Stealing your freedom with bad grammar may seem harsh. Everything in the world revolves around contracts, and few people know how we become slaves of Bad Grammar.

“When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom.”
Confucius (551 BCE – 479 BCE)

That’s Right. Our written language is deliberately enslaves us!

Think about this: Yes, you can learn any language without the study of grammar. But it’s the grammar that defines the classes of words, their functions and relations in the sentence.

And those rules of grammar that give the sentence the correct meaning without creating any confusion or misunderstanding.

Grammar is speech or writing that conforms to grammatical rules. So if there’s more than one idea (including time frame), or one verb, in each sentence, then those sentences break international rules of grammar.

This is the case whether we are talking about English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, or even ancient Hebrew or Sanskrit.

Sanskrit grammar is based on a text authored by Panini, known as the Asthtadyati written in 500BCE(Most conservative date). That text describes the entire structure of the Sanskrit language. It teaches how to generate sentences in Sanskrit in 3559 rules.

And the grammar contains many concepts and techniques you find in computer science and mathematical linguistics. These techniques were only rediscovered in the 20th century. It contains virtually the entire science of linguistics in its most developed form.

Bad Grammar From First Day Of School

We’re learning bad grammar from the first day we go to school. Yet our parents believe we’re being educated to read and write. Instead we all learn non-sense that comes and bites us in the rear-end as we get older moving into the world of commerce.

Look at Law dictionaries and compare those definitions to those same words found in the common dictionary. Since word definitions in writing laws and statutes come from legal dictionaries, then why are these definitions not used in public educational systems?

Lawyers and Courts have their own language. They forget that others involved in the legal situations often face strange words or strange interpretations of simple sentences, such as “take leave of the Court”.

Stealing Freedom With Bad Grammar

Look at all legalese, which is a “technical” legal jargon that’s so confusing you think you need to engage a lawyer to interpret the language.

“Leave of court” is a legal term used to describe asking the court for permission. It’s a way of asking to do something that the court doesn’t normally allow according to its rules and procedures. Either party can file this motion, which is often called a “motion for leave”. Does that make you any the wiser?!

To most people “In Camera” is the answer to the question, “where do you put the battery I gave you?”

But in legal speak “In‐Camera” means “private”.

Another confusing term “Mens rea” which amazingly is still in use even by the “Politekly-Korrect” . Apparently it has nothing to do with [Men’s Rear] any part of the male anatomy.

Mens rea” is a Latin term, meaning: ‘guilty mind’, which, based on someone else’s opinion. It’s an expression that determine the mental state of the offender while committing the crime.

Who Knows Your Thinking?

No one can possibly know what you are thinking. The only person who can determine that is YOU, the one doing the thinking.

Spot The Fraud

Straight away, the person making the determination is committing fraud… Yet they have no charges to their name with committing a crime when determining the mental state of the offender.

DWM believes “legalese” is purposely used to confuse us and the system is designed to give us the illusion of a fair trial.

If you’re ever been unfortunate enough to land in the “[In]Justice System”, you’ll know full-well that this is not the case. You don’t get a “fair” trial, through careful manipulation and control by the legal system.

All law is based upon “adverb-verb” (descriptive or rhetorical versus factual). And when such errors are pointed out with proper syntax, then Judges, Attorneys, and other Officers of the Court have no choice but to recuse themselves and/or drop all charges or face criminal charges themselves.

Communication 101: If both parties cannot understand each other, how can they conduct commerce and enter into any contract with complete transparency and honesty?

For a contract to be open and honest, each word should be defined. So that there is no confusion. And lawyers cannot waste the Court’s time arguing over definitions of words.

Take the simple statement:

“The rabbit is ready to eat.”

Does that sentence mean:
a) The rabbit is hungry, and is looking for food to eat
b) The rabbit has been cooked, and ready to be served up for lunch

Stealing Your Freedom

One can argue that words change their meaning over time, and definitions change. So you can now see the danger in writing a contract such as a thirty-year mortgage. Who can predict the meanings of words in thirty years time?

Look at the word “Gay”. A 1979 edition of Webster’s Dictionary defines “gay” as “happily excited; keenly alive and exuberant; having or inducing high spirits.”

Is that the definition that springs to mind when people to-day tell you they are gay?

Other words have been manipulated.
Even the word “manipulate” (1979) :
“to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one’s purpose”
And in 2020: “to adapt or change to suit one’s purpose or advantage”

Same-same. But DIFFERENT. Notice how “artful or unfair means” has been removed from the definition.

“Believe” is another word of interest. It means that you do not have knowledge, you have an opinion. And that opinion develops over time, based on influences around you. It grows with information that you gain from parents, family, friends, teachers, colleagues, bosses, TV, Newspapers, Radio, Internet etc.

You are born without knowledge.

Not knowing… always comes first.

And even when you have knowledge, you are still in the act of “not knowing” on either side of the knowledge. We cannot hold infinite knowledge or accumulative knowledge sequences.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you do know that you don’t know.

“Have the knowledge and power to have all your words, especially in contracts or any legal documentation, inarguably correct!” — DWM

“Law is like a paradox, an irresolvable puzzle. How do you resolve a paradox? You find the error in the initial premise or assumption of the paradox…
In other words, ‘Law is an I.Q. test.’ “ — Pi PhD

Everything Is Contract

Remember this: Everything in the world revolves around contracts. And few people realise we are slaves because of bad Grammar, and a lack of correct teaching. So they do not know how to change their situation to become free from that tyranny.

Words become meaningful when they are formed out of reflection and consideration for the entire scope of their consequence. Words spoken from a singular perspective or solely as a reaction to an emotion have no true meaning.

“When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom.”
Confucius (551 BCE – 479 BCE)

Freedom is the ability to move through life without any hinderence. When both parties use meaningful words, you can operate in a manner of your choosing. Because you understand and accept the consequences at the beginning.

When words are haphazardly used without consideration for their meaningfulness, the consequences cannot be understood. And so freedom is replaced with anxiety and fear about potential unforeseen catastrophes.

What are you waiting for?

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