you’re wanting benefits of Bank Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgages, without knowing the dangers of dodgy bank contracts. You want the benefits being offered, so you sell your soul, “sign your life away” while the going’s good.

And when it all hits the fan, like it did for so many people in 2020 with the Covid-19 planned-emic, you wake up one day to find that life’s not all roses and sunshine.

So now you’re being forced to comply against your will. And you’re of the same opinion still.

That the Banks and Finance companies are all on your side wanting to “ease the pain”. Of you believe that the Government really does care about your Health and Well-being…

Until you discover the hard facts.

You’ve Been Lied To.

You never “borrowed” any money from the bank; because when you start digging deeper, you discover that you borrowed it from your “future-self.”

Ask your bank where the money came from, and you may get answers like:

“We borrowed the money from off-shore…”, or
“We lend other Depositors’ money.

An Interesting Thought:

Imagine you’ve got $85,000 sitting in your bank account, collecting a measly little interest… but you’re happy to have it readily available because you’ve been looking at buying an investment property, so you don’t want to tie up the cash in a term-saving account.

So you’ve got the money sitting in your account, and one day you decide to look at your bank statement, and see the money’s gone…

Because the bank took your money and lent it to another customer…

Must be true, because that’s what the friendly people at the bank say. Your savings money is loaned to other customers.

Or It’s NOT Correct.

As one financial institution admitted, the money was “created from the loan account.”

So there’s another interesting thought. If the money was “created from the loan account” then the moment before it was created, there was nothing, right? That’s another of the dangers of dodgy bank contracts…

Something From Nothing

Meaning the Bank made Something out of Nothing.

In which case, how can those lovely people at the bank demand that you RE-PAY something that never existed in the first place?

The bank “created” the money, then “loaned” you the money from your “loan account”, then demand that you pay that money back.

How do they do that?


Dodgy Bank Contracts Tricked You.

They tricked you into signing a document promising that you would make regular payments to reduce the loan as well as paying “Interest” (usury) on the money that you agreed that the bank loaned you.

Clever, hey?

Clever, because the bank never told you where the money was coming from. And you weren’t interested about where the money was coming from, because you wanted to buy your McMansion in the posh suburb that you couldn’t afford, so you could send your kids to a decent school, and so on…Without thinking of the dangers of dodgy bank contracts…

Getting stuck in the treadmill of commerce, not knowing whether you’re working to live, or living to work… Seems Samuel Butler’s (1612-1680) poem still rings true.

He that complies against his will
Is of his own opinion still
Which he may adhere to, yet disown,
For reasons to himself best known

People are today complying against their own will, of the same opinion still. Knowing that “things don’t feel right” and are at a loss about how it happened, and what to do about it.

A Better Way?

There has to be a better way.

Have a think about what started the journey…

An idea…

A thought…

Then taking action around that thought.

Nothing happens without a thought. You can’t start reading this without first having the idea or thought about reading. You don’t start walking without first making the decision that you are going to start your walk. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t get out of bed without first making that decision, having that thought, that you will get out of bed.

Thinking creates motion, and there are only two words (verbs) that describe the thinking. IS and ARE.

IS being a single thought, ARE being the plural.

To buy the house, you went to the bank and asked for a loan.

You signed a contract to get the money to buy the house. Did you:

  • Read the contract?
  • Understand the contract?
  • Seek “professional legal advice” about the document you were signing?
  • Did the people at the bank explain what was written in the contract or what it really meant?
  • Did your lawyer, solicitor, attorney read the contract, understand it to then explain what was written in the contract or what it really meant?

Look back to all the documents you’ve signed since you reached the age of eighteen years old.

Dangers of Dodgy Adhesion Contracts

Whether it was an application for a driver licence, or registering to vote on the electoral roll, or applying for a credit card, a mobile phone, or even when you ticked the box on a website to show you agreed to all the “Terms and Conditions”.

Guess what all those agreements are known as in the world of legalese and commerce? They are all “adhesion contracts”.

There are international standards for the Use of English, acknowledged all around the world, to enable commerce to run smoothly between companies, nations, businesses and individuals, worldwide. That’s how it’s possible to buy stuff on Ebay from Russia, Germany, USA or any-where else around the world.

Same with mathematics.

Because in mathematics, all around the world, regardless of what language you speak, or what culture you are part of, there are international rules of mathematics and order of operations.

Every time you make a presumption or an assumption, you open the door to being tricked and trapped by your own volition, through the hidden art of trickery in written documents and contracts, and understanding the tricks and traps in commercial contracts.

Because we read something and think it means something else.

Here’s a simple sentence:

“The Rabbit Is Ready To Eat.”

But what does it mean?

Does it mean that the rabbit is hungry, and is looking around for some food?

Or does it mean that your mum’s just cooked rabbit stew, and has announced that she’s about to serve you dinner?

Here lies the dangers of dodgy bank contracts, of entering into agreements, making commitments, and signing documents that you didn’t fully understand.

Yes, But I Needed The Money

So when you go along to sign your life away to get a mortgage to buy your family home, you willingly give up everything.

If you don’t believe that you were a slave to the system before taking out a mortgage, then the banks make sure that you are well and truly enslaved once you sign the dotted line.

Or, like most people, the “average John or Jane Doe,” you believed that you were signing a mutual agreement, where both parties made a commitment to do certain things, and respect each other’s position.

By signing the document, you gave value to the fiction, by entering into a commercial contract, using your hard-earned sweat equity money, to give the contract value. Your contract proved that you gave value to the illusion, whether it’s a mortgage, a lease, your driver licence, etc.

You didn’t sign a contract to say that you would only pay back the money if the Bank could prove to you that the money existed in the first place for them to lend to you.

Same – same, but different.

Do you see the dangers of dodgy bank contracts, not seeing all the hidden tricks and traps we rush in to, when we want something?

The Dodgy Contract Is Just A Piece Of Paper.

Think about that for a moment. People get worked up over a piece of processed wood pulp, that’s covered in squiggles of coloured inks and dyes.

As all lawyers are required to register to operate as lawyers, then they are all part of the same “club”. And to be registered (licensed to practice as a lawyer/solicitor) they all agree to conform to the “rules” of that club, one of which is that they agree to be “officers of the Courts”.

Since the Courts are owned by the Banks, and Lawyers have to conform to the rules of the Courts, then please can someone show where you can find an “Independent” lawyer to give you “Independent” legal advice?

And if you want the Bank to lend you money, you have to sign their Mortgage Contract, without changing any of the clauses…

Once you’ve signed, the Bank can lick it’s chops, because people at the Bank know that one day, you’ll be ready to be taken to the cleaners, believing they are right, and that you don’t have a leg to stand on.

Correct…  that’s one of the biggest dangers of dodgy bank contracts… when you make assumptions and presumptions.

Even without seeing your paperwork, it’s likely that you have all the evidence you need to put forward a rock-solid case to prove that perjury has been committed, and so any legal Action taken against you must be vacated.

If they’ve lied, they’ve lost jurisdiction, because they’ve committed a criminal act.

All the Acts, Statutes, Codes, Rules and Regulations that you’ve been complying with… say nothing. Because they are all written in Adverb-Verb, and contain no facts, no nouns, are deliberately engineered to fool you into entering into adhesion contracts.

The Good News

You can change your life by learning how to identify the damage that’s been caused in your life because of modification of language. Once you learn this, you will prevail and stop any Fiction Corporation or Organization from damaging you.

And you do this by studying the international standards for the use of English worldwide, that enable commerce to run smoothly between companies, nations, businesses and individuals worldwide.

Governments, Religious and Education Bodies all around the world have worked together to create the illusion, to keep you and your family enslaved in a system that has a foundation of lies and deceit.

Are you willing to invest some time and energy to undermine those lies, and protect yourself from such tyranny?

If not, then you’ll continue to live the life of ignorance, “paying and obeying”, having your freedoms and rights systematically stripped away from you, with no-one else to blame but the person you see as you stare into your bathroom mirror.

The good news is that, with a little time and effort, you can learn the hidden secrets to expose the fraudulent conveyance of language, to put together the forensic evidence to fail a water-tight claim…

So the bank really does have to pay you the $750,000 compensation.

Sounds too good to be true, huh!

Well, as we discussed earlier, what happens next is up to you. You believe what you want to believe…

You can decide, like most people, that it’s far too outrageous and cannot possibly have any substance to the claims… which is why the Banks and Government Corporations continue the deception…

Or you can stand up, take your head out of the sand, and get stuck into learning this stuff.

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading dwmlc.net, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.