Quantum Grammar (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.) also known as Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar begins on 6 April 1988, after DWM successfully breaks the mathematical code interface on Correct Grammar…

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading dwmlc.net, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos. Do you own research as your read Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes.

By creating a numbering system for parts of speech to mathematically certify each sentence, as you can see in this link.

What is Quantum Grammar?

Quantum Grammar is the art/ science of breaking down every word, phrase and sentence into the smallest of components.

So that the sentence reads the same frontwards and backwards. And conveying one idea in Now-time without leaving any wriggle-room. This stops people twisting the meaning or trying to interpret the sentence using presumption, assumption or opinion

As a result of this technology, 92 judges in the Wisconsin-State of the United States of the America recused themselves. And another 38 Federal judges, plus 400 other judges, following the successful prosecution of a judge for treason.

This technology works for those that are willing and able to invest the time and energy into learning.

“No one went to war over a math problem”

Every day, all around the world, people fight over words. Written words, spoken words, and even sign language.

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Why Quantum Grammar

No judge can go into an argument in Court over C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G., because all judges live by the law that: “No Law Or Fact Shall Be Tried In Court”.

What that is saying is, that since 90% of politicians and legislators are lawyers or attorneys… They know what is going on, and the Courts are all about Commerce, and very little to do with “Justice”.

So it’s worth taking some time to study, to learn the rules of English Grammar, international rules, for commerce all over planet earth. Because you’ll discover something so simple, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having come across this many years ago.

Look closely at the phrase “No Law Or Fact Shall Be Tried In Court”.

The word “No” is an adverb that modifies the word that follows, being “law” to be a verb.

Or” is a neutral word (an option), so the word “Fact” is also a verb, since you can swap the order of the words, ”Fact or Law”, “Law or Fact”.

Shall” becomes a pronoun, in the future tense.

Be” connects to a pronoun in front of it, and modifies “Tried” to be a past-time verb, and

In” is an adverb, making “Court” a verb.

One Idea In Each Sentence

According to the “New Webster Dictionary Of The English Language” 1969,

A simple sentence is the expression of a single thought. It may also be defined as an independent clause.

Every clause consists of a SUBJECT, (the thing being talked about) a VERB, (which makes a statement about the subject). And when the verb is not complete, an OBJECT or a PREDICATE NOUN or ADJECTIVE (with a linking verb).

The remaining words in the clause are MODIFIERS of one of those elements.

It is possible, then, to account for the use of every word in any sentence.

PARSE = To analyse or describe grammatically; to show the several parts of speech composing (a sentence) and their relation to each other by government or agreement.

SYNTAX = Arrangement, disposition, from SYN = “with” and TAXIS = “order”, from TASSO, to put in order; the construction of sentences; the due arrangement of words or members of sentences in their mutual relations according to established usage.

Whether you are reading this article in Iceland, Hungary, Afghanistan, Argentina or Australia, the English language has the same rules. So that anyone who can read English will receive the same message that you are getting right now.

There are international standards for the Use of English, acknowledged all around the world. This enables commerce to run smoothly between companies, nations, businesses and individuals, worldwide. That’s how it’s possible to buy stuff on Ebay from Russia, Germany, USA or any-where else around the world.

With one idea in each sentence.

If there’s more than one idea, or one verb, in each sentence, then those sentences have broken international rules of grammar.

Quantum Grammar (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.)

Quantum Grammar (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.) certifies facts with the use of the prepositional phrases.

Every letter in the English alphabet is a noun. Have a look in a large dictionary. Look up the first entry of each letter of the alphabet.

For instance, look up the letter G.
g, G n. 1. The seventh letter of the English alphabet.

A noun followed by another noun in a sentence, changes the first noun into an adjective describing the second noun word.


RED is a noun.

PEN is a noun.

RED PEN, the word RED describes the word PEN, meaning that “RED” is now an adjective.

Which leads to the question about “RED PEN”. Is it my “RED PEN”, or is it your “RED PEN”, or does it belong to someone else? Or is it a “RED PEN” sitting on a table?

The words My, Your, The, give context to the PEN. They give the PEN a position, a location.

Hence those words are called PRE-POSITIONS.


When you have two words together, and the first word modifies (or changes) the meaning of the second word, that first word is called an ADVERB.

Since the first word is an ADVERB, then it cannot modify the second word to be a NOUN, it can only modify an adjective, or a VERB.

Which means that RED PEN, RED = Adverb, making PEN a verb.

Whoever thought PEN could be a verb? It’s not. There is no such thing as the verb “Pen” as an object. “To Pen” something means “to write”… So how do we make PEN a noun?


Using a prepositional phrase.

What is a prepositional phrase?

A prepositional phrase is made up of a PREPOSITION plus an ARTICLE plus a NOUN.

What is an Article?

An Article is a particular object or substance. In terms of GRAMMAR, an ARTICLE is defined as “One of a class of auxiliary words inserted before a noun to modify it in some way.”

“Where is this pen”

WHERE = adverb – an adverb is a modifier, and modification = change.
So the adverb “WHERE” changes “IS” to a verb.
“THIS” lacks a preposition,

And since we have “THIS” being an Article that lacks a preposition,
“THIS” becomes a modifier (adverb) to change the word “PEN” into a verb.

When we say “For the pen…
For = preposition; The = Article; modifies the following word “PEN” to become a noun.

Every time you make a presumption, you open the door to being tricked and trapped by your own volition. (“Volition” means you “volunteer”, you make that decision yourself.)

Have another look at the judges’ law:

No Law Or Fact Shall Be Tried In Court”,
contains four verbs:
Law, Fact, Tried, Court.

And this sentence is written as a negative.

You can’t perform a negative condition of state.

Performance is what moves things. Performance is the result of thinking, which means that “thinking” is the verb.

Have a look at every Act, Statute, Code, Rule and Regulation. You’ll see they all break international grammar rules.

Look closely and you’ll see that they lack any nouns. They use “articles” as “adverbs”; and a noun followed by a noun changes the first noun into an adjective.

So when you read a typical legal sentence written by law-makers or lawyers, you’ll see they have all been mathematically engineered to say nothing.

It’s a bit like a “vegetarian burger”, that’s been made out of vegetables and looks like a beef patty. In some instances, it may even “taste” like a beef patty.

But just because it looks like a beef patty, smells like a beef patty and tastes like a beef patty, doesn’t mean it is in reality a beef patty.

Once you fully comprehend the rules of grammar, how to construct words and sentences, you’ll discover that just because every Act, Statute, Code, Rule and Regulation looks like an Act, Statute, Code, Rule and Regulation, it doesn’t mean it is in reality an Act, Statute, Code, Rule and Regulation.

We’ve all been fooled.

And any lawyer that argues these facts in Court will be struck off, because they swear an oath to abide by the “Rules of the Court”.


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