Where to start learning quantum grammar is a common question when people contact this website. David-Wynn Miller is the best teacher of quantum grammar…

After watching DWM videos for hours, days and even weeks, we were still looking for a simple way to learning quantum parse syntax grammar.

Seems that many people have forgotten how to learn new things. At school we learn how to obey and submit to authority. Tests and exams are often multiple choice, so we can guess the answers.

Yet people know the words of all or parts of their favorite songs, without making a deliberate effort to learn them.

So maybe that’s the secret in learning quantum grammar. Watching DWM videos over and over is a great start.

Now, after being asked many times how or where to start learning quantum grammar… We’ve come up with a structured pathway to help you get a foundation to help you learn quantum grammar.

It’s not a substitute for DWM’s teaching. It’s a way to maximize David-Wynn Miller’s teaching in his seminars and his website, to give you a foundation of learning.

Remember, we’re not teaching CSSCPSG, we’re here to hold your hand, and help you avoid any landmines.

Another way to describe it might be a how-to guide to how to start learning quantum parse syntax grammar. Click this link to read all about it

“7-Day-Quickstart” Feedback: 

“You got me to Respect the Grammar. No one’s ever got me to do that, before…

You’ve presented something new (to me) in a good way because I’ve never known about the fraud… Now I’ve learned to look at contracts or agreements a different way.. And I’ll be looking deeper into them before I sign any of them” -Angelo K., New York, New York, USA

7-Day-Quickstart is a fast study of basic quantum grammar in a focused manner. I have learned 99% more this week, compared to the time I’ve spent before.

In the 7-days you’ll cover all you need to begin learning foundation knowledge to writing contracts with a mathematical interface as being FACT not fiction.
– Glenda S, Homer, Alaska

Inspiring, challenging, fun if you’re really want to get into it. I’m quite amazed at how you’ve put this together, sharing the information through exercises, a sense of humour…” – Rineke, Netherlands

“I would describe the course to my friends as intense, challenging, fascinating and rewarding.” Jamie C. London

“I’ve learned 95% more in the last week, than the last seven months, thanks to the 7-Day Quickstart…” – Anthony, San Francisco, California