What is, and Why Learn Quantum Grammar? According to Sergeant Robert Horton, to understand what it means, you have to understand what’s going on planet earth.

Following taken from a seminar by Sergeant Robert Horton, United States Army Special Operations, (Psychological operations specialist 1999 -2012), he’s “a son of the American Revolution.”

“Now everyone is wondering about Russell-Jay Gould and David-Wynn Miller‘s story… and everybody wants to know, is what in the world is going on with that.

What does it mean? And why spend the time learning quantum grammar?

To understand what it means, you have to understand what’s going on planet earth, what it is these guys are talking about.

I’m gonna go back to the beginning… This is a very old Masonic system that’s operating here on planet earth.

And it’s all based upon shipping and postal wars that have morphed into banking wars…

So the three really work together, shipping, postal and banking, end-to-end.

But the banking warfare has really kicked off here as of late in relation to this whole thing…

Because when you’re born here on this planet, you’re born of the water… it’s a shipping war… Where you’re all captured in a shipping warfare that you’re unaware of what you’ve been captured into.

So you’re born of your mother’s water and docked as a “vessel” by a doctor. The doctor’s a Registered Harbour Master by the Port Authorities and authorized by the Department of Transportation

And when you’re docked by the doctor, you’re harboured in the harbour, in a vessel in dry dock known as a Hospital, which is considered to be a boat parked on the land.

But when you’re born and Harboured by the Harbourmaster in this vessel in dry dock, you are considered a Ward of the State, so you are placed into a Maternity Ward.

Why a Ward of the State?

Because you’ve not yet been brought under the laws of this old-school Masonic System.

Quantum Grammar and Old-school Masonic System

How do they get you into this old-school Masonic System?

With the birth certificate…

So you’re considered a Ward of the State or an Out-law, because you’re not yet under the laws of the old Masonic system until your mother signs the birth certificate.

[Your mother signs the birth certificate without full disclosure of the contract terms, a document that’s says nothing, as you’ll discover after learning quantum grammar]

The birth certificate is a commercial instrument, saying that you are now owned, and under the laws of this Masonic system.

And that you are owned, being nothing more than a piece of cargo or a vessel or a dead person that’s presumed to be missing dead or lost at sea.

Once you’re linked-in to this massive corporate contract,  this global construct, you’re then subject to the laws of the state…

State of affairs, not state of California or state of Nevada…we’re talking global state of affairs.

You’re linked-in to the state.

Once that happens, you’re then under the laws of this entire global construct.

These are the pillars of laws of this global construct: Admiralty, Maritime, and Civil Jurisdiction.

“Law of the sea”, and “Laws of the land”.

The king of Great Britain has always held the “Law of the sea”, that’s how he runs his entire country; it’s considered a vessel… a great big boat.

And all the people in that boat are considered to be missing, dead or presumed lost to sea, with the birth certificate system. That’s how he runs that whole country… Same thing in the United States.


Because Great Britain has always been our Postmaster General in the Colonies and the 50 States

Postmaster General of the World

Now let me explain what Postmaster General of the world is…

This is our vessel…this is planet Earth…the vessel that we’re all floating around on, in this sea of space we call the solar system or the galaxy.

It’s our outpost… our boat.

The Postmaster General or the “General of the Post” is Great Britain… it always has been.

This is an old-school Masonic warfare platform, a planetary warfare platform, based upon shipping, postal, and banking Wars.

The shipping of the post all revolves around timelines.

When you’re brought into a jail the timelines kick off…whether it’s a federal offence, state offence, or local offence.

Different venues have different timelines, and there’s several.

This whole system is enforced in the courts around the world. And what they’re enforcing is the elemental chart.

It’s a strategic metals contract; it’s a sales manual, and the dictionary, which is basically the entire system.

All of us are using the grammatical construct…

We all use these contracts… and this entire system is enforced in the courts around the world.

Those are called the neutral ports…that’s where the wars are fought in relation to this entire matter.

If you’ve got a grievance, you go into the courts or the neutral ports and you fight it out.

But this thing is set up to make sure that the king always wins… this entire system is set up so that you never win.

[You never win because of the fraudulent grammar used by the lawyers and the courts, with documents that say nothing, as you’ll discover after learning quantum grammar.]

All they look at you is… as a piece of cargo; a boat or a vessel that can be harvested raped, plundered and pillaged for its goods.

Fraudulent Grammar Contracts Rule The World

This is the old-school Masonic system that’s been set up, and being defended on planet earth.

This whole system belongs to the king of Great Britain or is run and defended by the king of Great Britain, being the Postmaster General of the world.

All the countries on planet Earth are utilizing and playing with this system… it doesn’t matter if you’re in Russia, China or Germany.

If you get married in the United States, you’re still considered as married in Russia, China or Germany. Likewise, if you get divorced, you’re considered divorced all over the world, because the courts are all connected.

Everybody’s playing this game with grammar contracts.

It’s a big old-school Masonic system that they utilize to control the people and run the planet with.

This is the old-school monarchical system that commands and controls the entire planet…

Or at least is attempting to.

And as they are all high-ranking masons, all of them… not the kind of masons that build sidewalks and driveways… they’re not those type of masons.

These masons build governments… they build them and they defend them.

The contracts that the King of Great Britain has, all the countries have those same contracts… They all have their own strategic metals contract in place that allows them to print and mint their own coinage based upon their banking system.

Everybody has commodities that they trade around the world with each other, and that’s what those banking systems are based upon…

Oil being one of the biggest…

And the King of Great Britain is the reigning monarch on the planet, that’s why he is the Postmaster General of the world.

Now we’re going to look at where the crown derives its authorizations or its authorities that their entire system is based upon…

Quick Look At America History

Let’s go back and cover some American history.

Back when the colonies were founded there was thirteen colonies originally.

And before the American Revolution breaks out, our post office is the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania post office… the Benjamin Franklin post office.

Before the American Revolution starts, the King cuts off the ability for the “United States” to conduct international trade and commerce out of that post office, because they go to war against Great Britain.

All wars vacate that kind of contract.

So the shipping is cut off after the American Revolution, and Commerce cannot open up again through this post office because there is 1.6 million francs owing to the French for funding the American Revolution.

At this point the King of Spain and the King of France argue over who is going to be the Postmaster General of the United States, to open it up to international trade and commerce.

Spain says that since they find America first, because Christopher Columbus discovers the new world first, they have right to it.

France says that without lending America 1.6 million francs the United States wouldn’t even be open for capture.

But the King of Great Britain, still being the reigning monarch in the world, says those are my people and I’m going to put my post office in up there and open this thing up to trade and commerce. So you guys need to stand down.

So that’s how the King of Great Britain becomes the Postmaster General of the United States.

And the Canada location is always attached to that postal location as well, so the King of Great Britain takes tactical command and control of the entire North American continent in the process.

Post Office Rules

If other reigning monarchs and dictators of the world want to enter the United States to rape and pillage its natural resources and goods, they have to go through the King of Great Britain and his post office to do so.

So the King of Great Britain gets a piece of everything that’s shipped in and out of the country, through the post office… all trade and commerce.

Just like in the East Indies…

He’s taking tactical command and control of the movement and shipment of all goods on planet Earth…that’s his end goal.

There’s a long-range objective in motion here by the Crown, the Vatican and London City, and the Rothschilds.

And the reason the American Revolution kicks off is because the United States wants to float its currency into the global market. But because they base their monetary system on the value of the land, it never fluctuates.

It’s a solid base.

But the Rothschilds fluctuate gold and silver up and down in relation to what they have going on…

And because the US currency doesn’t fluctuate, when these guys would drop the price of gold down, America can buy it up and become the global power on the planet.

So the Rothschilds attack the Crown. And the Crown says you guys can’t do that… and as a matter of fact this is war against me and I’m not going to let that happen.

That’s the reason for the American Revolution.

But the long-range objective is to get the United States to borrow money from these guys in an effort to surrender them back to Great Britain.

How that works is you only get three chances to pay off the debt that you borrow from these guys…and if you can’t pay it off, then your surrender.

1999 – End Of Bankruptcy

The Crown pays the debt for you, and then captures you back as part of this system, or part of Great Britain.

And you all become peasants and serfs again…

So this entire thing revolves around the year 1999

It’s an event horizon year… not just for the United States, but for the entire planet.

Because when the Colonies come out of the American Revolution, and the King steps in as Postmaster General for the United States, the US Constitution is drafted.

And the US Constitution outlines how the British government is going to interact with the Colonies in relation to international trade and commerce.

Yet this thing is seen by Patrick Henry and the Colonials as so tyrannical that they create the Bill of Rights outlining, or laying out, what it is that the King of Great Britain and the Federal Government, the Fed, would never have the power to infringe upon.

Because they know that this King is so tyrannical eventually he’ll enforce it with his authority into the States and Territories and try to tell you what you couldn’t say.

What you can and cannot write…

The freedom of the Press

That you cannot bear arms

That you don’t have the right to defend your country…

So those things are all outlined in the Bill of Rights.

Those are the things that King would never have the power to infringe upon ever. And this is the only thing that is ratified… the US Constitution… and they are not going to sign it.

And the Colonials refuse to sign it until these guys, the Fed, accept this outline.

[And when DWM syntaxes those documents using Quantum Grammar, he shows they say nothing, and are all written in adverb-verb, as you discover when learning Quantum Grammar.]

Banksters Debt

The reason that 1999 is an event horizon year is because 1999 is the end of the third and final international bankruptcy for the United States…

And the United States is going to be surrendered back over to Great Britain because they can’t afford to pay the debt to London, the Rothschilds, and the thirteen banking families.

But this means the US Constitution has come to an end. Game over. The end of the third and final international bankruptcy in the contract between US and Great Britain expires.

However, at the end of the American Revolution the United States has no strategic metals contract in place, and are not allowed to print and mint coinage…

So they have to borrow it from the Rothschilds and London City, authorized by the Crown, because the Crown has a strategic metals contract in place.

And that’s what the United States is utilizing.

In 1933 with the Great Depression, actually 1929, is when the beginning of the third and final international bankruptcy starts, at the end of the second bankruptcy.

Because the United States is borrowing money from the Crown they are in usury with this system, using their money.

And they’re borrowing it and paying it back with interest in hard natural assets

This is all going back to David-Wynn Miller and Russell-Jay Gould, and what they are doing on the planet that everybody needs to be made aware of.

By learning quantum grammar…

Before we get into that, you have to understand what they run headlong into… that they have no idea what’s going on the planet.

Which pretty much stops what they’re doing…

So this is where the banking warfare and the warfare against the United States really kicks off…

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