Came across this article recently …

Anything that states it’s a true copy is un-true. It’s our actions, or our Will, [our volition = we volunteer to] keep these things in place. If you don’t want to live by “their rules”, take re-spons-[a]-bility for your own body.

There are no laws [Acts, Statutes, Codes, Rules] in America, or Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand… It’s all Corporate [private].

We are living under the Roman Law.

Every hospital is a Charitable Hospital, and every Charitable Hospital is a Foundling Hospital.

The Dept of Justice (DOJ) is not a system of law. It’s a commerce system. Better named “Department of IN-Justice”.

We are all orphans.

We are a minority within the house, so none of our actions is considered legal.

The King of England gave his kingdom to the Vatican because the king wanted his soul to go to heaven

The land they (the state) are claiming is our existence, our will. The land is our physical body, which is our will.

You have to get outside of their house to be free of it.

“Mother” and “Father” are fictional characterizations.

“Citizenship” is considered a title. [Citizen-Ship = Vessel]

A “Domestic” is a household “Servant” – all of us are domestic “Servants” to the House of Congress “Government”-Corporation.

Will & Testament:

The will is the land of our soul.

The testament is the fruit, property of the body. It’s the evidence or the product of our will. [Thy Will Be Done]

The Will and Testament are our estate. We are supposed to be the steward of our estate.

Corporation-Governments are making it impossible for us to be “Re-spons-ible” for our estate.

Everything the land does is evidence of the will.

Since the “New Deal”, our Will & Testament have been stolen from us.

Birth Certificate:

Certificate of Live Birth is just “In-form-ation” for their system.

It creates a new character in a composition. The “Title” is the name of new character… baby, which becomes the title of the composition. The Title then becomes the birth certificate.

The parents conceive of the new idea (baby), and then the parents hand the info, via hand, to the administrator of the hospital. The hand is part of the will.

Birth Certificate = one share of stock…minor issue…minor share holder.

The House:

It’s the Law of Merchant…Court of Commerce

When we speak of “Justice”, it’s merchants. [JU=No Law; S=Speak; TI=Title; CE= Judge;  JU-S-TI-CE = Judge-Title-Speak-No-Law]

Common Law is “The King’s Law” (sovereign).

The orphanage is the House of Congress. The Upper House is the Senate, and the Lower House is the House of Representatives. The house is where all “we the people” reside [with-out full DIS-Closure].

Household is synonymous with family for insurance purposes. The house rules are actually public policies.

A “Family” is a collective body of persons who live in one house under one head or management.

You have two choices:

  1. Do Nothing, and follow the shee-ple, or
  2. Stand Up and Take Action