Artificial World Of Corps, Courts & Clubs trick you to believe lies from lawyers, Government Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies or similar Corporations.

Then this could be the most important [fiction-world] article you ever read. Or not. Do your own research.

Your heart is bounding, you begin stressing, wondering what is going to happen next. Why do we react in that way, when is it not simply an envelope, containing paper with words printed on it?

Well, next time you get a bill in the mail, have a look at to whom it is addressed.

So why do we assume that the name stated on those documents is You?

You buy a vehicle, and you “do the right thing” by ensuring you register the vehicle at the DMV a few days later.

Just like your mother “does the right thing” by ensuring you are registered at the Births, Deaths and Marriages a few days later.

And the DMV gives you a certificate showing that you are the “Registered Keeper” (not the “Owner”) of the vehicle.

Artificial World Of Births, Deaths and Marriages gives your mother a certificate showing that she is the “Registered Keeper” (not the “Owner”) of you, the child.

Birth Certificate

Have a close look at your Birth Certificate.

Is your name written in full anywhere on that document?

Does this Certificate of Registration only state the name/s you’re given (Given Name/s) and not your Family Name or Surname?

You may find that the names of your mother and father are stated in full, (Given Name/s plus Family Name).

Without giving this much thought, it’s easy to make assumptions, that those letters, invoices, and Demand Notices from the artificial world of Corps are addressed to you.

They are not, because they’re addressed to the “Doing Business As” name, which your mother registers shortly after you were born.

It takes a stack of courage to change your mindset, and can seem very stressful if we do not fully understand who we are.

YOU aren’t the name on the envelope.

Or the name on the Invoice.

Nor the name on the Demand notice.

Yet as kids, we are conditioned to submit to authority (the school teacher) and obey.

So we sacrifice our freedom for the sake of benefits we receive from the Government.

i.e the “Baby Bonus”, or medicare levy with bulk billing – the list goes on.

We want to receive tax deductions, yet we don’t want to pay taxes…

You want freedom, and want to collect benefits…

And yet, once you understand that YOU are a living man/woman, and no man/woman has ANY authority over YOU without your permission, then there is nothing to be stressed about.

How can Corporations, Law Enforcement Agencies, Courts of Law … make decisions?

Phone up and see if you can speak to any of them and not the people working for them.

It won’t happen. You either get a machine sounding like a living person, or a real living breathing person answers the phone.

Artificial World Of Corps, Courts & Clubs

Why? Because Corporations, Law Enforcement Agencies, Courts of Law are artificial entities. They cannot speak, think, act or makes decisions. They are pieces of paper.

Some living breathing sentient being, just like you, somewhere within the corporation, has to make a decision for an action to take place.

That decision may include programming software that results in an action.

It may be a decision to engage contractors of subcontractors.

Or hire law firms or other professional bodies.

No matter how much living flesh and blood people will deny an artificial world of Corps, Courts & Clubs, Government Department or any other such agency makes decisions.

Such decisions can somehow be traced back to a person. Even if they say a Committee made the decision, or the Board, or the Management.

Some individual living breathing man or woman made a decision … Which is then agreed by the artificial World Of a Board, Management Committee, or whoever collectively is involved.

And in most cases, that very same individual will not admit, under sworn affidavit of truth, to making a decision…

For fear of jeopardising their Christmas bonus, their career, their mortgage, their children’s education, and their pension, or even their reputation.

Even Presidents have been shot for speaking out of turn.

So these anonymous decision-makers choose to hide behind a department or corporation, a position of office, believing they are safe under the corporate umbrella.

Because most times people accept a corporation can bully you.

Well, what if you decide not to do that?.

What you decide not talk to junior people who answer the phone.

CEOs in Artificial World Of Corps, Courts & Clubs

What if you decide go straight to the Boss. Any of these CEOs, the Chairman in this artificial world of Corps, Courts & Clubs…

If you figure they’re being paid huge salaries, and therefore must have huge responsibilities.

So if they don’t know what’s going on in their own organization, why is that either your fault or your problem? Isn’t it theirs? And no one else.

Not the junior.

Nor the assistant.

Is it not the boss who is to blame? And if not the boss, let it be left to the boss to see what’s going on in the organization.

And since the boss wants the big salary, s/he can put their name to the documents.

If they are not prepared to do that, why should we be expected to?

After all, if you’re the CEO of your organisation, you take the blame when things go pear-shaped. So why shouldn’t they?

And if they want to pass the buck, then their assistant should sign their own name to it… and so on, all the way down the line.

Well, what if YOU decide to no longer deal with nameless faceless titles?

Call them on their stuff. Question them, because someone somewhere has to make a decision.

Remember, everything is an offer.

“Go tidy your bedroom, right now!”


“If you don’t tidy your bedroom, you’ll get no dinner!”

“So what?”

“If you don’t tidy your bedroom, you’ll be grounded for twenty years with a chance of parole after fifteen!”

Sound familiar?

Which raises another point. What authority do they have to make such a decision?

Question them, because someone somewhere has to make that decision. And if none of them want to take the fall, they can all take the fall as a pack.

Corps, Courts & Clubs Complaints Process

Have you also noticed how Corporations and Government Departments hoodwink you into believing they have a “Complaints Process”?

And have you ever wondered why you are wasting your time following their “Standard complaints procedures”, going to ombudsman ETC.

Because someone in the Complaints Department then has to make a decision. And risk the aggravation of their cosy job being disrupted.

But it’s great Public Relations.

And gives some innocent upset customers the fuzzy feeling that at least someone is listening to their grievances….

No, don’t waste your time.

Go straight to the top. To the CEO, the Chairman, or even the whole of the Board.

Go for the Man, or the Woman, the folks that demand the fat-cat salaries, and hugely obscene annual bonuses. Not the Title.

Why not write to john doe, the living breathing sentient being doing business as Mr John Doe, the man/woman who likes to be known as the CEO?

Let her/him know you are wishing to get answers from a real flesh and blood sovereign being, under their personal and full commercial liability…

And do not take no for an answer.

Give him/her thirty days to respond.

So let him/her know what s/he is agreeing to if s/he remains silent.

Let them know what you expect them to do about the situation, and consequences of neglecting, failing, or refusing to answer you.

Would you wait till you are thirsty before digging a well?

Or is it not better to start digging the well now?

So that when you are thirsty, you’ll quickly have water to drink.

Ascertain your sovereignty now.

Don’t wait until you need to.

Feedback of any kind is welcomed, in the comments box below

Stay courageous.

Be encouraged

You are not alone.