Quantum syntax grammar empowers you, according to RJG and DWM. 40 years DWM strives to create a system of government and banking where no-one can lie, cheat or steal.

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Writing all contracts, rules and regulations with correct-sentence-structure-communication-parse-syntax-grammar-performance.

Before reading this, see parts 1, 2 and 3

Here’s part four of an extract of a seminar given by Sergeant Robert Horton, United States Army Special Operations, showing how quantum parse syntax grammar empowers you

As Postmaster General here for the United States, Russell-Jay Gould travels the world re-authorising everything under his authority that substantiates this system in its totality…

Russell goes all the way back to the International Maritime Admiralty and Maritime organization and re-authorises it under the quantum parse syntax grammar authority

He goes to the Universal postal Union in Berne, Switzerland and re-authorise it under his authority.

And to the International Bureau of Weights & Measures to re-authorise it under his authority…

Because he destroys all banking and chemistry on planet Earth with this elemental chart… and the periodic table…

All in association with the system of Weights and Measures, in conjunction with the quantum syntax grammar.

And Russell goes to the International Patent Office, because this all has to be patented and disqualifies all the old patents on planet Earth… Way back to the very beginning.

So it all needs re-substantiation… everybody’s patent on all of their products needs re-substantiation this quantum syntax grammar global construct and system.

This way prevents patents being harvested or stolen by the old system.

Now everything is saved after he goes all over on the planet and set this whole thing back up under his authority… all these locations.

Quantum Syntax Grammar in Land of the Courts

The United Nations asks what land they choose for their flag and constitution. So DWM and RJG say “The Land of the Courts during the time of the contract”


Because that’s where all Contracts are defended… in the courts…

And why DWM keeps saying “We own the land of the courts…” as the new quantum syntax grammar system voids the old system…

Since the old system is enforced in the courts, this new this system rules the Courts so quantum syntax grammar now empowers you.

So if you bring your old grammatical system into the courts and they’re not done properly… Correctly and truthfully, using the quantum syntax grammar construct, they are disqualified and nullified…

As grammar fraud and bank fraud… All of it across the board.

When Russell returns to the United States, the Five-star trust guys grab him. Bush and the boys grab him and literally beat him to surrender that flag…

These people, sweeping this all under the rug… are moving forward in their attempt to surrender the United States…

To the New World Order or Great Britain to finish constructing their New World Order…

The same people who are in the Middle East stealing the oil.

And heading down to Venezuela to get Chavez out, to close his banking system…

So once they have it all under wraps, they’ll then present the mark of the beast to everyone… [under the guise of CV-19]

However Russell Jay Gould does not surrender the flag, or his position.

They even take RJG into court and literally beat the hell out of him on a couple of different occasions…

Yet he still wins, and now has the Navy supporting him all the way.

The New World Of Quantum Syntax Grammar

After 12 years of these guys not wanting to play ball and just do things correctly and move forward with this entire new global government system…

So Russell-Jay Gould, seeing that the Benjamin Franklin post office is out of bankruptcy in 1999, goes to Washington DC.

He files the flag as the Postmaster General for the United States, and the new Postmaster General of the world.

Russell and David rewrite a new US Constitution between his government and ours.

The [same] Quantum version of the one US has with Great Britain. Only this one doesn’t have the 1 million laws created by the Congress & Senate attached to it…

Because we know there’s two governments operating here; The King of Great Britain, and the US Government – that’s why you get the two-party system.

The Democrats and the Republicans.

So they rewrite the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (still standing), the Declaration of Independence (still standing).

And because the bad guys don’t want to move forward with it and want to keep going forward with this new world order system…

On 21 December 2012, end of the Mayan calendar, RJG goes to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to the Benjamin Franklin postal court or post office.

There he reopens the entire US government for the people. Only it’s got a new US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, all quantumised into this mathematical grammatical fact.

These actions save the United States from surrender and take over.

Quantum Grammar Constitution

With Quantum Grammar DWM and RJG are saving the planet from a new world order effort under a one-man-global-dictator we all know as Lucifer…

So far it’s stopping them from being able to present the mark of the beast to us, and attach us to this banking system as slaves.

It’s all been disqualified, and all been shut down.

But it’s being kept from the people of the United States and the people of the world. [Many people are too lazy or dumb to bother learning quantum]

And they’re just not telling you the story in this manner because they don’t want you to know about this system.

So every time it pops up they are going to ridicule it in every manner possible.

Because they said the American people are too stupid to believe let alone understand any of this information.

Now what he has done is he has purified the whore of Babylon and prepared her as the Bride of Christ.

So now he’s got one foot in the sea which is the Admiralty maritime jurisdiction which is held which was held by the King of Great Britain up in Washington DC.

And he has the civil jurisdiction law of the land, the Admiralty footing and the terra firma footing.

He’s bridging the gap, rapturing you out of the land of the dead…

Because you’re once considered to be missing or presumed to be dead or lost at sea with your birth certificate system.

It ships you in through the Washington DC postal location out through the Philadelphia Pennsylvania postal location civil jurisdiction, law of the land…

Where the blood testifies to the life…

And you are back into the land of the living…

So your soul is saved; your country is saved

USA Incorporated

After 1999, a private corporation moves into Washington DC to run the government for the people of the United States

And it’s under the command and control of George Bush Jnr. who then declares war on the Middle East after they drop the Trade Centres in New York.

It’s an orchestrated warfare plan by this group.   The same group that started here … the same group of folks that initiated this bombing

Because if there were ever any weapons of mass destruction they would have used the weapon of mass destruction to bomb the World Trade Centres.

They wouldn’t have flown a plane into them…

Now these guys ultimately get what they want… tactical command and control of the militaries to go fight their Wars…

So they can set up the one-world global government.

And the next administration moves in eight years later… once again, a private corporation. It’s the first corporation identifying itself with a three by five boat flag.

A flag that’s not registered to the United Nations as the Title 4 flag, or any other flags around the world are that are much longer.

Because they use their coffin flags, long enough to cover a coffin.

The 3×5 boat flag is not a replica of the Title-4 flag.

And eight years after this guy is in office, a second administration moves in to run the country…with a two and a half by two and a half size flag…

Obama… this is a Ken and Barbie flag

It’s not registered with any country in the world anywhere, and you could buy it at Toys R Us.

So, under Obama, this corporation comes in and says yes we can. Yes we can force you to buy health care that removes your freedom of choice.

New World Slaves

And now they attack your freedom of choice, your freedom of speech, your freedom of the press…

While coming after your guns, your second Amendment…

They’re just chipping away at it.

Everything you guys are seeing broadcasts on the tell-lie-vision is a psychological warfare effort.

The television is still registered by the FCC as an entertainment device…Nothing coming out of it has to be real or even is real.

That’s why you hear Trump today saying it’s all fake news

Everything you guys are seeing is what these guys are broadcasting that they want you to follow… it’s their global narrative.

And the global narrative is there’s a war on terror, but you can’t have a war on fear.

Though you can’t have a war where there’s no known enemy.

While the folks over there in the Middle East are just trying to simply fight off a foreign invasion and kick us out of their country.

Stealing the oil, using the Caspian Sea pipelines… that’s the overall objective. And that is their global narrative.

In Psychological operations or psychological warfare tactical command, control of the global narrative is what we strive for…

However this is the global narrative now… quantum grammar empowers you

And this is what the 2020 American Presidential Election is all about …get these guys out of power here in the country…

They don’t have a flag

Nor do they have authorisation. Or a charter that’s been authorised correctly by the new Federal Postmaster General of the world.

It’s all been taken down.

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