Quantum Grammar Coaching is helping many people grasp correct sentence structure communication parse syntax grammar (CSSCPSG)

This coaching is like a structured pathway to help you as you study quantum parse syntax grammar (CSSCPSG). To guide and mentor you through DWM’s way of teaching, saving you stress and time, kind of like a quick-start to learning quantum grammar

First, David-Wynn Miller is the world’s top teacher. His website and book, (available only in hardcopy from his website) are both written in Quantum Grammar…

He’s over 90,000 hours of study, research, speaking at Seminars, on TV & Radio broadcasts, as well as podcasts etc. Very few people even come close to that level of expertise. So, if you want to learn quantum grammar, he’s the best teacher.

There’s many students picking up his batten, wanting to share his message. You’ll find some call themselves teachers… With their own U-tube channels, and other social-media platforms.

Not here… On this website you’ll find our notes from watching DWM videos…

We’re not selling any CSSCPSGP documents, so

  • You can’t buy a claim-of-life on this website.
  • Nor can you buy a Sea pass, or See-treaty, or any documents relating to legal matters.
  • There are no “cut & paste” templates for sale on this website.

There’s no pop-up ads, goooogling adwords, sponsored links, or any other annoying money-making distractions on this website. We’re not about chasing shekels.

When you take your time to read the 70+ pages of notes on this website, you’ll realize that most of the content comes directly from DWM seminars, and a few RJG videos.

Sharing the Quantum Grammar message

We’re passionate about spreading the message about Quantum Grammar, so how can we help evangelise DWM’s technology?

For about three years we struggle with learning CSSCPSG.

Maybe we’re just dumb… And we find there’s many other people spending hours and hours watching DWM videos, and it’s still not clicking for them either.

So, here’s our impressions of DWM’s book, website and videos, without us claiming to be teaching this technology.

Coaching Or Teaching

Some people get confused about coaching or teaching. There’s a difference.

If people don’t pass on things they learn from others, we’d still be living in caves, waiting for someone to invent a circular shaped wheel. Or, perhaps, other people waiting for us to invent it…

If it’s only the top experts in the world (not people following in their footsteps)… That are qualified to coach people… Then how does the world’s number one tennis player achieve that position, and not the coach?

And how do Olympic medalists get to stand on the podium, and not their coaches?

That’s what this website is all about.

Coaching or teaching? DWM’s teaching, and this website may help you with your journey to learn correct sentence structure communication parse syntax grammar (CSSCPSG).

In an age where we all want things by yesterday at the latest… And DWM’s saying it takes over 200 hours to Learn Quantum Grammar, what if there’s a fun way to help you start on the right track?

We believe there is a way. The key word is Start. To help you focus, and stay on track.

Let’s be real honest. You cannot learn correct sentence structure communication parse syntax grammar in two weeks.

But you can save yourself many hours by following a pathway that we believe will make your journey a whole lot easier.

Remember, we are not teaching CSSCPSG, we are here to hold your hand, and help you avoid any landmines.

You decide. Do your own research.