Are you a victim of false claims to extort money by twisting words? Happens all the time…

Maybe you’re feeling the squeeze by Government departments or agencies, finance companies, corporations, or even your employers… You know something doesn’t feel right, and they won’t compromise…

As you read this article you’ll see important lessons that may apply in your situation…

Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos. Do you own research.

DWM tells the story about how the Post Office, through the Supreme Court of Hawaii, moves to sell 1.2 million acres of Hawaiian homelands…

As you can imagine, this does not go down well with the natives. The Hawaii chiefs, in a desperate attempt to keep their tribal lands, call DWM for help.

[Sidebar: DWM claims that the Hawaii chiefs appoint him King of Hawaii, giving him diplomatic status worldwide.]

So DWM takes the 50 page document that the United States Federal District Court in Honolulu Hawaii, (through the Supreme Court of Hawaii) are using to support the land grab claim.

The case escalates all the way up to Washington DC. They go up against Justice John Roberts and the eight Supreme Court judges, to argue their rights to sell 1.2 million acres of Hawaiian homelands.

So when DWM reads through the 50 pages, and syntaxes them… well, it’s no surprise that there’s not one legal sentence in the entire 50 pages.

And throughout the whole document there’s adverb-verb sentences. Yet it only takes six sentences for DWM to articulate the fictitious conveyance of language. So the document says nothing, as the damage starts from the very beginning, because there’s no LODIAL Title.

LO = Location; DI = Original; AL = Contract; No-Location-Original-Contract.

What this means in plain English, is that there is no location original contract to sell Hawaiian land.

No Claim To Extort Money

Neither the Post Office, nor the Courts, have jurisdiction. Because they don’t have the correct sentence structure communication syntax on any treaty, trust or contract with the Hawaiian people, since Cook lands there in 1789.

This totally wipes out all claims that the United States Government has against the Hawaiian people.

And so with that information the United States Supreme Court reprimands the Supreme Court of Hawaii, along the lines of:

You people are illiterate, you can’t read and write, and you’re trying to perpetrate a fraud against us. Go home. You don’t have Lodial Title you can’t sell the land.

So it’s with those six sentences, and two-day head start, that DWM gets  to fast-track his way into the Supreme Court of the United States, because of who he is …

DWM is a plenipotentiary judge, with mathematical syntax… and defeats the plaintiffs in one page.

He tells this story to show that if he can do it to the US Supreme Court… (and they have standing to take a Supreme Court of another court and knock them down), that sets a precedent that Syntax has jurisdiction over all fiction.

DWM’s saying that by learning Syntax, you’ve power and ability to go out there and use this technology successfully.

Dismiss False Claims To Extort Money

Now, you may be thinking: Why would the court system choose to recognize Syntax? Why don’t the Courts just dismiss it?

Some Courts do dismiss it. There’s many stories online about how DWM technology gets people into trouble. But the main problem is that if you do not apply it correctly, it doesn’t work. It’s not something you can “cut and paste.” If you don’t have full knowledge of the process, and you take it into the Courts, you can quickly find yourself in very hot water.]

As DWM says:
Three plus three equals six doesn’t it? You’d be a fool to say it equals anything else but six, because you’d embarrass yourself.

This means the Courts would have to confess that they can’t read and write.

By admitting they can’t read and write… guess what they did? They’re admitting:

  • Cheating on their high school exams;
  • Never passing English;
  • Cheating on their college exams;
  • Never graduating from college
  • Never graduating from law school
  • Cheating on the Civil Service exam

All of which is:

  • Misappropriation of their paychecks from the taxpayer, Title 18 Section 641 – 664
  • Misappropriations of taxpayers’ money to extort money while engaged in criminal activity under Title 18 section 1001
  • Mail fraud under Title 18 section 1341,
  • Fictitious conveyance of language, under Title 15, Chapter 2b, Section 78FF, which carries a $25million fine and 30 years in prison.

They fictitiously convey language to extort money from citizens.

The whole procedure how to prosecute judges and attorneys is on the back of DWM’s business card [Click here for details].

With those small points of law, and the expanded definitions in DWM’s book and website, you can stop a charging elephant…

Corporate False Claims To Extort Money

Now you may be wondering how far you take this technology… Perhaps a Corporation is taking you to Court… So how do you apply this paperwork…

Well, they’re going to play the dummy-up game with you.

But don’t worry about that.

When you go to aCorporation, you’re not in the Courtroom.

So you sit down you say:

“Hey Mr. Corporation, when I syntax your Corporate Charter that makes you a Corporation… guess what? Your Charter’s written in adverb-verb… Which means the Secretary of State who gives your corporation Status can’t read and write. And you don’t have a Corporation.

You’re selling stock to the general public through the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is a lie. That constitutes mail fraud, through fraudulent conveyance of language. Which is Title 15, Chapter 2B, Section 78FF, and you got a $25million fine and 30 years in prison.

How much money do you need?

You’re disputing a few thousand dollars, but over here you’re facing a criminal charge that’s $25million, and I have the proof.

And I’ve got your confession that you’re messing this up, with fraudulent contracts that you’re giving to the public.

And you’re using Federal Currency while engaging in criminal activity. I have your confession for all of this.

Now, let’s negotiate a friendly settlement here.

I’ll let you live, if you let me live.

Lawyers Help To Extort Money

You think their lawyer, carrying a $3million insurance policy, (that the Corporation hires to buffer them from the facts)… is going to touch something with syntax?

He can’t even go to the judge.

No judge will take the case without becoming a co-conspirator to support the attorney. And the insurance company will cancel their insurance policies, so they can’t practice.

This means they lose their job… and now Mr Corporate is sitting there without backup.

So no attorney will touch the company because they’re dirty, and you’ve got their confession…

And the confession is the fact that their charter, or “How to do business”, is written in adverb-verb, and doesn’t have standing.

So they don’t have a trust to run their company, and the syntax proves that they lie from A to Z.

From the President, all the way down to the broom sweeper.

Say a company hires you, and you’ve got these terms and conditions of your employment. Then the company decides to change the rules on you, making things difficult.

Now you know about syntax, you can go ahead and correct it… and say the lawyer who writes the terms and conditions, is lying to the company.

You have the power to go ahead and syntax the fact that these are not fair rules and regulations. But before you go back to the company, and to prosecute them for a lie, make sure you’ve got the solution.

Awhile back DWM syntaxes the Australian Constitution, and shows it’s all adverb-verb and says nothing, it’s a lie. And it’s got two hundred percent fraud. So he writes a brand-new Constitution, a replacement that’s far better than the original… To give you the guarantees of your faith, your religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of travel.

End False Claims To Extort Money

You get nowhere just by showing them they’re wrong. So you write a correct version, and proving you’ve the intelligence to say:

“This is a lie and I can prove it’s a lie; and this is what it should say.

Now you should be paying me for me writing this!”

DWM claims “Contract Writing” is the second highest paying job outside of brain surgery. People writing contracts make $500-$1000 an hour (2010) in syntax.

And this entire planet is going to have a new shift in dynamics of learning how to read and write in syntax.

Because sooner or later, according to DWM, not only is this planet going to unify its ability to communicate mathematically in syntax on contracts, but somebody’s going to come knocking from another planet.

“And if we lie to them, they’re going to throw a stone at us the size of Texas, moving 50,000 miles an hour!”

Or we can have a truthful communications with another world, another planet, under Commerce and be truthful… where they don’t look at us as being a lying, cheating threat, to their existence.

The world’s becoming very small.

About a fifteen minutes after Michael Jackson dies, the entire planet, six billion people, knows… Everybody’s cell phone, on the Internet, on TV…the whole world knows about it in 15 minutes.

Syntax is going to be the same thing, when it goes “Pop”. One day the TV’s going to turn on, no matter what channel… they’re going to say we’re going to have a dynamic shift and everybody’s going to have to learn syntax, because the whole world is shifting communications.

The World’s Great Reset

Everybody talks about “One World Government”. How about having a one-world order of “Correctness”; one world money of Correctness… Putting an end to wars… having balance and prosperity.

Then you can go to bed at night without worrying about somebody dropping a nuke, because you got correctness.

And that’s what we all want… That’s what learning correct sentence structure communication syntax is all about.

No one has a correct sentence structure communication syntax treaty on any land contract or mortgage…

And you’re paying Council tax (rates) because if you don’t, they move you off and put somebody else there… Not much can change until enough people learn this technology of writing in correct language format.

When DWM originally tells to his parents he’s going to teach this to the world, they say don’t complain about the government… because you’ve nothing to replace it with.

You can’t tell somebody he’s a liar without having the truth in your hand.

So DWM spends 90,000 hours to get to where we are today… With correctness at a mathematical level to rewrite the United Nations Constitution… as well as Australia, New Zealand, America, Hawaii and anybody else in the world that wants a correct Constitution.

Until the whole world is ready, you can study. Learn how to be a syntax writer. Because when this thing takes place the government is going to need you.

They’ll be asking for anybody who can read and write in syntax and do corrections, and learn how to program a computer…They’ll have immediate employment for you… With wages probably starting at about a hundred dollars an hour (2010)… Depending on how much experience you have.

And the whole planet is going to have a reset.

Humans Better Than Computer Syntax

You may ask about writing a program to quickly rewrite the Internet from adverb-verb to syntax?

There’s 900 variables for one word. Two words, is 81,000 variables…and so on.

Computers can’t do what your brain does. And when you learn it, your whole world opens up. You can see a lie. You have x-ray vision over everything, and it’s a lot of fun.

Then nobody can screw around with you anymore. The cops won’t stop you; the courts don’t want you in there…

DWM tells stories of how Australian Courts do everything possible to stop him attending… like rescheduling to happen while DWM’s flying, so he doesn’t attend to testify or defend his clients.

They just say be here in 24 hours, while DWM’s in the air and we’re holding the trial today so when he gets here it’s all over. It doesn’t change the evidence… because after he lands, under the 72-hour rule, DWM can go back in there and nail them under syntax.

It takes DWM just a couple of minutes to syntax an entire lawsuit, drop an Amicus Curiae or a complaint in court, and say you guys lie… I have your confession. Thanks for all the arrows in my quiver.

They still can’t take their LIE and shove it down our throats, because we prove the lie. We have the technology and show the evidence proving their false claims to extort money by twisting words.