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Correct Questions Have Power

Correct questions have power when you’re caught up in “legal” stuff, with lawyers, courts, debt collectors, and law enforcement agencies…

Fact or Fiction in Real World?

Fact or Fiction in Real World is blurred by ignorance and the lack of education, members of the BAR who have little more than second-grade writing/reading skills.

False Claims To Extort Money By Twisting Words

They’re using false claims to extort money by with fraudulant grammar… And we’ve got the technology to prove those lies and show evidence of their confessions .

3 Steps Handling Lawyers and Debt Collectors Enforcement Notices

When handling lawyers, debt collectors & enforcement agents, remember everything in the world revolves around wording in contracts

Too Stupid To Learn Parse Syntax Grammar?

Are you too stupid to learn Parse Syntax Grammar (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.)? That’s the challenge from a mentor of 20 years study

How To Create Equal And Fair Contracts

Create Fair and Equal Contracts using correct sentence stucture to stop any Fiction Corporation or Organisation from damaging you

Hidden Art Of Word-Trickery- Part 2

Hidden art of word-trickery in written documents – Part 2, is a [Continued from Part 1]. Every time you make a presumption or an assumption, you open the door to falling for tricks and traps by your own volition. Mostly… Continue Reading →

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