Follow CSSCPSGP rules in every sentence, says David-Wynn Miller (DWM), or you can destroy the structure. Which is why DWM calls it Correct Sentence Structure communication Parse Syntax Grammar Performance (CSSCPSGP).

You can make one mistake within the document, meaning that you make a presumption before the fact, showing that you incompetent at it.

Correct sentence structure communication has rules, just like the order of operations in mathematics. These rules relate to the parts of speech, being Adverbs, Verbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, Prepositions, Articles, Nouns, Past-time, Future-time, and Conjunctions.

Let’s take the word P-E-N.
To understand each other we have to have a thing or a object, and assign it a alphabet… in this case we’re going to use English.

So let’s bring up the word P-E-N
And let’s say we want to do a contract between ourselves and spell the word P-E-N. Like the word C-U-P it can be true, but only between with me and you, because we entered a private contract together.

Now if we enter a private contract together it means that we agree on the alphabet and the way it’s spelled.

Next you have the definition.

You now have to clarify the term “Pen”. So we say “for the pen is for the writing” which then makes it a fact.

We clarify this fact because it could be put in another context. Because if you put your palm around your pen (like a dagger) you now have a concealed weapon.

The reason why is because how you use something is your definition of the object.

So now twe clarified the fact that it is a writing pen in a contract between me and you, we now have to figure out who owns the pen… For example we can have it as: for your pen, for her pen, for my pen, for his pen.

By changing the lodial or ownership of the object you change the definition of where it belongs.

With 68 prepositions and 38 articles in the English language, you can have 900 definitions for every fact word.

When you multiply 68×38 it equals 2584 then you divide it by 2 and take out the 300 void words your left with 900,

These grammar rules are the just like the rules of the order of operation in mathematics.

You can get billions of definitions from just 6 words. So with the variables so high it can be extremely confusing.

By using DWM technology it clears up the fog so you can be accurate on every level because of how precise it is.

For example you can take two nouns like red and pen together which makes it now a “red pen” making it a noun/fact.

But when you put “red” in front of “pen”, you are also claiming the color of the pen, which is your opinion. Because there’s over 1200 shades of “red”.

This means you modify the fact that has no bearing of the facts of what your trying to do… So there’s no contract because it’s incorrect.