Different meanings, same word spelling, in single sentence causes confusion, so you often have to read the sentence twice to gain understanding.

A simple sentence is the expression of a single thought. Every sentence has a subject (the thing being talked about), a verb (which makes a statement about the subject) and an object.

Here’s a typical example of wording found in any act, statute, code, rule or regulation:

“Any reference to a specific statute include any statutory extension or modification amendment or re-enactment of such statute and any regulations or orders made under such statute and any general reference to “statute” or “statutes” include any regulations or orders made under such statute or statutes.”

“References in these Regulations to a regulation are references to a regulation in these Regulations and references to a Schedule are references to a Schedule to these Regulations.”

It’s all adverb-verb writing that says nothing…

Is it any wonder people think all legalese is gibberish and lawyers all babble?

Different Meanings Same Word Spelling

Here are some sentences using the same word that has different meanings:

In a single sentence the judge passes your sentence

Today’s weather is fair for the annual country village fair

The bandage is wound around the wound

It’s a fine line whether or not Jayne gets a fine.

She takes a clip of fabric as her friend looks for a clip to attach it to the sample.

The young couple have a row about who is going to row the boat

In less that a minute she’s able to measure a minute amount of sugar

We must polish the Polish furniture

The taller burglar takes the lead before stealing the lead of the church roof

How many people object to us putting this object on display?

Since there is no time like the present, he thinks it’s time to present the present

The farmer shivers in the cold winds as he winds up his clock.

He grabs a bat to hit the low flying bat

A second later, he crosses the finish line in second place

That soldier decides to desert his dessert in the desert

Will you read the book I read last week?

The artist paints a bass on the head of the bass drum

This dump is so full that it has to refuse more refuse

When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes

That farm is used to produce produce

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If you think of others, simply pop them in the comments below, and we’ll add then to the list 🙂