Educate USA Military with Claims Of The Life in the quantum banking system… That’s the plea being made by Russell-Jay: Gould … As :Postmaster-General Of The Unity-States of Our World-Corporation, Legislator, Chief-Judge, [Exe]Cutioner, Commander & Chief.

This article is part two of Quantum CCPSG Closure to Forced Jabs USA Military… And RJG discusses the paperwork for the claimants who are active duty within the U.S. Military, & have Claims Of The Life in the quantum banking system… &Educate USA Military.

In a continuation within the 45-day trust moratorium of the Claimant-Medical-Filing on 1st August 2021, Corporation case number R.R.~385~460~312:U.S.

This article is a follow-up update on closure.

On 24 August 2021, it came to RJG’s knowledge and RJG’s complying within the 72-hour right of rescission to block and terminate contract… a fraudulent grammar contract called

“Memorandum for Senior Pentagon Leadership”
[= pronoun-adverb-adjective-adjective-pronoun]

Commanders Of The Combat Commands
Defense Agency and D. of D. Field Agency Director

In his video, RJG refers to “Memorandum Corona Disease Vaccination Of Department of Defense Service Members” … Stating the forensics have been placed in front of RJG and have come in violation of court martial case R.R.~385~460~312:U.S.

So RJG certifies the forensics of fraudulent and fictitious grammar, by the syntax word key code, showing there are no facts on that page…& Educate USA Military.

There’s a cursive signature on the second page … Cursive is necromancy

Necromancy is the black art of the communication of the lifeless

And, claims RJG, whoever wrote the document lacks a claim of the life, meaning they’re stuck in a birth certificate system…

Though RJG ends that birth certificate system at the Universal Postal Union in 2001, disqualifying anyone with the birth certificate from the capacity for the statement of a claim.

Evidence of Fraudulent Grammar

Now RJG has fraudulent grammar evidence saying nothing and is nothing. So, because this document says nothing, RJG gives closure to claimants withinUSA Military with the claim of  life.

If you’re in active service with USA Military, follow the guidelines on And how to file your live-life-claim with the post office on your military bases and forts.

RJG claims he’s seeing mixed results of filing with the post office in bases around the former United States.

Within those performances he’s starting to see compliances from the military post offices in filing the paperwork… to educate USA Military

You’re not alone

RJG claims you have the sovereign choice with the Military Medical Claimant Contract. If you choose not to get the vaccination jab, then you don’t have to you. It’s your world.

You don’t have to be forced into anything.

You’re your own sovereign. According to RJG, the quantum grammar system was set up for individualism for sovereignty … For your freedom of choice on how you choose to govern your lives, and educate USA Military.

And since you are filing and complying with the quantum system you have Claims Of The Life within the system.

So if that applies to you, then RJG has some great news for you…Educate USA Military.

Great news for you claimants who are actively within USA Military.

As you [de]posit your paperwork into the post office at your base, RJG is leveraging gold behind you. He’s placing your voyage, or your venture, under the laws of bailments on the gold standard


You’re in the quantum banking system. And backstopped for forensics for the movement of your vessel contracts and your vessel by hard gold.

Gold, which is now [de]posited within the quantum banking system to bond you to stand up for yourselves.

Martial Law Court

On 27 August 2021, RJG publishes a Foreign Postal Martial Law Court Martial Corporation Trial. And in this trial, which is the paperwork on file with RJG, the forensics will be given to the claimants who are in USA Military.

These forensics show you now have a position… By filing into the post office, the military becomes knowledgeable of your position as Claim-Of-The-Life-Sovereign-Claimant-Postmaster with the quantum banking system.

So the military has a choice to now aid you, so you don’t have to have the forced vaccination jabs on your vessels.

You also have a choice to Educate USA Military.

RJG’s granting a 60-day amnesty period for USA Military soldiers who don’t have Claims Of The Life within the quantum banking system… And for the soldiers who are postal soldiers, who don’t want forced jabs into their bodies.

On 27 August 2021, the 60-day amnesty moratorium starts, where you can now get your Claims Of The Life from his website.

RJG’s working with the postal system within the construct set up in 2012…

Which is a syntax correction on the authorisation for the military post office with the disqualification of the Department of Defense

The reason why the Department of Defense is disqualified is, there’s a ruse and a massive betrayal of the American Soldiers that occurred in the 2000 USA Presidential Election.

This is relevant because the United States Government and the United States Postal Service came out of an International Bankruptcy in 1999…

End of International Bankruptcy

When the corporation came out of bankruptcy, they didn’t go back in and re-authorise their flag. So RJG and DWM filed salvage claim on the TitleIV – 1:1.9 dimension flag.

That’s the flag that flies at the post offices and on military bases and military ships on a worldwide level. So the United States Postal Service lost its credentialing and credibility to register soldiers with the post office… To then take that registration number and go registered with that branch…

So the United States Postal Service broke the chain of custody with the 2000 USA Presidential Election and Florida chads.

This means U.S. Post Office and U.S. Postal Agency for Department of Defense lost its constitution and flag credentialing to register as a corporation.

So with your quantum contracts & medical contracts the Military have no credentials to enforce the jabs.

Because the post office and the military failed, under knowledge…

(And the first rule of contract is knowledge)

So they fail under knowledge to re-register their flag to set up a credentialing for corporate structure. Creating a window of chance for RJG to act within the military paradigm, and educate USA Military.

USA Military lack knowledge

RJG files the documents on 20 February 2003, under the Law of the Flag, with the Secretary of the Navy, Hanford T. Johnson’s office, as active Duty Secretary Of The Navy at the Pentagon.

In 2012 the Military Postal Agency is syntaxed, reauthorized, and filed in the Pacific Ocean Theater, on USA borders… As well as the different Oceanic Theaters around the world.

This means soldiers with correct Claims Of The Life, taking control of their postal registration number, filed with their bases… They have control, through laws of the flag & through the laws of the postage.

When you place the one dollar stamp on the contract, and the Base cancels the stamp, you have joinder to control your world.

Paragraph B of RJG’s contract talks about the amnesty. Because many soldiers and many military personnel at the post office lack a lot of knowledge… They’ve been very compartmentalized.

They have a lot of security clearances to watch the court martialing cases. As well as watching RJG’s documentary film to educate USA Military with Claims Of The Life in the quantum banking system.

Many of the USA Military lack the education on the bankruptcy. Now they have full closure, it’s time for them to step out of the way , because the military leadership of the USA Military is no longer.

There’s a thing called forgiveness, and a thing called love, and a thing called letting your chi flow…

RJG claims that this all stems from this big lie of 1999, and the USA Presidential Election. As every president since 1999 has been fraudulent and fake, since the presidents lack a flag. They all lack military credentialing correct to function as a military…

And they play a “dog and pony show” with the people of the world.

Educate USA Military

So now RJG’s working hard to bring it back together to educate USA Military … With the help of U.S. Military Claimants that have Claims Of The Life…

The soldiers who want to be correct, and who want to be truthful… And who want to do the correct thing for the citizens of this country, and for their loved ones…

So RJG’s asking for your gut feelings on those soldiers … if you have the security clearances start publishing the videos of the court martialing hearings… Educate USA Military.

And let people get the necessary education…

When you enter that paradigm you get to create your own thinking, and get to create your own free choice…

To be continued in part 3