Here’s a story about (former US President) Bill Clinton using Parse Syntax Grammar, according to DWM.

DWM talks about Bill Clinton in many of his seminars.  Do you own research by reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos.

These are Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes:

As a Federal Postal Judge, DWM sues the United State Department of Treasury on 4th March 1997, for putting a box around the money, and disqualifying all United States currency.

Six weeks later in June of 1997, a slightly new design of the US currency paper money circulates, without the boxes, except on the US$1.00 bills.

In the same month, June 1997, DWM re-writes the Constitution of Hawaii, and files it at The Hague. Following this action, the President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, visits Hawaii to apologize to the Hawaiians in person, for stealing the Hawaiian Islands in 1893, and again in 1957.

Now Bill Clinton has a couple of documents on his desk in the oval office, as evidence that David Miller knows how to do the correct parse syntax grammar. So in August, when Bill’s facing allegations about a certain concubine, he engages DWM as his counsel.

Soon DWM’s got Hilary and Bill Clinton using parse syntax grammar, so Bill can handle any accusations and stay out of trouble.

What is Sex?

Now when the question comes up in court, “What is sex?” Bill answers the question with a simple statement, not wishing to make any assumptions or presumptions. Because quantum parse syntax grammar is all about facts, and being correct.

When you look at the word “Correct”, you’ll see it means to make straight or set right; to remove faults and errors; to bring to order; to discipline. And any word beginning with “Co-” means “joining together”, such as co-mmunity, co-operation, co-mpany, co-ntract.

Bill Clinton: What Is Sex?

So, Bill Clinton answers the question: “What is sex?” saying “The answer to that question is, it depends on what the definition of “IS” is.

Here’s Bill Clinton using parse syntax grammar, as he turns to the judge and says, “Well, I’m just showing the American people what a verb is and what a noun is, would you like me to show them another verb and another noun?

So the judge comes back with “There’ll no further questions, this Court stands adjourned.”

Well, everyone around the world’s thinking: “What’s going on? He answers one question, and gets a demur, which seals the case?”

So then Bill says to DWM: “Well that works, and now I’m facing Congress, without my lawyers. So how am I going to answer these questions in front of Congress which I don’t want to talk about?”

It’s time for Congress to see Bill Clinton using parse syntax grammar. So DWM says: “Well, remember the movie “A Few Good Men” with Tom Cruise, where Jack Nicholson says: “You want the truth? I’ll tell you truth. You can’t handle the truth!”

So DWM suggests: “Take a $1 bill out of your pocket and hold it up front of Congress, and say something like this:

You want the truth? I’ll say the truth before we start… We’ll take y’all back to be in school, ten years old, learning about prepositional phrases and sentence diagramming”.

Bill Clinton Using Parse Syntax Grammar

So there’s everyone in Congress, watching Bill Clinton using parse syntax grammar, while waving a US$1.00 in his hand, saying:

Well, the words on this document, the US$1.00 note, say: “The United States of America.” And there’s two autographs certifying this document.

[Because any one individual can make a claim about anything they choose, that’s called an opinion. And certification is when two people get together and make a claim.]

So on this document, we have “OF”, a preposition and “THE” is an article, except because they’re not together, that makes them both adverbs.

When you see the word “adverb”, or anytime you have a word stating with a vowel and two consonants, that means “No Contract”, so both adverbs are a “no contract” word, because they’re a modifier.

And the adverb “THE” modifies the adjective “United”, and again, “Adjective” is spelt ‘ADJ” which is colouring of something, therefore you are changing the word, which is perjury.

Now, the adjective “United” , “UN- “ means no, “ITE” means “citizen”, that’s parse.

So the adverb modifying the adjective now modifies the pronoun “States”. PRO=No; NO=No; UN= No; in Latin… now you have a no-no-no condition of “State”.

The condition of “State”, the pronoun, is now connected to the adverb “OF”, … “ADV”= No contract, is now modified by change; change = motion; motion = action; and action = verb, making the word “America” a dangling participle verb on the money.

Can anybody show me the verb “America”?

Or do you live in the “Fact” America?

Penalties For Fraudulent Grammar

Well, if it’s a verb “America”, which it’s certified to be here, by the two autographs (two= certification) then that’s mail fraud, Title 18 section 1341 because of a fictitious conveyance of language.

Also, Title 18 1001 carries ten years, $10,000 fine, and mail fraud is $1 million fine, and 30 years in jail. As well, under Title 15 section 1692e, it’s a false and misleading statement which carries a $25 million fine, 30 years in prison. Under Title 15 section 78ff, (as in the Bernie Madoff case, for stealing $69 billion from Wall Street.)

So now we have Title 1842 Depriving the rights of the citizens of America by colouring the grammar… And then on the other side of the note here it says: “This note…”

THIS= adverb, making NOTE to be a verb.

Does the US$1.00 note look like a verb to you?

So you see ladies and gentlemen this is a fraud. And next week, at the State of the Union, I’ll be showing the world, because everybody wants the truth… which is an opinion… that America is a verb on the money. So I’ll have to disqualify all United States currency, upon which 100 countries depend, or you can seal my case. All those in favour of sealing the case raise your hands…

With Bill Clinton using parse syntax grammar, they seal the case, and the public never hear of it again.

Hillary Clinton Using Parse Syntax Grammar

In 2008, Hillary’s pushing for the position of Secretary of State, though she’s not Obama’s number one pick. However, according to DWM, Hillary and Obama have a chat, during which time she relates Bill Clinton’s speech about the US$1.00 note, and makes Obama an offer he cannot refuse. She’ll keep quiet if he appoints her Secretary of State.

Hillary runs for the office of the President of the United States, and not even North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, or anybody else on the planet… China… Russia… make any comments about Bill Clinton or Hillary, because (says DWM) the Universal Postal Union in Berne Switzerland, controls all 250 countries currencies.

And all 250 countries currencies are false and misleading under mail fraud. In fact, no currency on planet earth qualifies under the fraction banking system, which is no more than illusion backed by gold or silver.

Those are just a couple of examples… but there’s many other situations that the general public doesn’t get to hear about, of people like Hillary and Bill Clinton using parse syntax grammar.

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.