A new world order with Quantum Grammar may sound counter-intuitive… But this is what RJG and DWM are striving to create. A system of government and banking where no-one can lie, cheat or steal.

Writing all contracts, rules and regulations with correct-sentence-structure-communication-parse-syntax-grammar-performance.

So we all know where we stand.

This is part three of our series about why and how you benefit by learning quantum grammar…

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Here’s part three of an extract of a seminar given by Sergeant Robert Horton, United States Army Special Operations.

[A new world order, a one-world global dictatorship, with Lucifer at the top running the United Nations, is the dream of the old-masonic system…]

But to do this, they have to bring all of the world’s banks together under one banking system… under the Rothschilds’ banking system, using fraudulent grammar.

So the next objective, the Middle East…they’ve got to go into the Middle East and get the oil.


Because there’s only nine banks left in the world that are not run by the Rothschilds, seven of which are in the Middle East.

So if they go in and steal the oil, then the banks have nothing upon which to create a banking system, and they collapse.

And they would then need to borrow money from the Rothschilds’ banking system.

Banking Warfare Made Simple

“About ten days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon and saw secretary Rumsfeld and deputy secretary Wolfowitz

“I went downstairs just say hello to some of the people on the Joint Staff who used to work for me. One of the generals called me saying” Sir you gotta come in. You got to come in and talk to me a second…

“He says we’ve made the decision we’re going to war with Iraq… this was on or about the 20th of September

“I said we’re going to war with Iraq? why?

“He said I don’t know. He said I guess they don’t know what else to do. So I said well did they find some information connecting Saddam to al-qaeda?

“And he said no. No it says there’s nothing new that way they just made the decision to go to war with Iraq

“He said I guess it’s like we don’t know what to do about terrorists but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments. And he said I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.

“So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan.

“I said are we still going to war with Iraq? And he said oh it’s worse than that. He said …he reached over on his desk he picked up a piece of paper. He said I just got this down from upstairs meeting the secretary defence office today. And he said this is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years…Starting with Iraq and then Syria Lebanon Libya Somalia Sudan and finishing off Iran…

One-World Global Dictatorship

After that they’ve got to go for Chavez in Venezuela… that’s the last vestige, then their plans really will be complete.

However in 1999 their plans are foiled, they aren’t the only ones seeing this thing coming to an end.

Now, here’s a quick review at the high school level of education.

Clearly details show the fact that Great Britain and the Vatican have got together and by deciding that the United States would never come to allow a one world global dictator to rule their country

And everybody knows that the Vatican has always had an agreement with the Nazis.

Not so much Germany itself, but the nazi party up there in Germany… operating out of Germany. They try to set up a one-world global dictatorship under Hitler a long time ago…

It’s a long-range effort by these guys to come up from the rear and accomplish this objective…

Now the plan of the CIA, with the set-up of the five-star trust, is that the five top gentlemen that are going to run the five star trust for the CIA…

And they’re going to take turns being the director of the CIA… so those five guys could stay in command control of this entire operation…

With the objective to set up a one-world global dictatorship, with Lucifer at the top running the United Nations…

But in 1999, this all revolves around the international bankruptcy the United States which leaves the Washington DC postal location open for capture on November 2nd 1999 for 18 days…

In this 18-day period the Crown is going to have to vacate the position and the post office would be open, and the United States no longer has the ability to conduct international trade and commerce…

Hence the Florida chads

Attacking Your Freedom

In 1999 the US Constitution has come to an end and is closed-out with the end of the third and final international bankruptcy.

With that they have the “Amero” set, the American-European dollar, and they are about to surrender the United States back over to Great Britain

However in 1999, during that 18-day vacancy a miracle takes place…

Now anyone who listens to Eisenhower, Kennedy and Reagan make their speeches will know that these gentlemen are warning us… About a group of people on this planet who are literally conspiring together… In an effort to try to get the United States military to go to war for them, to set up this one world global government.

And that’s what they are warning us about. Saying we’re a nation of peace. We have to remain a state a nation of peace….

There’s a group of people out there who are trying to get us to surrender everything over to them so that they can utilize our military to go and achieve their world objectives.

And that they are going to utilize or create some fanciful event that would allow them then to do that… resulting in the Twin Towers event and the 9/11 episode…

So they actually get what they finally want, with an orchestrated event…

There are no terrorists, and terrorism itself is a fraud.

You cannot have a war where there is no enemy… You don’t have an enemy.

Show me the enemy…there is no enemy. The enemy is anyone who does not go along with their New World Order effort.

That’s what they’re targeting, and that’s who the terrorists are.

This is a very simple warfare effort, and this entire soap opera is very easy to follow.

New World Order –The Real Enemy

The next thing is they want your guns, and they’re going to come hard for them.

They’re going to come hard for guns here in America.

It’s the guns that are stopping them from taking absolute total tactical command control of this nation. And if they ever come for your guns, you will have surrendered everything.

They’ve are already attacking your freedom of your right to choose; your freedom of speech; your freedom of the press…

And now they’re on this onto the Second Amendment.

They are coming for our guns, but they will not get them.

Anyone who’s signing on to that kind of legislation, Nancy Pelosi being number one, wants to surrender your borders, take your weapons, force you to buy health care…

These are your new world order extremists… these guys are all working for Lucifer… They want a one world global dictator at the top who is Lucifer… we all know it Biblical prophecy.

Now prior to 1999 there are two gentlemen working to get themselves out of the Masonic global government system that we’re all enslaved in with the birth certificate system.

Those two men are Russell-Jay Gould and David-Wynn Miller or :Russell-Jay :Gould, and :David-Wynn :Miller. (DWM)

DWM breaks the mathematical interface on math and grammar, and here’s the equation for that:

1 + 2 = 3 || 3 – 2 = 1

Russell-Jay Gould then imparts the now-time aspect into this grammatical construct thereby giving it its own jurisdiction, for this whole new system of grammar that the world has never seen.

And setting up the way it’s needed to be utilized to create an entirely new government system…

Creating A New World Order with Quantum Grammar

So they go all the way back to where the Crown derives its authorities.

As well as going all the way back into the Masonic books, like Manly P. Hall’s book, “The secret teachings of all ages”

DWM syntaxes this book and then rewrites it in this quantum construct, in this now-time grammatical quantum construct.

And they do that with all of the Masonic books that are utilized to substantiate the Crown’s authorizations here in the world, thereby giving their system its own venue.

So they create an entirely new federal government system for the entire world to now join with… a global federal government system, based in truth…

A new world order with quantum grammar.

An entire system based on mathematically certifiable grammar, with a correct elemental chart and periodic table is that one unwinds.

This creates a mathematical fact forward and backward in both directions.

When this elemental chart and periodic table unwinds itself, it creates an infinity loop, or a figure-eight, thereby validating itself forward and backwards just like the grammatical construct does.

This thing is genius.

Knowing what these men have at their fingertips… all they need is the time and place in history to launch this thing…

And take the greatest leap of faith ever, by any two people in the history of this planet…

Once this thing is all set up, the books that they syntax, that are filed with the Vatican, and the NSA, and several other locations on planet Earth…

Since the Vatican has been studying it for five years prior to what takes place in 1999…

A Quantum Grammar Flag

When Russell-Jay Gould and David-Wynn Miller see the end of the third and final international bankruptcy come in…

And Russell knowing what’s about to take place here… So he runs to the United Nations and asks them if there’s a copyright and patent on the Title 4 Flag.

Because he knows that it doesn’t matter if they do or don’t, as the contract would be grammatical fraud with grammatical errors.

So DWM and RJG write the copyright and patent for the Title 4 Flag for the United States… Since it’s about to be surrendered back over to Great Britain along with the country, at the end of the third and final international bankruptcy …

And there at the United Nations they are declared a sovereign in the process, after taking down the entire old monarch’s system.

Because once they re-establish those Masonic books and re-substantiate all of them in a quantum grammar construct, thereby disqualifying the old system completely from the bloodlines.

And with that effort they set this entire global government system up for the world.

During that 18-day vacancy that the post office is open, vacated by the king under international banking law, Russell goes to Washington DC.

He goes to the post office in Washington DC, taking tactical command control of the United States and Canada, because that post office has always been attached to the DC location.

And in doing so he brings to an end the New World Order effort to surrender the United States back over to the Crown…

This stops the United Nations effort to install a global tax, because no one has a charter to exist anymore as a corporation.

Under his authority everything is disqualified.

It’s over.

Being Correct With Quantum Grammar

A new world order with Quantum Grammar may sound counter-intuitive… But this is what RJG and DWM are striving to create. A system of government and banking where no-one can lie, cheat or steal.

Writing all contracts, rules and regulations with correct-sentence-structure-communication-pasre-syntax-grammar-performance.

So we all know where we stand.

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