Knowing secret facts and fiction lies in laws and Courts can rescue people in deep water, so you’re no longer sinking in fear and stress.

Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from  reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos.  Do you own research.

Courts ask you to swear “The Truth”, but “Truth” is an opinion. DWM publishes his website in German, and a German university professor screams at DWM for disqualifying all their books, Universities, and Constitution because of the German Syntax on the website.

When you’ve got the facts, you’re not going to have controversy. As DWM says, “No one ever went to war over a math problem.” Yet everyday people have arguments, fights, legal battles, and wars, over words and the use of language.

And DWM claims that free Masons pull the strings. For 8,500 years. And the Masonic teachings are no different than any of the religions in the world.

With the goal of teaching you the difference between good and evil, and how to manage people.

Because for every 97 followers you’ve got three chiefs… It’s always 3% manages 97%. That ratio hasn’t changed since the caveman… And the cream always floats to the top.

The syntax separates the wheat from the chaff. There isn’t anybody anywhere on this planet today, no matter how high up in the “Illuminati” they are, that DWM cannot show proof of the secret facts and fiction lies in laws and Courts

DWM talks about how one of the Supreme Court judges from the Supreme Court of Australia sits on the world Court at The Hague. Next DWM files a lawsuit against the judge for apartheid against the Originees. This leads to the judge vacating his position at The Hague, for failing to protect the people in his own country.

Facts and Fiction Lies in Laws

Being part of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II steps in and cancels DWM’s visa to enter Australia. So in retaliation, DWM syntaxes the “Magna Carta” of 1215, proving that it’s all adverb-verb construct and says nothing.

Next he looks at the syntax and sentence structure of “The Declaration of Independence”, showing secret facts and fiction lies in laws and Courts

“THE” is an adverb making “DE-CLARA-TION”, DE=No CLARA= SPEAKS; TION= Contract; No-Spoken-Contract, of “IND-E-PEN-D-ENCE”; IND=No; PEN=Write; ENCE= Contract;
Independence= No-Written-Contract.

No-Write-Contract, No-Speak-Contract

The document opens with “We the people…” = pronoun-adverb-verb.

You can be a pronoun as a “WE” or a verb as a “PEOPLE”; that’s why we have a verb court a verb Fact and a verb Law …because you’re Verb people.

“No Law or Fact Shall be tried in Court”

When you’ve syntax the Constitution of the United States it says nothing… that’s why DWM has a new [correct] Constitution on his website. The Government, Lawyers and Courts still can’t take their LIE and shove it down our throats, because we now have the technology to prove a lie. And we can write the document using prepositional phrases to prove the fact.

And when you put them both together… choose

“You have a choice,” as Neo says, in the “Matrix” movies.

DWM’s syntax program is about the moving Matrix: A, B and C.

One, Two and Three, Matrix.

Secret Facts and Fiction in the Matrix

We’re shown secret Facts and Fiction in the movie, “The Matrix”… it’s the machine of government… DWM is “Neo”, fighting for our existence of the humans…

And what is the virus that destroys both the machine and the people?

The virus is the Illusion of Communications… and syntax destroys it.

How does Neo destroy the virus?

Neo represents “Three plus three equals six”, and Smith has an infinite amount of Smiths, which is the infinite amount in numbers that could be wrong around “Three plus three equals six”

And NEO says: “Okay, I surrender. Take me!”

What’s the first thing the virus of “wrong” tries to do?

It tries to rewrite “correctness.” And every time he does, he says, “Well three plus three doesn’t equal seven… that’s out…eight… that’s out… Nine that’s out…”

Inadvertently, you watch it take place in the movie…

And then “Boom”… the virus is destroyed, because it uses up all its energy to prove a lie, which you can’t do. And when it’s done, the contract is:

“I can live as a human because I’m correct,
And the machine can operate because it’s correct;
Because we need the Machine.
And a man has to service the machine.
The machine has to service demand.”

Facts and Fiction Lies in Parts of Speech

There’s ten parts of speech, and orders of operations that define the use of words in any given sentence.

And most people forget the rules and regulations of grammar you learn in English classes at school.

Because of this, we do not see what’s really happening through secret facts and fiction lies in laws and Courts. And one day you wake up and wonder what’s really going on, asking how you’re in this situation.

All because of mis-understanding or the lack of comprehension of the use of words in a sentence.

Take a simple word “THE”, which is almost always an adverb. Look in a large dictionary, and you’ll find over 50 definitions of the word “THE”.

An adverb is used more in language worldwide than any other syntax of communications; an adverb is a modifier.

Also remember, a vowel and two consonants; the adverb operation of syntax is a no-contract issue… because you’re modifying that the condition of the fact.

Because by modifying something, you’re changing the original condition, and that’s perjury, because it’s no longer the original fact.

The adverb creates prejudice (using your level of education or knowledge) to sell your opinion or prejudice to another individual, by modifying the condition of the fact in front of you.

When you take a fact, and you modify it with an adverb, it becomes it what’s called a “Gerund Verb” which means a noun used as a verb.

They explain it to you, but it’s still a lie.

What are the Fiction Lies?

An adverb modifies an adverb, modifies and adverb, modifies an adverb.
The adverb then can modify a verb; the adverb can modify an adjective and the adjective modifies a pronoun, which is connected by an adverb after it.

The only word that can follow pronoun is an adverb or a period.

When you take two nouns and you put them together:

Black + Pen – black is a noun… black is a fact, and pen is a fact

But “black” colours (modifies) the pen

Therefore the (shade of) “black” now becomes in opinion… is this a “charcoal” pen or a “black” pen?

Because there’s 1200 shades of black, so what shade is it?

And even though this is “black” are we sure that it isn’t just a little bit different colour black…

So it’s subjective interpretation as to what it means… and therefore it’s an opinion.

Like a guy who’s wearing a red shirt …try to explain the colour “Red” to a blind person who’s never seen colour… impossible

So your opinion of an adjective to colour something, or to modify something… is impossible. Therefore your opinion, presumption, modification has no bearing with the facts of what you’re trying to do

Let’s take the phrase “The United States of America” on US Currency notes.

You’ve got the preposition OF, and the article THE, but when you separate and they both become adverbs.

The adverb modifies the adjective, the adjective modifies the pronoun, the pronoun is connected by the adverb, which then modifies a dangling participle verb America

THE = adverb
UNITED = Adjective
STATES = Pronoun
OF = Adverb
AMERICA = Verb (dangling participle verb)

No Law In Fact Shall Be Tried In Court

Where these prepositions and articles happen in the sentence are very unique… because of the every sentence is a complete court hearing.

Since you’ve got to follow the rules and every sentence, you can’t violate them.

If you do… if you make one mistake in the whole entire document, it means you’ve made a presumption before the fact, which is proof that you don’t know what you’re doing.

Even if it’s an accident or you don’t pay attention to the accuracy of who you are and what you’re doing

A lawyer always has five or ten other lawyers reading and signing his papers and saying he did it right, and absolutely avoiding a FACT at all costs.

Because if a barrister or a lawyer or an attorney creates a fact, … they’ll will be disbarred… and that also includes judges…

Remember: No Facts or Laws Shall be tried in Court

So they have to stay within the confinements of “Nothing”…

Because they don’t have LODIAL TITLE; they don’t have Constitution…

And now they’ve committed perjury through trespassing on a fact…. which they don’t have title to.

That’s why they have to go ahead and break the law 24/7. And they don’t tell you these secret facts and fiction lies in laws and Courts.

Facts and Fiction Lies in Equations

Your school English teacher says you need a subject.

Well, SUB means “No”, JECT= Contract… Subject = No Contract.

So they want you to create a “no-contract” sentence… It goes back to a math problem.

Say the math problem is this: 3 x 3 x 3 = 27

Fact times (x) Fact times (x) Fact = A Fact. [Fact x Fact x Fact = Fact]

But 3 x 3 x 3 x 0 = 0

Same with division, it’s still zero.

Because Fact x Fact x Fact x Lie = LIE

There’s your math interface; Add, Subtract, Multiply and Dividing.

To be correct… you must be correct all the time.

Say you’ve a complete sentence with 30 prepositional phrases, then take the word “FOR” out at the beginning of the sentence:

“For the witness’s knowledge…” remove “For” leaves “The witness’s knowledge…”

And you follow with 29 prepositions, all in correct order in the sentence… Well, because you dropped the first “FOR”, you’ve got an Adverb-Adjective-Pronoun construct… all the way to the end of the sentence…So you lose all 29 prepositional phrases, because the sentence starts with a lie.

So you can’t make any mistakes in this technology, the math will not support it.

And we use the math to go and check it reading the equation frontwards and then going to the end and reading it backwards.

For the bridge is over the river. Now, when you read this sentence from the end, you change take the opposite of “over”, which is under…

Making it: “For the river is under the bridge

Either way the sentence says the same thing, because of the sentence structuring, using prepositional phrase. You’ll see this in DWM’s entire book, website, every document and every lawsuit… They all follow these same rules

Facts and Fiction Lies in What is “IS”

“What is sex?”

At the “Sex Trial”, Bill Clinton answers: “What is is?”

Then Clinton says to the judge “I just showed the American people the verb IS, and the noun IS. Would you like me to show them another verb and another noun? Let’s discuss syntax publicly on CNN and tell the world that the syntax of all communications is a lie…
“Well, no further questions Mr. President… this Court stands adjourned!”

Congress wants to know what’s going on about the “Impeachment”, so Clinton says: “Before we get started, I’m going to explain things to you…”

And Clinton holds USA up a $1 bill, explaining that (the word) “America” is a dangling participle verb on the USA money

Under Mail Fraud USC Title 18 section 1001, it’s fraudulent conveyance of language… which activates Mail Fraud Banking USC Title 18 section 1341, carries a 30-year prison sentence and $1million fine…

But the penalty for Fictitious Conveyance, is USC Title 15, Chapter 2B, Section 78 FF, carries $25million fine and 30 years in prison for every dollar published in US currency

Clinton says:

“I have to address the world at my Union address… And I have to tell the world that “America” is a verb on the money and disqualify all US currency worldwide… Or we can seal my case now? All those in favour of sealing the case, say ‘aye’.”

All the hands go up he walks out… and no newspaper, magazine, TV, or radio station makes any announcement about Bill Clinton’s impeachment from that day forward.

How Secret Facts and Fiction Lies Help You

Remember when Bill Clinton goes to North Korea to release the two reporters being held in prison for four years?

Well, one day Clinton’s in Honolulu, Hawaii, as a guest of The Tonight Show. And the one of the questions is:

How do you get North Korea to release those two reporters?

And Clinton says he uses DWM’s Syntax. He gives the North Koreans a choice:

  1. They release the journalists, or
  2. Clinton goes on worldwide public media broadcast, to syntax the North Korean money publicly disqualifying all North Korean currency.

So Bill Clinton shows us that using this knowledge, with the right volition, at the right time, will create the amount of pressure… in other words, “Damage Control.”

And so this is how syntax has the power…

So you can make changes in your life, by knowing these secret facts and fiction lies in laws and courts.

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.