Correct questions have power when you’re caught up in “legal situations” with lawyers, courts, debt collectors, and law enforcement agencies…

Have you ever ordered a meal at a restaurant, to discover the dish served to you did not meet your expectations?

Every day we make decisions. Every moment of every day we process a mammoth amount of information, so it’s tempting to quickly react, rather than asking the correct questions to make an informed decision.

The correct question is already half the solution to a problem.
Carl Jung:

As you’re in the middle of a conversation and the waiter’s hovering, you quickly glance at the menu, without thinking much about the chosen item. And when it arrives, you think to yourself, “Is that really what I ordered? Why didn’t I ask about the …?”

Or you’re bragging to a friend about your latest acquisition, and they say, “Why didn’t you tell me? … I have a friend that can get the exact same thing for half the price.”

Why don’t we ask the correct questions?

Because often we don’t know what “The Correct Questions” are, until it’s too late… Not until we’ve given the situation more thought.

Here’s the thing: How do you know what’s the correct question, and what’s the wrong question?

If you don’t know, and you ask the wrong question, you’re more than likely going to get the wrong answer.

There’s an art to asking the correct question; or rather, to putting thought into asking the correct question. Have a listen, the next time someone asks you a question.

Often you’ll find they already (think they) know the answer they want to hear, and in reality, they’re “seeking your approval or permission”.

Correct Questions Have Power

So much of the time we make assumptions.

We don’t listen, we don’t observe. We just go ahead without giving things much thought. And that works for us, most of the time… until it doesn’t.

And often the really important questions are the ones that we don’t ask.

Why don’t we ask them?

Even more so, when you’re caught up in “legal” stuff, with lawyers, courts, debt collectors, and law enforcement agencies…

And you’re feeling under attack.

Why is this happening to me?

How can I defend myself?

And when you’re stressed out about the situation, it’s even harder to think clearly.

Because they are too hard to answer… yet by taking that bold step to address those questions, you can transform your life.

Knowledge is power, as correct questions have power.

If you’ve ever watched Court Room scenes, and lawyers questioning witnesses, extracting information. And there’s also the way police interrogate suspects …

Planning and Preparation
Engage and Explain

And by not asking the correct questions, you’ll struggle to find the correct answers.

Every body wants to be successful, correct?

And we each have our own definition of success. For many, success means being healthy, happy, having a great family life, having fun, and not having to worry about money.

And so you go to work, get stressed out, work your backside off, don’t eat properly, are too tired to exercise, and come home angry, upset, frustrated and exhausted, then take all those emotions out on your family.

So you end up being unhealthy, unhappy, and having a miserable family life. And you don’t know how to get out of the endless cycle, of home-work-home-sleep, rinse and repeat.

Right Time For Correct Questions

If you do not know how to ask the correct question, you discover nothing.” – W. Edwards Deming:

You’ve heard people say they are just too busy to think about it right now. They’ve got pressures at home, pressure at work, bills to pay, emails to answer, voicemails and txt messages to attend to.

Don’t wait for “The Right Time”.

No matter what your situation is now, you have the choice, and you have no excuses. Why?

Correct questions have power…

Even more so, when you’re caught up in “legal” stuff, with lawyers, courts, debt collectors, and law enforcement agencies…

What are you thoughts?

Let us know in the comments below, tell us what you’re thing about why correct questions have power.