7-Day CSSCPSG Quickstart enrollment details available on request… It’s an inspiring, fascinating roadmap to fast-track your CSSCPSGP learning process… For a piddly-itsy-bitsy US$397, together with around 25 – 30 hours of your time.

7-Day CSSCPSG Quickstart To Learn Quantum Grammar

This structured program is a tool that we wanted when we first started our journey of how to learn quantum grammar… Because we don’t have a spare 90,000 hours to get to the same level that DWM reaches.

And many people quit too soon, if they don’t start seeing some progress in learning quantum grammar.

So, for your enjoyment, and to add value to your learning experience of studying quantum parse syntax grammar, you can follow this plan.

It’s not for everybody, and it takes focused commitment for around two weeks. After about 25 – 30 hours you’ll be way ahead of many people who are starting to learn quantum grammar…

And you’ll be so much closer to having that 200 hours that DWM talks about. Here’s the details

“7-Day-Quickstart” Feedback: 

“You got me to Respect the Grammar. No one’s ever got me to do that, before…

You’ve presented something new (to me) in a good way because I’ve never known about the fraud… Now I’ve learned to look at contracts or agreements a different way.. And I’ll be looking deeper into them before I sign any of them” -Angelo K., New York, New York, USA

7-Day-Quickstart is a fast study of basic quantum grammar in a focused manner. I have learned 99% more this week, compared to the time I’ve spent before.

In the 7-days you’ll cover all you need to begin learning foundation knowledge to writing contracts with a mathematical interface as being FACT not fiction.
– Glenda S, Homer, Alaska

Inspiring, challenging, fun if you’re really want to get into it. I’m quite amazed at how you’ve put this together, sharing the information through exercises, a sense of humour…” – Rineke, Netherlands

“I would describe the course to my friends as intense, challenging, fascinating and rewarding.” Jamie C. London

“I’ve learned 95% more in the last week, than the last seven months, thanks to the 7-Day Quickstart…” – Anthony, San Francisco, California

Phinix has just completed the 7-Days, and says:
“This was the only course I’ve found that is really about teaching you the grammar if your willing to learn and be open to it.

The people who have made this course are soooo amazing they really try to help you and will encourage you to push past your limitations, so that you can be free.

I myself have several learning disabilities but this program was able to help me push past that and learn something that I thought I could never pick up.

I would watch DWM seminars while thinking to myself man this stuff is so cool and I want to learn it but dang it I just couldn’t comprehend because I didn’t know where or how to start

What did this course do?

Immediately it showed me how to start learning and exactly where to start

By the end of the course with the knowledge you will have will empower you… To take away any fear of courts or any stupid contracts from debt collector.

This is not a get out of free jail card, it’s about equipping you with the knowledge to take your life back.

Also beware of quick fixes and be aware of the scams… Because this technology offers no shortcuts you must have to work for it like everything worth having in this world.”

– Phinix Lee, Sacramento, California,