Presumption of law through fictitious conveyance of grammar leads to people labelled being guilty until you can prove yourself innocent in any court case.

Whereas most people believe you’re “Innocent” of any charges, claims or accusations, until your accuser could, beyond reasonable doubt, prove that you’re guilty.

This Principal – Foundation of Common law.

This principal, Innocent until proved Guilty, was the foundation of Common law… until lawyers and legislators opened up a whole new can of worms…

With the presumption of law and corporatisation of everything in the twenty-first century, the tables have turned.

Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos. Do you own research.

Presumption Of Law -You’re Guilty Till Proved Innocent

Under military law, you’re guilty until proved innocent. And as you start delving into legalese around the whole Justice-System, you’ll discover that commerce world-wide operates under admiralty law. It’s the law of the sea, and Military law.

So if you’ve ever found yourself entangled in a Court Situation, whether it’s for a traffic violation, parking ticket, or speeding fine, you’ll realise that with presumption of law the Court gives you one of two options:

“Guilty” or “Innocent”?
In the paperwork they sent, your fate has already been determined. They address you as the Re-Spondent, or the De-Fendent

Have you ever looked closely at those words?

Pick up any large dictionary, and look at all the words beginning with RE.

Re-sent, Re-sign, Re-act, Re-Set, Re-Sorb, Re-Spond.

All those words with the prefix “RE” describe negative situations, going back on something or doing something again.

Re- = Back
-Spond = Pledge

So to “Re-Spond” means to “back-pledge” or “No-pledge” or “No-Speak”.

You now see how the Courts have already decided that as a “Re-spond-ent” you have no say in the matter.

And the word De-Fend is also negative.

“De-“ means “away” or “down” or “undoing of an action”
“Fend” = to ward off, resist, “fend for oneself”.

De-fend = to undo the action of fending for oneself. And again the Courts have already decided that as a “De-fend-ent” you have no say in the matter.

No Law Or Fact Shall Be Tried In Court

The Courts will let you have a say, so that “Justice” is “seen to have been carried out”.

Hopefully you’ll now realise how presumption of law makes the odds stacked against you in Court.

If that doesn’t get the blood boiling, then have a look at the “secret” judge’s motto (unwritten law) that says “No Law or Fact Shall be Tried in Court”

Since Judges swear an oath not to give legal advice – they are only there to adjudicate – this means they will let both sides have a say, and then the judge will decide which side has won. Even if there’s a jury.

It’s their court room. They are the Captain of their vessel. They can do whatever they want, and you, in your ignorance, have agreed to it, through your own volition.

While it’s unusual for a judge to overturn a “guilty” verdict they do have authority to do so in some instances, such as overriding the jury’s verdict of “guilty” based on insufficient evidence being presented at trial by the prosecution.

With insufficient evidence, the judge may decided that no reasonable jury could have come to and reached a guilty verdict beyond a reasonable doubt.

Find some “free time” to attend any Court hearings, and you’ll soon witness judges “retiring to their chambers (rooms)” for five minutes and coming back with a twenty-minute speech to support their verdict. Then ask yourself how they could possibly have put together a twenty-minute verdict speech in five minutes.

Or was the verdict already decided before the case commenced?

If you agree to being a DE-Fendent or a RE-Spondent, you’ve LOST your case before you start, because you agree to being SILENT with “No Contract”.


Presumption Of Law

By presumption of law you are guilty before the Court, because … “No Law Or Fact Shall Be Tried In Court.”

And in the [IN]-Justice System, which operates under Maritime Law, Law of the Sea, you are GUILTY until proven IN-NO-CENT = No-Non-Sense, and you lack knowledge.

Every time you make a presumption, you open the door to being tricked and trapped by your own volition. (“Volition” means you “volunteer”, you make that decision yourself.)

In computer-speak, people talk about “garbage in – garbage out”. In other words, if you enter the wrong data into a computer, when the time comes to retrieve information, all you’ll get is the same garbage back at you.

Same with “truth”.

Same with “fiction”.

And Lawyers, Attorneys, Judges and the Courts are all part of the same club, following “Rules” they’ve created to keep the wheels of commerce in motion, while giving the appearance to the general public that “Justice” is being seen to be done.

It’s all an ACT. Judges are Actors.

Remember Shakespear:

“All the world’s a stage
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

Attorneys and Lawyers speak in patterns using Adverb-Verb, without any nouns (FACTS), talking in gobbldy-gook.

And it’s up to you to be able to prove it. Fraudulent conveyance of language to extort money, Title 15, Chapter 2B Section 78ff, carries a $25m fine, 30 years in prison.

Parse Syntax Grammar Not Presumption Of Law

With knowledge of mathematical interface of language you can write Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance (C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.) documents to prove language as accurate as a math problem.

And you are the Claimant.

You are NOT the [de]fendent = No Contract.

Anyone can complain in adverb-Verb.

You are NOT a Plaintiff.

You are a Claimant, a FACT, having full knowledge that you are a FACT, not a “Legal Fiction”, “Nom de Guerre”,  a “Dead Person”, and that you can prove that you are a FACT, so you file your CLAIM as a CLAIMANT.

[By the way – look up the “legal” definition of “person” – it’s NOT what you think it is – another assumption and presumption of law…]

[RE- = No; -SPOND- = Spoken -ENT = Contract. Re-Spond-Ent = No-Spoken-Contract.]

With syntax you can show people what is Wrong and Right. With a FICTION CONTRACT that you’ve syntaxed and certified, you have a solution.

This technology has power at the highest levels of Government all around the world. Once you learn it, you have the power to stop and correct any-one try-ing to manipulate you.

The Bible says: “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free”, but TRUTH is an Opinion.

It’s “Correct-ness” that sets you free, not “Truth”.

When you can correct Syntax, you own your freedom.

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