Offer + Acceptance = Contract. And when you look closely at language, you’ll see how many words change through manipulation and modification. What if you discover that O+FF = “No”? The claim that any word starting with a vowel, followed by two consonants means “NO”, does seem a little far-fetched. IMP-ossible!

Bet they don’t tell you that in School!

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos. Do you own research as your read Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes.

You can also do research by physically picking up a dictionary and looking at every word starting with a vowel, followed by two consonants.

Searching through online dictionaries does not give the same outcome, because it’s harder to see the patterns online.

Keep looking, and you will discover that every word that starts with vowels, A, E, I, O, U, followed by two consonants means “NO”

For example, “Potent” means “physically powerful; having great authority”.

When you add the prefix “IM-“ you have the word “Impotent” which means “powerless to act or accomplish anything”

Same with “Im-possible”, which is defined as the opposite of “Possible”

Offer + Acceptance = Contract

Everything revolves around contracts. When you prove that language is as accurate as a Math problem, you can identify the lies and fraud in legal documents.

It is a condition of state that exists on every Contract, and everything in the world revolves around Contracts.

You offer to make breakfast for your family, they accept, so you then go ahead and make breakfast. You and your family entered into a verbal contract.

I offer + You accept = Contract. CONTRACT is the most important thing in the world of commerce. Everything is about contracts.

On your way to work, you call in at the local cafe, and ask for a cup of coffee. The barista offers to make you a coffee, you agree on the price, and the coffee is served, Offer + Acceptance = Contract.

With knowledge of mathematical interface of language you can write Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.) documents to prove language as accurate as a math problem.

With syntax you can show people what is Wrong and Right.

This technology has power at the highest levels of Government all around the world. Once you learn it, you have the power to stop and correct any-one try-ing to manipulate you.

The Bible says: “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free”… WRONG! – TRUTH is nothing more than an Opinion.

“Correct-ness” sets  you free, not “Truth”.

When you can correct Syntax, you own your freedom.

By knowing the order of operations, you can stop and correct every word that begins with a vowel. Replace negative words using synonyms, with the correct syntax word.

Remember: When you’re looking to be CORRECT, you cannot point the finger at anyone else, by making a claim that they did something.

What you CAN claim is this: You can claim that you are being damaged by negligence.

There’s a difference.

Knowledge Comes First

Only when you have First-Hand-Knowledge of a situation or event, can you then go and investigate whether or not there is a case for negligence. And when you discover the facts, then you should report that negligence.

Without that first-hand knowledge, you cannot claim to be a witness of the events that are taking place.

When you look closely at language, you’ll see how many words change through manipulation and modification.

Even something so simple as “today” was written as two words (to-day) less than one hundred years ago, and to-morrow as another way of saying ‘on the morrow’.

By learning the mathematical interface to correct the language you’ll be able to replace all the missing facts (nouns) to gain the correct message being communicated.

When Contract-Writers and/or legislators use a negative word, followed by a comma to isolate the meaning, you have to dissect it. With this process of syntax, you’ll discover that it’s not just ONE-word. You’ll see it’s an entire paragraph, spelled out, if you can read beyond the language that’s used.

We live in a world where every-body is making assumptions and presumptions every-day, and colouring the “FACTS” with personal opinion.

You might hear someone say:

“She thinks she can take a packet of biscuits”.

How do you know what she thinks? Even if you’re a witness to her taking the biscuits, you have no idea what thoughts are going through her head, unless she tells you. No one else but her knows what she thinks.

Presumptions And Assumptions in Contract

You make presumptions and assumptions all-day, every-day, especially in contracts.

And making presumptions and assumptions gets you into trouble every day.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know until you do know that you don’t know.

So now you know.

“Have the knowledge and power to have all your words, especially in contracts or any legal documentation, inarguably correct!” — DWM

Remember this: Everything in the world revolves around contracts, and few people know that we’re slaves of English Grammar. And even less people are taking the time and effort to learn how to change their situation to become free from that tyranny.

Instead, they sit back and complain and whinge about paying fines, penalties, infringements etc.

What are you waiting for?

Now’s the time to start the journey to free yourself from the slavery of English Grammar, by making the first step and reading  rules of correct sentence structure here

And we’ll get back to you quicker than a kid raiding the cookie jar.