With the increase of Mortgage Arrears & Default Notices, here’s how to get The Bank stressing over your mortgage, making “The Bank” accountable…

There’s many articles about how to handle mortgage stress and Mortgage Arrears & Default Notices, yet few of them offer options to turn the situation around and give it back to the source – “The Bank”.

So the first step in how to get the bank stressing over your mortgage is with knowledge, since everything revolves around contracts. It’s the documents you sign, and how you reply to Mortgage Arrears & Default Notices, that get you into the sticky quagmire you unwittingly fall into, squeezing the life out of you.

One BIG thing about stress is that it’s crippling, and stressing out over your mortgage helps nobody. It locks you up, changes the way your body reacts to all sorts of situations.

Stress is a mental condition, a state of mind that takes on many physical forms in your body. And the more you stress over your mortgage, the worse you feel, react, eat or sleep.

Since stress is a mindset, a way of thinking, and nothing more, then the first step is to eliminate the fears. Because stressing over your mortgage is what your imagination says it is.

Now hold up, before your blood boils even more.

Stress comes about from your thoughts. Stress develops as you start thinking about all the “what if” situations that might, one day, perhaps, happen.

You want to predict the future, and the future that you’re looking at isn’t nice. It’s really horrible. It’s the worst of the worst. Especially when you see Mortgage Arrears & Default Notices come through your mailbox.

So let’s turn that situation around, and look at how to get the Bank stressing over your mortgage.

Maybe you’re thinking about going to the Bank and asking for some sympathy, empathy, extra time, adjustments to your payment plan, and you’re afraid the Bank is unwilling to budge.

Why Is The Bank Stressing Over Your Mortgage

No matter what you say, their response is along the lines:

“So what,” says the Bank Manager, “You have the money, you’re enjoying the benefits of the house, what’s the problem?”

In other words, what’s your volition, your thinking, when going to the bank at the start, as the borrower, to borrow money from the bank.

We see Banking advertisements on TV or wherever, telling you how much they care about you, and how they’ll work to help you get your dream home.

Perhaps your parents, friends, or business associates encourage you to go out and borrow money to buy a home…

Unless you’re one in a hundred people who are fortunate enough to pay cash for it, while the rest of the world goes out and borrow money from the Banks.

Here’s where the deceit starts. The Bank doesn’t disclose the whole story, from the very beginning.

The Bank tells you the home is used as “Equity” to back up the “Mortgage”. But a bank’s not allowed to lend money from its investors or its depositors.

So the bank draws up a contract with you with all the fine print, terms and conditions, and you read through it, or just sign it.

[There’s a clue: “Contr-Act” … Sounds like “Conned-to-Act”…]

You might even go to a lawyer, because the Bank suggests that you seek “Independent Legal Advice.” As if it’s possible to find lawyers who aren’t connected to the Courts who aren’t connected to the Banks who aren’t all in the same club looking after each other. [More about this matter in another post].

So when you look closely at all the words on the Mortgage Document, Mortgage Arrears and Default notices, when you syntax the sentences and parse the words, and examine the Sentence Structures, you’ll be “gob smacked”.

Do you own research by reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos, from which the following Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes are taken…

It’s Not A Bank Mortgage Arrears & Default Notice

Take a pink-marker-pen and highlight all the adverbs, and green to highlight the verbs. You’ll then realise that all the words that aren’t pink or green are Adjectives and Pronouns.

Those words in pink, adverbs, are modifiers, because that’s what adverbs do. Since adverbs modify words, the only parts of speech that can follow Adverbs are other Adverbs, Verbs, or Adjectives (which are also modifiers).

So what you presume to be Nouns, change through modification by the Adverbs, to become Verbs. Have a look at any large dictionary that has a section on “parts of Speech”. And also go look up definitions of adverbs.

When you finish marking up the Mortgage Contract, and Mortgage Arrears & Default Notices, you’ll see how much of the paper is coloured in pink and green.

In one of the videos, DWM shows how the Mortgage Documents, written by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, change through modification to create a “false” document.

Just by putting the pink on the paper identifying the adverbs, he shows there’s 100 adverbs out of 300 words.

At the bottom of the Contract, you’ll only see your signatures, because “The Bank” doesn’t sign the contract. So it’s a unilateral contract.

So, because you want the loan to buy the house, you sign the false document. And then the Bank takes this false document to the Treasury, and the person standing at the counter hands over to the bank $500,000 so you can buy your house.

But there is no mortgage, because the contract was void from the start.

Bank Says “We’re cancelling Your Mortgage”

“The people at the Bank say: “well, we got a mortgage here” and the person who is going to hand the Bank that mortgage money has a second grade reading level or a fiction level like this reading level, and doesn’t understand what correct parse syntax grammar looks like”.

So they cut a $500,000 cheque and give it to the Bank to deposits it into a holding account.

Now under the laws of fraction banking, with the $500,000 now sitting in a holding account, they create $5 million.

The next day, with the $5 million, they withdraw $500,000 and they run it back over to the Treasury. Under Title 15-Section 1635A, of the three-day rescission law, they give the money back to the Treasury, saying:

We’re cancelling the mortgage, we’re cancelling the loan, we’re not borrowing this money from this person’s social security account.”

Then they turn around and they go back and they write a NOTE; and NO = NO and TE means Contract. NO-TE=No-Contract.

That’s parse.

So now we have a No-Contract NOTE where the entire document has boxes. All the numbers are placed in independent boxes. All the written words are placed into another set of boxes.

[A box is an enclosed area, under the rules of styles of all the world’s style manuals for advertising.]

And both the words and the numbers are kept separate by these independent boxes, and the entire document is boxed and there’s only room for one autograph signature.”

A Quick Look At Some Definitions

The word “Sign” as a verb, means to mark, to affix a signature on, to write one’s name in token of assent, responsibility, or obligation.

Signature”, noun; the name of a person written in his or her own hand; the act of signing one’s name.

Autograph” from the Latin, autographus, writing in one’s own hand. Something written or made with one’s own hand; a person’s handwritten signature.

Person” 1. Human Being Individual … 6. one (as a human being, a partnership, or a corporation) that is recognised by law as the subjects of rights and duties.

So how does a “person,” when it’s a corporation, sign a document in his or her own hand? Well, when you apply for a “Business Loan” how is it that the Bank wants a real, alive, living, human being to sign documents as a Guarantor? Does that not tell you that the Bank does recognise that a corporation cannot sign a document in his/her/it’s own hand?

A signature starts with SI-, like the word “Sign”, is like the word “Simulation”. Simulation means “to assume the outward qualities or appearance, usually with the intent to deceive”.

When you authorise something, by definition, “Authorise”, to invest especially with legal authority; empower; to establish by or as if by authority.

Authority” means “power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behaviour”.

Authentic” means “Authoritative; worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to fact or reality”.

How To Get The Bank Stressed Over Your Mortgage

So the Bank asks you to scribble on the bottom of a document, a one-sided (unilateral) contract, with a signature.

Your signature is a simulation, in cursive writing, from the word “CURSE” which means to call upon divine or supernatural power to send injury to come on others.

And when you’re doing evil on others by your cursive writing, the words are angled, which is called “italics”, and anything in ITALICS is removed from the paper.

So you have just voided the contract.

But the Bank doesn’t tell you this. And in most cases, you can’t even read the name because it’s written as a squiggle. And by scribbling, those people are not taking responsibility or jurisdiction for the words on the document.

Now you can start to identify the damage, you can file a claim. There’s a few more steps involved in the process, but once you study the technology, you’ll have a watertight case.

To write a document in correct format, and to authenticate the document, you autograph the document, meaning authentic, author, authorization. And by using correct punctuation of given names and family names, makes it a prepositional phrase, making your name a FACT.

All these points are critical in writing a correct law suit, that’s water tight, with no wriggle room, leaving the lawyers and the people at the Bank with nowhere to go but to confess to their fraud.

There Is No Mortgage Arrears

So the Bank goes ahead and they bastardise the grammar.

Since there is “No Contract”, and NO is an adverb, making a negative adverb, which makes CONTRACT into a verb fiction.

Again this goes into a vicious circle of modifying words by trickery and deceit over and over and over.

So when they go after you with Mortgage Arrears &Default Notices, you syntax the documents, and show them the DE=No, so “De-Fault” – No-Fault; and Arr-ears (Vowel plus two consonants) “Arr-ears” = NO.

But let’s go back to the start… after signing the original mortgage…

Again, they don’t tell you this, but within three days of you signing your mortgage contract and your note, they take it to Wall Street, and sell them.

So they’ve already been paid for the “loan”, that they’re demanding YOU to pay back. (Seems like double-dipping…).

That’s what’s called a securitized-backed-asset.

Or they sell it to another Bank which bundles it up.

The little banks will sell it to a big bank, the big bank, or turn around and sell it to Wall Street, which then sell it to foreign investors as a securitized back asset.

And do they have Title to your property? The answer is no.

Like you have Title to an automobile. They can’t produce the Title.

And when you ask the bank: “Where’s my Title?” they’re going to say we don’t have to show it to you.

That’s because they don’t have it. They are only a servicing agent. They have never risked any of their own money.

According to DWM, they take money from your social security account and create an illusion to get the money from the Treasury, which is actually a bank robbery.

Your Mortgage = Bank Robbery

Because the “Mortgage Document” is a lie… That means that the Bank did not have a contract to take that money out of the Treasury in the first place…

And if they commit a bank robbery… Then that’s a crime, and it vacates their ability to contract with you.

But they’re out there… every month… asking you for money as they continue to generate a “No Contract” language and frustrate the individual. And then increase your stress by sending you Mortgage Arrears and Default notices.

So for 135 years, starting in 1888, the Banks trade in securitized-backed-assets, through Wall Street.

It’s no accident, they know what they’re doing …   setting this whole plan in motion.


One the thing they never figure possible is … that one day, 6 April, 1988, DWM breaks the code, publishes the mathematical interface on grammar… exposing all of this tomfoolery.

This stuff works…

On 6 January, 2008, DWM syntaxes Washington Mutual’s mortgage, and present them with the documents.

By Friday they close at $60 a share… On Monday they open at Ten Cents per share, and file for bankruptcy. The other 38 banks in the United States run in and pick up Washington Mutual’s “bad” corporate mortgages…

And within six weeks lose 95% of all their value.

When they get their own lawsuit filed and DWM syntaxes it, they find out what they now own…

That all 64 million “Mortgages” are a lie.

And within two years, 25 million of the 64 million mortgages are in foreclosure, putting our unemployment rate between 16 and 18 percent and throwing 110 million of our 350 million population into no housing.

Sounds too ridiculous to be true, huh!

Here’s What To Do Next With Mortgage Arrears & Default Notices

What happens next is up to you. You believe what you want to believe…

You can decide, like most people, that it’s far too outrageous and there cannot possibly be any substance to the claims …

Which is why the Banks and Government Corporations continue to deceive…

Or you can stand up, take your head out of the sand, and start learning the process of how to get the Bank stressed over your mortgage documents.