Post Office Banking and Parse Syntax Grammar makes the world go round… Everything revolves around the use of words in contracts, scripts (money orders), and post office banking.

By the end of this article maybe you’ll understand the importance of learning Quantum Parse Syntax Grammar to protect your family. And how to use parse syntax grammar to keep you out of trouble…

While some of the Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from DWM videos, do you own research, including reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos.

The Post Office controls the planet, by establishing Universal Postal Union, Bern, Switzerland, in 1873, using a 2-cent postage stamp.

Even though steam engines are being developed, there’s limited transportation. This limits the amount of commerce flowing between one country and the other.

So the Universal Postal Union waits a year while all 250 countries sign the treaty.

But when they write the treaty, it’s to transport all vessels between point A and point B.

Since everybody’s a vessel, and all cargoes are vessels, everything moving under a 2-cent postage stamp falls within this jurisdiction.

Now the Universal Postal Union has jurisdiction over the movement of everything on the planet. They are in charge of all vessels. And all vessels have to move under commerce, and all commerce is called script, better known as money.

Post Office Controls All Banking

In order to get the paper money you have to file bankruptcy, give up your gold and silver to get paper money. And paper money is more convenient to move back and forth.

Or you can have contracts, better known as cheques or money orders, which are all controlled by post office banking.

So this is how Universal Postal Union gets their fingers into every pie on the planet and become the central bank.

And so the post office controls all banking.

When the Continental Congress of the United States gets together, Benjamin Franklin is a French Attorney working for the English crown to capture America.

In 1775 he sits back and says, “I’ll be responsible for contracts and scripts”. So he writes the adverb-verb contracts, and takes control of the money with post office banking.

Franklin takes United States into a bankruptcy, and turns it back over to England.

While the United States wins the war for Independence, they lose it on paper. So the USA is in bankruptcy with England for 210 years and they’re in control.

If you go to the Universal Postal Union ( website. You’ll find about 80 pages of reading on the history of the Universal Postal Union, and how they start. It’s all public record. And on Wikipedia there’s more information and background.

DWM has the privilege of going into the fifth basement below the Pennsylvania historical law Library to access the archives. There he finds 200-300 year old books, in controlled environments. So he syntaxes all those  scripts, puts in the missing words, and finds many hidden secretsabout post office banking..

And DWM accumulates all this information, whether it be postal, congressional, government, metallurgy, science, or nuclear.

Hidden Secrets With Syntax Grammar

DWM studies all that stuff as an information junkie. He cross-reference things, meets people at his seminars, who are in all these different branches of government worldwide.

Every now and then somebody finds a little secret out and tells DWM about their findings.

So you go someplace else and get another piece of information, and another piece of information about post office banking.

Until collectively you create a storyline about who’s in charge of what’s happening.

“Liars figure, but figures don’t lie.”

And the mathematical interface unlocks this. So when you can write the sentence frontwards and backwards, it shows the absolute proof of what’s happening. And it’s the same worldwide.

1 + 2 = 3 || 3 – 2 = 1

When somebody says: “Show me the law that says a Vowel Plus Two Consonants means “No Contract”…

Well, look up every word in English language and it’ll prove itself. It isn’t where there’s a written law to that effect, it’s just that the word “NO” is a negative condition of state.

Words like “With-Out”, “Under”, UN-, DE-, or AB-; all your prefixes are all negative conditions of state.

If you have anything that is negative you can’t create it, because it’s a negative contract. So if you put the word “NO” in front of any word that’s a fact… then why would you put “NO” in front of a fact?

That makes it a “NO-Fact”. And therefore you have a “No-Person”.

What is a “No-Person”?

Every law says: “No person shall…”

NO is an adverb making Person to be a verb and SHALL is an adverb in future time, which means you don’t exist in “Now-Time.”

And at the same time they call you “No Persons”, which means you’re not corporations.

Because what do you need to have a corporation?

You need two or more people in a quantum contract on a single piece of paper.

And if it’s written in adverb-verb, you don’t have a contract, therefore you’re not a person, you’re all individual sovereigns.

Because there’s no contract to tie you with anything except your presumptions or illusionary opinion.

So you’re NOT a fact and you ARE a sovereign. Sovereign means “one”, and “one” is not corporate.

“One” is a nude person in the middle of the ocean and part of the food chain.

Have fun trying to get to the grocery store to buy your groceries before the Sharks eat you.

There are Sharks everywhere, and Society says that the strong will always harvest the weak.

So the 3% will always manage the 97%, because they’re weaker in mind than the 3% that are in control.

Q: Does “No Person Shall” mean that contract is talking about something other than a sovereign? Like a “Dead Entity”?

DWM: On your driver’s license the name’s in capitals as a “Nom de Guerre” = “Dead Corporation”

Look in a cemetery, every name on the tombstones is capitalised. Ask the funeral home director what that means, they’ll say it’s because you’re a dead person.

You’re a “No person”, and as a “no person” you have no constitutional rights

Look in “Styles” Manuals, under capitalized names, means “Dead”.

USC Codes Title 1, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1 …All maritime codes… All vessels must have capitalized names.

Closure in Contracts

The first rule of contract is [dis]closure, you must get closure for your contract.

And the whole world, every government, functions on the same rules and regulations, including post office banking.

The masons use this technology since the beginning of masonry 8,500 years ago.

And what is closure?

It’s the least common denominator of one.

There can only have one jurisdiction, one term of communications between two people.

You can’t have two ideas.

That’s what closure means.

And once you have closure and two people agree on closure you have contract of one.

That’s how the government takes marriage and turns it into one for taxation purposes; that a husband and wife are married.

Once they get married and TWO becomes ONE under contract… because the marriage contract unifies them, then the government treats them as ONE.

If one gets damaged the other one is responsible and vice versa. If one does something wrong, they’re both guilty.

This is why, according to DWM, why marriage is always insisted upon by all cultures, and all governments worldwide.

Banking on Persia

This Machine starts back in history, about 6,000 years. Everything that goes from China to Europe, because the Americas aren’t involved with paper money…They are dealing with contract, gold and silver… They’re bartering with different silks, blankets and everything else.

Everything goes through Istanbul, which was Persia.

Through taxation of going through their country, Persia captures money for 6,000 years.

When the Vatican starts around 79 AD, they borrow money from Persia to build a Catholic religion and the Catholic Church.

That’s why you see Persian architecture on all the churches.

Now they know the mathematical syntax, DWM and Russell-Jay Gould are the only two key masters worldwide. And they’re under contract with the Vatican to translate and syntax the Bible and all Vatican’s symbolization.

[Most of this information is on a need-to-know basis. From deals with Banking, to International Trade Agreements and Treaties with the UN and other countries.]

History then moves forward from 79AD to 1750, when the Rothschild family goes to Persia to borrow money, and never pay it back.

By the 1800s, the Rothschild family, through carrier pigeons, control all the banking in the five capitals of Europe. For 50 years nobody knows how they’re transporting information back and forth, because it’s a family secret.

And so the five brothers control 80% of all banking in Europe, and then Napoleon comes along.

Banking Wars

Napoleon goes to war against Britain at Waterloo, and by carrier pigeon Rothschild knows two hours before anyone else in London, that Napoleon loses.

And everything at the London Stock Exchange is trading around 10c/$1, so when word comes that Napoleon wins, and it drops a 2c/$1.

But Rothschild knows that Napoleon loses, so he buys up 80% of everything. He begs, borrows, cheats and steals to buy up everything on margin.

After the news is announced two hours later that the war is over, the stock market jumps 500% instantly, and he becomes the richest man in the world.

And then he says to everybody, you can have all the money you want, but you’re going to separate the prepositional phrase into adverb-verb, which means all contracts are destroyed.

So he never pays back Persia …

Now this goes along for a hundred years as the interest is accumulating…

Then along comes Lawrence of Arabia, a British secret agent to go in and break up Persia, because the British want to get the Rothschild Notes.

So they break up Persia into Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and the Arab Republic including Dubai, but don’t find the Notes. [Lawrence of Arabia was a secret agent working for the Rothschilds & the British Monarchy].

And Baghdad becomes head of Persia after Istanbul, and they transfer the notes there.

So in 1973 comes the Persian Gulf War, with big bombers to blow up things trying to get the Notes, without success.

And now they’re in Iran still looking for the Notes.

But to go to war with Iran would be kind of stupid because it’s four times bigger than Iraq, and Russia isn’t going to allow that to take place.

Banking on Parse Syntax Grammar

Parse Syntax Grammar is disqualifying all the lies taking place. The secrets of manipulation and conspiracies are coming out through these programs, with forensic evidence and proof.

Meanwhile the Notes are still in Persia.

And Persia has a 250-years interest compounded, which is about a thousand trillion dollars right now, against the entire English world.

So cashing the Notes can cause somewhat of a global problem, which is enough motivation to learn this stuff.

All your adhesive contracts you make since you’re 18 years old, are all adverb-verb fiction.

You believe, and give value to that fiction, because you enter into commerce, and use money, to give it value.

And your contract proves the illusion you give value to, whether it be a mortgage a car payment, your driver’s license, marriage contracts, divorce contracts, all these things.

Fiction in – Fiction out

You can’t change boats mid-stream, otherwise you’ll fall in the water.

So when you learn syntax you can go back and write Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Syntax contracts. Then you have legitimate contracts.

DWM has a real estate company for 26 years, buying and selling homes, and doing renovations.

So DWM writes his own mortgage contracts, two pages long, and totally in syntax. When purchases wanting to buy the house take the contract to a lawyer because they don’t understand it.

The lawyer says:

”If you don’t want this house I’ll buy it, this is a real contract.”

And just to get his hands on a real contract, he knows he can sell the information to other real estate companies, as well as write quantum language to get into private business.

Capturing the Flag

DWM has treaties with 82 countries in quantum banking, and a 117-page quantum Bank trust at the United Nations with the embassies. He has an ambassadorship comes from both the syntax of the language…

Then he uses syntax to capture the United States flag.

Next he challenges the Congress, the Senate, and the legislature in the Supreme Court of the United States. He asks if anybody has Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Syntax oath of office. And invites them to come forward with the representation to defend the flag of the United States of America.

Well, no-one shows up with the 10-day rule. So because DWM’s the first person with a quantum definition in Now-Time, he captures the flag. This means he now owns the patents to the [Title-4] flag of the United States of America.

And when DWM captures the [Title-4] flag, the United States adds a yellow fringe to all their flags.

So they go ahead and they tell the post office… all yellow fringe flags worldwide, are postal flags.

You work for the post office, and you’re in postal jurisdiction under the port authorities, and post office banking when you see those.

So DWM goes to the United Nations, with the flag and a syntax Constitution.

With Jeff Skiba the two of them together, make corporate, because we’re in a corporate world as corporate. They have their Claim of Live Life, proving they are a fact. And with one gold ounce, they are now on the gold standard.

By knowing all these different facts and where things are supposed to belong… the United Nations voted 199 – 0 that DWM owns the flag…

Land of the Courts

The UN says: “you’ve got a Constitution, a flag and there’s two or more people… And you’re on the gold standard… what country do you could declare?”

DWM says: “The Land of the Courts during the time of the contract”


Because that is where all the contracts are defended…in the courts…

And DWM doesn’t have to pay the $1.6 million per year membership fee for the United Nations… They have standing at the UN, but the reason they don’t have to pay that is because all money is fiction, and we’re a fact.

And the fact and the fiction can never meet.

In front of the UN building in New York City there are 200 flags. There is one “Title-4” Flag – that’s what we used to call it – but now it’s called the “Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar Flag”.

It measures 1 x1.9 and there are 199 other 3 x 4 military boat flags to represent vessels in drydock of a foreign country at the UN building.

Now when you go in front of all of the UN Embassies, in their separate compartments, over in the different hotels that surround the UN building, where they have their embassies…

They all fly Yellow-Fringe flags with spears on top, and gold braids; which means they’re under Maritime Military Bankruptcy… or is a Military issue.

And DWM says  none of the ambassadors know what their flags mean. And when they see how many different flags they have… one down in the foyer, one outside the building, one in their office… they don’t know what they meant…

It’s kind of embarrassing that your ambassador of a country doesn’t even know what your own flag means.

How Parse Syntax Grammar Works In Court

DWM’s the first person to have the correct sentence structure for the definition of the laws, rules, regulations, and description of what a courtroom is. He knows it does not exist as a geographical room, but the paper that holds the words of the contract.

That is the courtroom.

That’s why nine out of ten of your cases are solved under summary judgment, when you file your lawsuit.

And the judge makes a determination without you being in court, because it’s the paper is the court.

The paper has all the names on it.

The paper is the United States.

So if you bring your old grammatical system into the courts and they’re not done properly… Correctly and truthfully, using the quantum grammar construct, they are disqualified and nullified…

As grammar and fraud and bank fraud… All of it across the board

So there’s your motivation right there. Start learning here

Everything revolves around the use of words in contracts, scripts (money orders) and post office banking.

Because banking, the Post Office, and Parse Syntax Grammar makes the world go round…