Using prepositional phrases, through punctuation, is classified as hieroglyphics.

And using the punctuation in your name certifies it as a fact.

When you don’t punctuate the name, you have adjective-pronoun fiction.

Adjectives are a condition of modification, opinion, presumption, which modifies the
pronoun, = (syntax) pro =no; noun =no.

In 1988 David-Wynn Miller discovers the mathematical interface on all 5,000 languages proving that language is a linear equation in algebra. He finds a way to certify that all words have 900
definitions through this mathematical algebraic formula.

Joining the Dots in Court
All courts must use the Correct Sentence Structure Communication Syntax Language. For example, the Crown’s seal, and Jurisdiction of the courts show the use of correct syntax. That is why you have the dots.

Now, the dots between the words are prepositional phrases.

There’s only two places where dots as allowed as a syntax prepositional phrase to certify the value of each word.

And that is on money (coinage) and on seals.

In the court, if you are not in a fact, you’re committing perjury.

For example, Bernie Madhoff, who walks off Wall Street with $69 billion. He’s prosecuted under the Fictitious Conveyance Of Language of Title 18, Section 1001.

This law is required on all 250 countries passports.

The title 15 chapter 2(b) section 78FF carries a $25 million fine to modify language to extort money from a private citizen or a corporation.

Everything in the world revolves around contracts, and few people know that we have become slaves of English Grammar.