Quantum CCPSG closure by Russell-Jay: Gould’s contracts… & forensics of not forcing medical matters on the Claim-of-the-life Citizens active in the U.S. Military.

While the Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from RJG videos, do you own research.

August 2021, RJG sets up a safety net for U.S. Military citizens with Claims-of-the-life on active duty through the quantum banking system. So they gain a neutral position to not participate in having medical matters forced into their bodies…

It starts 16 June 2003, with a meeting between RJG & Vatican City’s Secretary of State’s office, Angelo Sedano Michael.

RJG mails himself into the Vatican without a USA Passport or US Government credentials. Instead, he receives a sealed letter of credit of value from the Vatican on 30 May 2003. He mails a letter to the General-Director of the Vatican City Banking :Russell-Jay: Gould at the Vatican, in Rome, Italy.

Rather than refusing the mail, Vatican City Bank returns it… Under international freight way bills, placing a label and mail registration sticker on the envelope.

And RJG, the bearer of that classified as a sealed letter of credit can buy goods, have money, buy & share commodities for the Vatican city bank…

Because of the unique quantum system, and how RJG disqualifies the birth certificate on a worldwide level. So between 2001 – 2003, RJG rewrites the constructs for the world bank and the international monetary fund….

As the author of Crypto-currencies BlockChain system and the quantum banking system.

Now the Vatican is cognisant of RJG’s uniqueness as an individual  stopping and correcting in compliance with Title 42 1986. Having knowledge of the contracts, stopping and correcting the wrongs.

Wrongs also in the international monetary fund’s charters conveyed in fraudulent grammar. Modifying nouns with adverbs, adjectives & pronouns making their whole charters completely fraud… As well as the world bank in Washington DC

Quantum CCPSG Correct Communication Parse Syntax Grammar

So RJG rewrites the charters in correct communication parse syntax grammar.

In 2003 RJG and DWM are using “Quantum-Math-Communications-Dialogues-Methods. But because of the grandfathering of they’ve created, it’s now moved to “Correct-Communication Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performances”.

When RJG arrives at the Vatican in 2003 with his ship’s papers and his credentials… An 85 year old nun meets him at the post office and proceeds to take him all around the Vatican…

He spends three days at the Vatican, meeting with cardinals and bishops in Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

RJG has many questions… on his fact-finding quest to stop and correct the parse-syntax-grammar on the planet earth.

As author of quantum banking and quantum mechanics, the Vatican invites RJG to the Secretary of State’s office…  meeting with Angela Sadano.

According to RJG, David-Wynn: Miller isn’t allowed in the meetings… Since DWM joinders with other business associates that RJG doesn’t have because he’s a solitary condition of the state of banking.

So for three hours, DWM’s sitting outside the room where RJG’s talking with the Vatican’s Secretary of the State. In that meeting Sadano agrees the Vatican’s a fraudulent organization…

Together with the world bank and the international monetary fund, as well as the Jesuit order… They’re all fraudulent grammar organizations with no assignment of authority anywhere on the planet.

Which means they’re fraudulently conveyed concepts to gather tithings and harvest the people.

Fraudulent Conveyance of Grammar in Banking Contracts

The Vatican’s Secretary of the State, Sadano, says, “You know Russell, you know this is all fake… Here you are, a solitary condition to state as a fact with a factual banking system… We would like to join with you but we don’t know how.”

RJG replies by saying, “Well first of all you can’t join with me because you’re a fiction organization… But the forensics of the postage stamps as postmaster ship we can transport and freight forward cargo from postmaster to postmaster…

And this is correct under hieroglyphics for performances.”

Sadano then pulls out all of his stamps and puts them on a tray on his desk and goes: “I’m going to leave the room and give you a few hours to put down what you want for terms of your contract …

Because you’re the first guy through the door to ever break down the illusion fraud of the fiction grammar banking system on planet earth.”

Quantum CCPSG Closure Grammar Construct

As creator of the quantum banking system and the quantum grammar construct, the terms that RJG publish are as follows:

  1. RJG has control all militaries on planet earth.
    Why? Because he has a unique knowledge of the protocols of going into a military, and how militaries work to fight postal wars all around the world. As well as how to stop the wars on planet earth

They agree to the terms of the contract.

  1. Next RJG creates the Unity-States of a World Corporation as a grammar hub for corporate businesses on a worldwide level.

Because RJG’s taken down the Universal Postal Union’s ability to create postage stamps… Creating certified corporate structure on a global level…

So they agree that in the quantum banking system, and in the quantum postal system RJG would be in charge of all corporations on planet earth.

  1. RJG’s the author of Crypto-Currencies on planet earth in 2001 to through 2003. He writes the constructs for blockchain as well as Crypto-Currency… And RJG’s now in charge of Comptroller of the Global-currencies for grammar for Crypto-Currencies on a global level.
  2. With RJG’s knowledge about how banks work and the authorizations of constructs he will control all grammar in each bank on planet earth.
  3. Because of his knowledge of how to create and manufacture banks, wharfs, ports, tariffs customs and policies, RJG to create Bank Contracts … From nation to nation, postal construct to postal construct, on a diplomatic construct…

So RJG’s granted the capacity through his knowledge in 3-days at Vatican to control the Seigniorage for hallmarking gold or commodities on planet earth…

Quantum Banking System

This means Quantum Banking System is in charge of the hallmarking, (numbers on your Seigniorage) and acceptance of fees for Seigniorage for sovereigns on planet earth.

  1. Copyrights of the Title IV, 1:1.9 dimension flag
    The Vatican agrees that as flag-bearer, RJG’s autograph is to be on the contract as the Title IV Flag goes port to port, nation to nation.
    (RJG states that though DWM is in joiner with the flag in 2003, DWM vacates in 2006).

So each contract bearing the Title IV Flag must have RJG’s authorisation and consent to be valid by a bank, corporation, or by a port.

In other words, when the Title IV,1:1.9 dimension flag comes into your bank, RJG’s thumb print, fingerprint must be on the contract for it to be valid.

For the fiction banks gaslight citizens, when Claim-of-the-life Citizens to come into those banks, they recognize that bank’s in fiction.

[Gaslighting is defined as manipulating someone into thinking they’re wrong even when they’re right.]

This is a trap. For your banks have already been disqualified with the disqualification of the Universal Postal Union in the world banking system by RJG in 2001-2003.

So any citizen mailing a contract the Title IV-Flag that the bank joins, as a gaslight, and coming against the contracts that’s already in place. There’s stiff consequences for bank staff and their families, & shareholders allowing the Title IV flag… If RJG’s not on the contract, for it to be coming in and out of those ports, and any of those banks.

Quantum CCPSG Closure to Forced Jabs USA Military

Paragraph one deals with concerns of Claim-of-the-life Citizens are currently active in the U.S. Military, about having forced medical conditions into their bodies…

RJG’s work at the Vatican in 2003 to control all militaries on the planet, as the bridge to the world joined by Quantum, with their quantum Claim-of-the-life for neutrality.

And with quantum CCPSG closure, Postal Corporation Military Branches have no authority to force medical matters into the bodies of U.S. Military Claim-of-the-life Citizens on active duty.

Second paragraph deals with the citation of the verification of the sealed letter of credit through the Vatican central city bank… With the authorised hieroglyphic forensics of the Vatican Secretary of the State postage stamps.

So Michael Sedano places embossed seals on the postage stamps and initials them where RJG autograph the contracts … Coming in joinder of forensics from postmaster to postmaster, to complete the sizing of the contract terms.

When pope John Paul II dies in 2005, the conclave by the cardinals at the Vatican  broke the continuances of the evidence on their sea treaties …

[Conclave is a gathering to elect a new pope]

To 11 days not 10 days, in violation of global trust timelines … breaking the continuance of evidence for the Vatican to have a sea treaty … for outside corporations to join with that sea treaty.

So there’s many tricks and traps such as the society of Jesus (otherwise known as the Jesuits) who’ve joined with that entity… That didn’t have authorization to see what it was doing since 2005…

Therefore creating a fiction upon a fiction upon a fiction.

Quantum CCPSG Closure At The Vatican

Because the Vatican vacated on its conclave on 19 April, 2005, with their publication of their new pope… The See treaty, the authorization to see what they were doing (under See) they didn’t have the jurisdiction to elect a pope, because they broke the continuance of the evidence.

Third paragraph deals with RJG’s capacity to take tactical command control of any corporations that would come in contract with the Vatican… As the Vatican is a fraudulent organization creating mischief all over the world through fake story lines and fake actors within the Catholic Church construct.

Fifth paragraph of the quantum CCPSG closure contract deals with the terms that were established through the secretary of state’s office at the Vatican on 16 June 2003… And the corporations, the military corporations around the world’s duty to comply with that.

As well as the vessel Joseph-Robert: Biden’s pleas and the policies that they would set up… that would force medical matters into the bodies of the contract claimant neutral claimants, that have Claims-of-the-life within the U.S. Military right now.

Human Trafficking By The Catholic Church

Paragraph six deals with stopping human trafficking by the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church locations. And RJG’s now paying the fees under the sealed letter of the value credit through the postage stamps of a gold and palladium bond… To stop the human trafficking and the smuggling placed up in the different countries around the world… Aiding human trafficking by the Catholic Church is no longer going to be allowed.

So if it is continued… then letters of the marques for a wartime theatre in the public places will be bonded… and there will be no controversy for those coming in to stop the human trafficking… Because the court systems of the world are closed, because of the martial law.

Therefore those who choose to go into the Catholic Church and stop the human trafficking from happening… you have diplomatic immunity and the green light is on you as a stabilization force.

Joinder with your Claim-of-the-life to now go in and safeguard the planet and stop this human trafficking and human smuggling that is going… currently being aided by the Catholic Church locations around the world.

Claim-of-the-life Citizens

Paragraph seven deals with the Claim-of-the-life Citizens. And the forensics of not forcing medical matters on the Claim-of-the-life Citizens who are actively in the U.S. Military…

For a catholic vessel by the name of Joseph-Robert: Biden there’s no safeguard mechanism by the Jesuit order… Nor the Catholic Church, to be forcing medical matters on the Claim-of-the-life Citizens.

So RJG set up a safety net for Claim-of-the-life Citizens through the quantum banking system and quantum CCPSG closure .

It’s like a neutral bridge… space-port bridge that you’re on…

On one side of the bridge is an entrance way that leads to death… that way leads to war. And the outcome of war is death.

While on the other side of the bridge, with RJG in the middle as the toll-master… You’ve paid your fee to enter into the Claim-of-the-life contracts…

Now you have the capacity to:
· create your sovereign choice of thinking…
· live righteously and accountable for your actions,
· and live a happy life.

So you can live in a position of state of neutrality, set up on this global construct in the quantum banking system by RJG.

Paragraph 7 is for U.S. Military citizens with Claims-of-the-life on active duty… Go to lastflagstanding.com for instructions on where to download this contract.

You’ll have the forensics of where the stamps are filed, giving you authorisation to walk into your fort, base headquarters, post office… walk into the post office on the base and glue your Claim-of-the-life on back and file it at your base.

This will give you a neutral position… so that you do not have to participate in forced medical matters into your body… because you make the sovereign choice…

Joining The Quantum Postal System

By joining the quantum postal system & quantum banking system, you have freedom of choice to control what comes in and out of your body.

Nobody can tell you what to do with your sovereignty of that choice.

And so the quantum banking system and the construct is a bridge between fact and fiction.

Because you enter the U.S. Military by walking into the post office, getting your postal registration number. Placing that on your documents takes you outside of the construct of the forcing of medical matters into your body.

And you’ll be in the world, but not of the fiction world.

It’s a bridge between fact and fiction of neutrality… which is [de]posited into the post office of your base or of your post or fort or wherever you may be …of the post office which your headquarters what you’re working out of.

This gives you the capacity of sovereignty for your bodies and for your vessels and for the medical matters that someone would try to force in and out of you.

It gives you the capacity to say “NO” if you so choose to.

Now the bridge is set through the performances from 2003 at the Vatican to establish RJG to run and control all militaries on planet earth.

At the same time, you claimants, you life-birth beings, have made the choice to create a sovereign space for yourself… Where you’re a tenant within the construct of what’s been set up for you to participate with into the quantum banking world.

It’s a safeguard mechanism that RJG’s given to the world.

Quantum CCPSG Closure with Claim-of-the-life

Paragraph eight deals with your voyage and postal registration number through the stamp… As you autograph the copy of the front stamp and you glue your Claim-of-the-life onto the contract…

The quantum banking system has posted a bond for a million in gold and palladium on your behalf into the quantum banking system to backstop your voyage into the post office.

Therefore you comply with the maritime rules of vessel movement under bonding.

And an underwriting has occurred to be positive into your quantum world.

This is your security bonding, to stop and block the force medical matters that someone would try to force into your bodies … In compliance with the contract terms filed at the Vatican by RJG on 16 June 2003.

RJG creates a quantum CCPSG closure construct giving you confidence as a bonded vessel in the movement of the shipping wars

Sliding yourself not into the shipping war, but into the space of neutrality.

And in that space of neutrality, you have your ship’s papers which are here… which you will [de]posit into the post office.

You will take a copy with you… So you will have the post office on the base put their stamp over the where the postage stamp is… their bullet stamp on the postage stamp…

And then you will have them stamp a copy for you to take away.

So therefore you have your ships papers for neutrality during the state of hostile states engaged in martial law around the world.

Quantum CCPSG Closure Safety Net

This safety net set up for the citizens joining RJG’s quantum postal system and the quantum banking system… To exercise your rights of sovereignty & make choices on what medicines to allow into your body… Allowing you to live at peace with yourself & with your family.

If you contest this position, deal with your choice, and just keep in mind knowledge is power…

Be very cautious on who you trespass with on this planet. You might not like what you find… There’s happiness on the bridge… but then there’s also death.

Choose where you serve… bad = death.

Or good = light, love, happiness, righteousness, peaceful your god

Now neutral Claim-of-the-life Citizens are learning how to use their Claim-of-the-life contract… Becoming claimants for their sovereignty and claim the position of how they choose to govern their lives…

Know the bridge has been set up on the corporate level.

You’re now in the world but not of the fiction grammar world.

And you’re in the world of corporation but not compliant to the fiction grammar corporation…

Because you’re directing your sovereignty in the corporate world of business… the bond for the movement of the vessels within the quantum banking system

For those claimants, neutral life-birth-beings within the U.S. Military, this branch is now open for you to use.

And if you have any questions, go look at the instructions at lastflagstanding.com, and check out Russell-Jay: Gould, Postmaster-General, Keymaster-Pontiff of the Vatican and Commander-in-Chief.