Create fair and equal contracts to protect your family, stopping any Fiction Corporation or Organisation from damaging you…

Sound’s too good to be true, you might think. What if there was a way to draw up contracts that really are equal and fair to all parties…

  • Imagine a world where you can draw up contracts that really are equal and fair to all parties.
  • So that both parties know EXACTLY what each clause of the contract says and means.
  • And lawyers cannot argue in the Courts, no matter how clever they think they are.
  • Where it’s so clear that both parties are fully aware of their obligations at the outset, with no “grey” areas.
  • Having a water-tight contract that no other party can play tricks on you.

Instead, we’re living in a world, of “adhesion contracts”. Where you know a “Fiction Contract” is not correct, your behaviour shows that you agree to the contract.

The best source to learn all this is by reading DWMLC.NET , buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

Do you own research as your read Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes.

When you sign a contract to borrow money to buy your house, all you think about is the new home. That’s the condition of thinking. That’s your volition.

But years later, when things don’t go quite the way you’re planning… And the Bank is chasing you to repay the money (that never exists). Then they threaten to sell your home…

So what can you do to stop them?

The Full Disclosure Clause

This is where that part of a lawful contract comes in to play. The part where a contract is not valid if there is not full disclosure by one of the parties.

Notice how the Bank staff want all your identification, personal details and financials verified before lending you any money. They want you to sign a contract, and you never see anyone from the bank signing the contract.

You believe they engage lawyers to create fair and equal contracts written correctly, and says what they say. There’s even a part of the contract that has definitions of some of the words.

Your lawyer explains the contents of the contract, and witnesses your signature. You sign a document saying you’re getting “independent legal advice’ before signing the mortgage.


“The rabbit is ready to eat.”

And once you sign the paperwork, the Bank can lick it’s chops. Because the Bank people know one day you’ll be ready to be taken to the cleaners. And they believe they are right, and that you don’t have a leg to stand on.

Correct… Only if you make assumptions and presumptions that the banks create fair and equal contracts.

Which you do, when you sign the contract. And so do the people at the Bank.

But, after taking some time to study, to learn the rules of English Grammar

You’ll find there’s international rules for commerce all over planet earth. Then you’ll discover something so simple, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having come across this many years ago.

How [all] Corporations Lie to You

There’s a difference between having knowledge that the Corporations lie in their paperwork, and specifically identifying the fraud.

You can find endless Court cases where people have tried to argue certain points with the Banks and Corporations.

Funny how, in most cases, the Individuals lose, and the Banks and Corporations generally win. What are the “odds” of “John Doe” or “Jane Doe” winning against the Government, Banks or Corporations? Chances of winning are the same odds as in a Casino, about 13%. Just enough to give people hope, and to show people that “Justice” is being carried out in the Courts.

Even without seeing your paperwork, it’s likely that you have all the evidence you need to put forward a rock-solid case. You’ll be able to prove the perjury, enough to vacate any legal Action taken against you.

If they lie, they lose jurisdiction, because they are committing a criminal act.

Learn How To Create Equal And Fair Contracts

You can change your life by learning this stuff. Knowing how to identify the damage happening in your life because of modification of language. Once you learn this, you will prevail and stop any Fiction Corporation or Organisation from damaging you.

And you do this by studying the international standards for the use of English worldwide. Learning grammar that enables commerce to run smoothly between companies, nations, businesses and individuals worldwide.

Governments, and Religious & Education bodies, all around the world, work together creating this illusion. And they keep you and your family in a system that has a foundation of lies and deceit.

Are you willing to invest some time and energy to undermine those lies, and protect yourself from such tyranny? Click HERE

If not, then you’ll continue to live the life of ignorance, “paying and obeying”.

The best source to learn all this is by reading DWMLC.NET , buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

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Each day your freedoms and rights are systematically slipping away from you.

There’s no-one else to blame but the person you see as you stare into your bathroom mirror.

Until you learn how to create fair and equal contracts to protect yourself and your family…