Is there a quicker way to learn quantum grammar? According to David-Wynn Miller it takes most people around 200 hours to get a handle on DWM’s technology. That’s not been our experience. Maybe we’re not as smart as most people. Or maybe we got distracted.

Because it’s taken us a lot longer to learn quantum parse syntax grammar, and we’re still learning.

So we start thinking about how we can help people learn (not teach) this stuff quicker.

Now, don’t jump to assumptions… we’re not talking about teaching CSSCPSGP, because DWM’s already doing that. Even as he sleeps, his legacy lives on, through his many videos and books and his website.

Looking back on our notes, one day we’re thinking if we share these notes with you, it may help you learn quantum grammar quicker than us.

And we start thinking about other ways that we can help share DWM’s message. Which leads us to the question:

What if there’s a structured path to start learning quantum grammar quickly?

Because we spent many hours watching DWM videos, and taking notes, hoping that somehow it all clicks together. And this is how we develop a quick-start program.

Quicker Way To Learn Quantum Grammar

This structured program is a tool that we wanted when we first started our journey of how to learn quantum grammar… Because we don’t have a spare 90,000 hours to get to the same level that DWM reaches.

And many people quit too soon, if they don’t start seeing some progress in learning quantum grammar.

So, for your enjoyment, and to add value to your learning experience of studying quantum parse syntax grammar, you can follow this plan.

It’s not for everybody, and it takes focused commitment for around two weeks. After about 25 – 30 hours you’ll be way ahead of many people who are starting to learn quantum grammar…

And you’ll be so much closer to having that 200 hours that DWM talks about. Here’s the details