Learning Quantum Grammar comes with changing your thinking and  [un]learning  School-English classes.

According to David-Wynn Miller it takes most people around 200 hours to get a handle on DWM’s technology.

That’s not been our experience. Maybe we’re not as smart as most people. Or maybe we got distracted…

Because it’s taken us a lot longer to learn quantum parse syntax grammar, and we’re still learning.

So, for your enjoyment, and to add value to your learning experience of studying quantum parse syntax grammar, you can follow this plan.

It’s not for everybody, and it takes focused commitment for around two weeks. After about 25 – 30 hours you’ll be way ahead of many people who are starting to learn quantum grammar…

And you’ll be so much closer to having that 200 hours that DWM talks about. Here’s the details

“All law is based upon “adverb-verb” (descriptive or rhetorical versus factual).

“When such errors are pointed out with proper syntax then Judges, Attorneys, and other Officers of the Court have no choice but to recuse themselves and/or drop all charges or face criminal charges themselves. ” – :David-Wynn: Miller.

D-W-M has PROVEN that there is no such thing as a legal contract or law… UNLESS two specific people come to an agreement on the SPECIFIC meaning and definition of EACH word…

In each specific USE of each word over the course of the ENTIRE contract.

Which explains why the military and/or police officers FORCE the enforcement of laws as the most powerful of the authority(ies) deems appropriate subjectively.

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 “7-Day-Quickstart Fun Way to Start Learning Quantum Grammar”
Like everything of value, learning quantum grammar requires time, effort, and motivation…
Click this link for details

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Your Voluntary Compliance

Whether you like it or not… or know it or not… you work for the Post Office. Through placing your signature on contracts, you become a Postal Employee… (Voluntary compliance!!), And through applying for your Driver Licence, Registration, Passport, Social Security, etc… When you join the military, you register with the Post Office…

If you don’t agree with that, look in your wallet…the money you carry is called script, issued through the Post Office…

So you’re travelling down the road, with your driver licence, which is a Bill of Lading with the Department of Transportation, to get authorisation for transportation, through the Postal Service.

And everything is moving and flowing with postage, freight, fee-for-freight, being on Post Roads. These Post Roads are your sea lanes… and that’s how you move yourself from Point A to Point B.

The whole point is, don’t get caught up in word games in contracts, law, business, etc.

Because when you get caught up in word games, you lose control of your facts. So the reason for using correct-communication-parse-syntax-grammar is to give full [dis]closure and make a claim under two rules:

  • Rule One
  • Rule Equal

This is the foundation of Function that we all comply with…

Living In Now-Time

Rule One: We all live in Now-Time – Not in the the past, and we don’t live in the future. Because we live NOW.

We’ve done nothing with Our Own Thinking to birth us into this realm… Therefore we are all equal.

And because we’re all equal, we have to learn tolerance. Through communication, and through a Now-Time scenario.
Without the control of a tolerance, knowing that you don’t have the same education or thinking as someone else around you… You have to learn how to communicate, so you can have fairness and equality with one another.

So to do this we look at the functions, basic linear math, to show you how Function controls your Subject Matter.

Learning Quantum Grammar = Time + Effort

DWM says it takes most people around 200 hours study (minimum)…  While you struggle with getting your head around everything you believe to be true is a Lie.

If you’re like this Quantum Grammar Coach, for the first 100 hours learning Quantum Grammar you’ll think none of this makes ANY sense… That’s why it’s too hard for most people, wanting shortcuts and templates. So they keep looking… and want to “Mix and Match” Fiction with Facts.

And if you believe learning Quantum Grammar is a “quick fix” to avoid paying traffic fines, or get out of eleventh-hour court battles, keep dreaming.

The way of learning Quantum Grammar is not a “cut and paste” solution that anyone can expect to pick up without taking time to study. It’s not like playing “chopsticks” on the piano, or strumming a few chords to play “twinkle, twinkle little star.”

Learning Quantum Grammar takes time, effort, and determination to keep going.  Because everything is the opposite of what you learn at school to be true.

The hardest part Learning Quantum Grammar is pushing through your mindset and emotional pain barriers. To keep going when you want to quit… A bit like running a marathon.

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading dwmlc.net, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos. Or you can read our notes, Rules of Correct Sentence Structure and How to Use Parse Syntax Grammar To Correct Laws.

But without knowing the Why, the “How” doesn’t matter, and will not make any sense. Without a big enough “Why” you’ll quit before you start.

So start by reading about Parts of Speech, How Courts Operate, and how we’re all being deceived.

The most important factor is “WHY?”