In a world with over five thousand names for God, every one’s been arguing over definitions and missing words, rather than facts, through lack of knowledge.

Everybody goes: “How can you talk about religion? Everyone has a different faith …” How do we talk about religion in a mixed community? Here’s an extract from DWM’s seminar, defining the word “God”:

We all want correctness, because this is your truth.

Now when you believe that you’re correct and you have truth, you’ll make contract.

And as you learn throughout life, you’ll always honour those contracts you make, and there you find your God.

Okay, so what is “God”?

Well, we all want to know who the Creator is, and what the origin is of our beliefs. Every one has overfive thousand names for God, your own definitions.

You read books, you talk with your parents, your friends, your relatives, your church. You explore your own dreams, and guess who or what “God” is.

So every one has a thousand independent, different views to come to what this definition is.

It’s unique to you, and you alone.

And no matter… you can go to any church, and the minister is going to tell you one definition.

But if you ask: What’s this man saying to me? What’s the priest, minister or rabbi saying? You’re going to get a hundred different definitions of what people hear.

Because they use their own life experience to deduce, what’s called “subjective interpretation”, of what people say to them.

Now it says, in all the religions, that God creates man in His image. And the synonym of image is imagination, creation, art. And so all the terminologies that you absorb throughout your life, are to define one thing…

Difference Between God and Evil

You have to define the difference between your “good”, which you classify as God in creation (and any one of five thousand names for God), and your “evil’… which is destruction, and bad things.

You learn about bad, and you learn about good; it’s called “Perspective”, knowing the difference between right and wrong.

We choose to be good, because it’s a better form of life; the bad guys don’t get to live in our society, because we penalise them by putting them in jail.

So we live our entire life searching for one definition of this word.

And every one of us, all 6 billion(plus) humans on planet Earth, with over five thousand names for God, have a thousand different definitions from the person standing next to them.

That’s what your faith is.

So your ability to read, understand, and subjectively translate information in your mind, and come up with a conclusion to be good, is what you have to do.

When you look in the mirror in the morning… and you say: “I’m going to be good… be an honourable person. And do the things I’m supposed to do, like loving my children, take care of my family, and I’m not going out to do evil and hurt people.”

That’s basically the bottom line.

And wherever we’ve got where we are… so who is God?

God is the creation of your thoughts and information you absorb over time.

Hold a thought in your hand, and show me the three-dimensional object of that thought.

Five Steps To Correct

“Show me the three-dimensional object of God,” says DWM.

What we’re doing here, with syntax, is showing you that the Bible, and the Quran, and the Jewish Bible… and all of these different communications worldwide, are written in adverb-verb, with some words missing.

Why do they leave the words out?

So they can control you.

And now, by learning syntax, you can go back and put the missing words in Now-Time, in the now.

First, you remove the prefixes and the suffixes, which are the past and in the future, and go to the root words.

Second, find a root word that means now-time information not the future, not a word that means no contract.

Third, go through any Bible phrase and find a word that starts with a vowel and two consonants

Fourth, get a book of synonyms, and look up all the synonyms of that word.

Fifth, make a list of those words, and put them in the sentence, with the correct prepositional phrase in front of that word.

Finally, you learn how to build a sentence correctly from that phrase.

[To see how this works, go to DWM’s website showing the syntax version of the Lord’s Prayer.]

One of DWM’s student stands up, and says:” I don’t like the way you write that.”

DWM says: “Good. Here’s a book on synonyms. Replace any noun you want in the Lord’s Prayer with any other synonym relating with that, and you’ll create a new Lord’s Prayer. And then you’ve got to read it backwards, using the opposite preposition.

You’ll know if the sentence is correct syntax, because whether you read it frontwards or backwards, it will still say the same thing.

This is how you can write 10,000 versions of the Lord’s Prayer, and they’ll all say the same thing.

10,000 Ways To Write The Same Thing

Show me a technology that you can write the same thing 10,000 different ways, five thousand names for God, and it never changes its meaning.

That’s unique.

Just like you can’t change a math problem.

It’s either right or it’s wrong.

There is no “well it’s almost there… it’s almost right.”

You want to get down to the crux of what is correct.

That’s where you want to be, in a correct position.

And that’s why this technology scares the Courts.

Because “No Law”, which is a negative condition, is the only thing… and “No Fact” is the only thing, that gets tried in court.

Remember the sign says: “No Parking.”

NO is an adverb, and since adverbs are modifiers, the adverb NO modifies the next word, PARKING, to be a verb. [Go check it out in any large dictionary.]

And they put a box around those words on the sign. So it’s an enclosed area.

Anything in an enclosed area can’t be considered because it was lying in the first place.

After all, since NO is a negative condition, how do you “No Park”?

You can’t create a negative condition of state.

Where’s my fact? How can I pay a fine for a “No Fact”?

“Okay”, you say. “I’m going to use a Federal Reserve Note… “RE-Serve”, synyax the word, RE means NO, so RE-Serve means “No Serve”.

This means you’ve a negative condition of a payment, for a negative condition of violation, in a negative condition of Court, for a negative condition of law.

So therefore you’ve one condition of nothing, that’s called “Voluntary Compliance”. And to make sure you “Volunteer” to comply with a negative, they put a gun to your head, and say “Choose.”


Many of us experience situations of “voluntary” compliance throughout our lives.

And that’s DWM’s definition, that’s DWM’s terminology, of finding out what you know about what your difference between good and evil is.

Choose Good Or Evil

With five thousand names for God, there’s an infinite amount of ways to subjectively interpret how to get to that belief.

But the bottom line is, you’re either good or you’re evil.


You’ve got two choices.

It’s a plus and minus.

There is no grey area, or “stand in the middle” being zero.

DWM talks about a theology seminar for 47 ministers from 16 different religions:

One man stands up and say: “I’m an atheist.

And of course all the other ministers… feeling a little awkward they do the little hu-hummmmm….

DWM replies: “Yeah, but in the morning when you wake up, you stand in front of mirror and you say: ‘I believe in me. I don’t believe in anything else in the world.’…

“And while you’re believing in you, I suspect you have specific rules and regulations that you’re going to conduct yourself as an atheist.”

He says: “Yes.”

“And you go out there to be a good person, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he says. “Yes. I am a good person.”

“As an atheist, you know the difference between good and evil don’t you?

“I do, yes.”

“Well, guess what? You made a choice between good and evil? You have faith. Your faith may not have a definition that correlates with the other 47 men in here, but you have faith just the same. And you make choices.”

Each Day Is All About Choices

Remember the movie “Matrix” when Keanu Reaves, “Neo”… he’s in the room with a 100 TVs and the architect. The architect is having a conversation with him, and what does Neo say?

Neo says: “It’s all about choice!”

Every day you’re making choices, to be good or evil. And if you know what Syntax is, you can make a mathematical choice.

You have better pieces of information to make better decisions to be good.

So if somebody with evil wants to come at you with an illusion called Adverb-Verb”, you can say: “That’s a lie and I can prove it!

Because of the one thing that happens in front of Judge Wasilewski around 1984-85. Judge Wasilewski says: “You can’t prove that I lie to you.”

And DWM says: “You know what? You’re right, I can’t prove that, but I know you’re wrong!”

He says: “Yes, I’m wrong. But you can’t prove it. When you can prove that I’m wrong, I’ll give you what you want!”

So DWM does what the judge thinks is impossible, and finds out how to do it correct, and show the proof.

Own Your Freedom

You’re have freedom to make choices. No matter what country you live in, under what regime or conditions, everybody has this one choice: Attitude.

The choice to see the glass half-full or half-empty.

You have the choice to learn how to closely analyse the wording in every Act, Statute, Code, Rule and Regulation and provide mathematical proof that they say NOTHING…

To discover that you’ve been living under an Illusion of make-belief enslavement, wondering why you’ve lost your freedom.

Without the “Yes, But…”

Since the “yes, but…” is the reality of the illusion, or the illusion of the reality, where fear steps in. And we all know what FEAR is… False Evidence Appearing Real.

Which is the result of conditioned thinking, or filtering experiences, situations, and information that you’ve been absorbing all your life.

With knowledge of mathematical interface of language you can write Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.) documents to prove language as accurate as a math problem.

By having syntax you can show people what is Wrong and Right.

You can fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle in the Bible, Qoran, Torah, Bhuddism, Hindu, or any other teachings from around the world with five thousand names for God, and find out the correct facts.

This technology has power at the highest levels of Government all around the world. Once you learn it, you have the power to stop and correct any-one try-ing to manipulate you.

The Bible says: “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free”, but TRUTH is an Opinion.

It’s “Correct-ness” that sets you free, not “Truth”.

Everything starts with a thought.

Thought = motion

“Before there was something,
There was nothing.

“And since nothing makes nothing,
And now there is something,

“It must be that ‘Nothing’ is God
That’s creating the something.”

Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser, “Five second proof God exists”

Everyone, at one time or another ponders about the meaning of life… and what God is all about.

What ever you truth is, what ever your beliefs, how you determine what is right and what is wrong, what ever your idea of how or why you are here…

It’s you choice how you live, what facts or lies you decide to believe, and which name or word you use to describe the five thousand names for God.