Are you too stupid to learn parse syntax Grammar? That’s the challenge by one of my mentors, who’s been studying Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.) for the past twenty years.

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos. Do you own research as your read Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes.

According to his mentor, DWM, most (English-Speaking) people on planet Earth achieve little more than a second-grade reading/writing level.

And that’s a deliberate plan, orchestrated by “The Powers That Be” (TPTB).

DWM claims that English Teachers across the globe are banned from teaching prepositional-phrases. The result of that action being that most sentences, including this one, are written in adverb-verb format, and say nothing, because they contain no facts.

“Have the knowledge and power to have all your words, especially in contracts or any legal documentation, inarguably correct!” — DWM

“Law is like a paradox, an irresolvable puzzle. How do you resolve a paradox? You find the error in the initial premise or assumption of the paradox… In other words, ‘Law is an I.Q. test.’ “ — Pi PhD

Which leaves most people stuck in a Catch-22 dilemma, that if you don’t know what you don’t know, how do you know that you don’t know, and what do you do to change your situation?

Three Paths To Enlightenment.
1) You could shave your hair, wrap a sheet around yourself, and walk off into the Himalayan Sunset chanting “Erm… erm… erm…” Or is it “Om… Om… Omm…” and hopefully wake up one-day at a remote monastery to be cared for and tendered by some mystic monks
2) Or you could call upon a specialist, or search for hidden answers with the help of Dr Goooogly-do, and get even more confused by conflicting opinions
3) Thirdly you can make a phone call, visit a friend, or make the decision to seek guidance from your trust-worthy relatives.

It’s All Lies

That’s a bitter pill to swallow, don’t you think? To wake up one morning and discover that nothing is as it seems, that we are living in a world of Illusion. And finding that we’re being deceived about so many things in our lives.

While knowing no amount of sugar coating or chewing honey-combs can remove that rancid taste of deception. As you look around and see how many personal and business relationships are collapse with a betrayal of trust.

Because nobody likes to have the wool pulled over his or her eyes, or to think they are too stupid to learn parse syntax Grammar.

And even when they are told the truth, they don’t want to accept the facts, as proven many times over by victims of physical and mental abuse in relationships.

Like the proverbial dog on the thistle, who knows he’s in pain, but cannot find the energy or motivation to get his butt of the thistle.

Brain Flushing To Learn Parse Syntax Grammar

After many years of brain-washing, the decision to start flushing out everything you think you know to be true,  can be a long and painful process. Facing up to a new “Reality” that leads you to question EVERYTHING.

So, perhaps the claim that most people are too stupid to learn C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G., is more accurate when stated: “Most people are too scared to learn C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.”

Like any fitness-program, weight-loss, diet, addiction-program, there are positives and negatives. Success in any of those ventures can be summarised in two statements

  • If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t matter
  • It’s not a debate, it’s a decision

If you think you can, or you think you cannot,
then you are half-way there.

What that last sentence means is, that once you decide the outcome you believe you will achieve, then your actions will reflect that desired outcome.

Does this mean most people are too stupid to learn parse syntax Grammar? No, of course not. What it is saying, is that most people either do not have a big enough desire, (or pain point), or a big enough belief that they will succeed, so they quit before they start.

Here’s a simple exercise:

Go to your local busy shopping street or mall, and tell people you are giving away free money ( say a $5 note), and see how people respond. Where it’s likely that some people will think you’re a nut-case, and walk right on past you. While others may wonder “what’s the catch?”. And a surprisingly small number of people will take your money.

How can that be?
Maybe it’s a lack of trust. Perhaps a fear of the unknown. Or even the constant bombardment of negative news stories in the media.

All these factors have brain-washed people into being suspicious of anything and everything that appears “out of the ordinary”. People are frightened.

Have a look at the great “planned-emic” of 2020, originally named “Corona-Virus” until people started waking up to the fact that “Corona-Virus” is just a fancy term for what most people know as “Common Flu”.

So TPTB change their marketing campaign to scare people into believing the world’s population can be struck down with a “special” strain of “Corona-Virus”, now called “Covid-19”. Which seems odd, since it allegedly surfaces in 2020. Why not call it “‘Covid-20”?

What the “planned-emic” of 2020 proved, is that most people don’t think for themselves, will believe what they want to believe, and live in a constant state of fear.

They make Assumptions and Presumptions.

All this because they make Assumptions and Presumptions. And if it’s broadcast by Main-Stream-Media (MSM) then it MUST be true, regardless of whether or not there are any FACTS to support the claims being broadcast.

Because these days “News” is a weird form of Information-entertainment, otherwise known as “Info-Tainment”.

And as in the famous quote: “Why let the facts get in the way of a good story”, or the media’s gospel: “If it (a news-worthy-story) bleeds, it leads.”

Which begs the question: “Are you really too stupid to learn parse syntax Grammar?”

And the answer most times, is “YES”.

With spell-check, auto-correct, S.M.A.R.T. phones (Self-Monitoring-Analysis-Recording-Technology) people are being dumbed-down. They can’t even perform basic mental arithmetic (doing math sums in your head) any more. And they need a calculator to work out how much change to give someone who’s offering a $10 note for an $8 purchase.

Why Learn Parse Syntax Grammar?

It’s a great question, why take the time and effort? Because for most people there is no point or need to learn parse syntax Grammar. Which is why they don’t bother.

Until they are faced with a Summons, or a Fine, or some Legal-Problem.

Even then they are too dumb.

So they go to a lawyer, whose first goal is to work out how much money the law firm can squeeze out of their “Victim” they so graciously call a Client). Then the lawyer does everything conceivably possible to bleed their victim dry: “trust me, I’m your lawyer”

And you allow that, you volunteer yourself into that situation, because you didn’t take the time to learn C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.

So, you see, are people really too stupid, or just too dumb? Or is that the same thing?

Perhaps you are reading this because you think that to-day is the day you wish to make a radical change in your thinking, and in your life. If that’s true, and you want to learn how to overcome a messy situation that you’re sitting in, then Click Here for more information

So we’ll get back to you quicker than the shake of a hamster’s tail.

Because you ain’t too stupid to learn parse syntax Grammar.