Birth Certificate System starts when you’re born on this planet… As your mother has you in her arms in the hospital, the RN comes in the room and says:

”Hey, you need to sign this Birth Certificate before you can leave the hospital with the baby, or you can’t leave with the baby!”.

Well, that’s a lie.

You’re trying to tell me I can’t leave the hospital with my child unless I sign this document, this Birth Certificate document? That’s kidnapping. And that’s illegal. You can’t take my baby from me, and hold my baby just because I don’t sign your document. It’s crazy!

This extract is taken from the War Castles documentary series presented by Robert-LeRoy: Horton, U.S.Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command.

It chronicles events of Judge David-Wynn: Miller and Russell-Jay:Gould and what their revelations about the mortgage industry. Syntaxing the mortgages and finding them to be 100% grammatical fraud… See part one here

What we found out was that the baby’s name is all in capital letters on the Birth Certificate. When your mom signs that thing, she signs in cursive… That’s considered necromancy; communication with the Dead. The only place you find all capital letters in anyone’s name is on a tombstone. You’re a dead entity.

Well, when you’re born into this world, you’re considered a dead entity due to the shipping war that we’re all in. So automatically, when she signs that document, and everybody signs in cursive, she’s conducting necromancy. Communicating with the dead.

Birth Certificate, Registered Piece Of Cargo

When you’re registered in to that massive corporate construct of the empire of the Three City-States you’re presumed, automatically presumed, missing, dead, or presumed lost at sea.

You’re a dead person. You’re just a piece of cargo.

Just take a look at this in relation to the esoteric symbolism behind what the Vatican is doing… And what London City and those guys are doing in the P2 Mason lodges. There’s also the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Columbus, the Jesuits (which is the militia for the Vatican)… These groups of people are the secret lodges on this planet. And they utilize this shipping warfare system to conduct commerce on planet Earth. That’s how they make their riches.

Quite frankly we found that little aggravating. I mean we were pretty upset. And we got to the bottom of what the Birth Certificate System is. It’s claiming that you are owned, you know.

You’re a piece of cargo, and that you’re owned. Owned by whom?

Well, we’re owned by the Vatican and they claim a lot more than just your body with the Birth Certificate. They’re literally claiming things within you. I would go so far as to say your soul. Look at this construct, a warfare platform on this planet, that is nothing but nefarious. That is it. The Vatican is the location.

What we were looking at is a global system of governance…   As a matter of fact, well, it’s the great Whore of Babylon.[One giant Corporation with it’s moniker, The YELLOW FRINGE]

Whore of Babylon

She’s the great Whore of Babylon as clearly laid out in the Bible. This system is based in Admiralty and maritime; the International Admiralty and Maritime Law of the sea.

And all of the corporations on planet Earth, to include the Empire of the Three-City-States specifically. Each State contributes to the strengths and the existence of this system. In relation to this Commander-in-Chief :Russell-Jay: Gould creates a now-time scenario. And with that, of course, and corrects the Elemental Table and a Periodic Table.

This elemental chart is so genius in its construct that it destroys the previous Elementals chart. And by doing that it destroys the planet’s ability to communicate. It destroys every nations’ ability to communicate with one another in relation to shipping…

And the movement of Commerce, because they cannot create a mathematical fact or a zero point to base their sums and differences upon.

So when RJG captures the position as Postmaster General here in the United States, he re-substantiates all commerce… And now reopens the United States back up to international trading commerce.

New Banking Constitution

To do this, he physically visits all the locations on planet earth, such as the International Trade Organization, World Trade Organization… Here’s there as the American, the last American standing here in the United States… that has the flag, a Correct Banking Constitution, and Correct Elemental Chart and Periodic Table… To say:” Hey I’m open for business, I want open commerce back up”.

So he visits these giant corporations. And by so doing he disqualifies their position. Because the syntax is found to be fraudulent. It’s grammar fraud, and he has the correct constructs.. Having rebuilt the entire system for communication.

Now the old communication system and the Birth Certificate system is destroyed. So with it being destroyed, he’s now got to go into these locations anyway, not just to set up international commerce for the United States, but to set them up properly, because they’re destroyed with his construct.

So now, as he sets them back up proper. While the Whore of Babylon is using Admiralty, International Admiralty and Maritime Law of the sea, to claim everyone as presumed missing dead or lost at sea. This goes back to the biblical scripture.

You know Satan accuses man day and night in front of the throne of God as already being dead. If when you further look at the esotericism behind that, he’s basically trying to mirror what God did.

And in Noah’s day God destroys the world by a flood.

Missing, Presumed Dead

Well, Lucifer’s trying to do the same thing. He’s killing all the people on the planet by saying they’re presumed missing, dead, or lost at sea with a Birth Certificate System.

It’s a mirror of what God has already done. This stuff goes all the way back in biblical prophecy. And the esotericism behind this warfare platform is demonstrated clearly by the Vatican with what’s going on. It’s speaking to us, in plain sight, right in the open, right in front of all of our faces.

So as Russ set this system back up, visiting to each corporate location to say:” Hey”, you know he started at the Universal Postal Union up in Bern Switzerland. And he says” Hey, this charter’s  disqualified. So I’m reopening it up properly, and placing myself in as the Universal Postmaster General in Bern, Switzerland.

And each time he does that, he reconstitutes the Whore of Babylon, and makes her a correct version. Meaning now you’ve got a mirrored version of exactly what once was, but correctly. He’s using that whole system which was the system the United States was using anyway. But now he’s got it, it’s correct.

The whole thing is correct. It takes down all the global powers on the planet in the process, but re-substantiated them in correctness. So they haven’t gone anywhere. They just had to adopt the new system. And with that system there’s no longer any ability to create contract fraud in that system.

You can’t lie, cheat, or steal

You can’t lie, cheat, or steal or create a loophole in the contract because it’s a mathematically certifiable grammar. What it says is what it means. And what it means is what it says. It’s certified forward and backward. So they can’t take this into court later and say” Oh, what it meant was or what it’s supposed to mean… later is this.” Because in his now-time construct, with his grammatical construct, there is no past and future tense and verbage in the grammatical construct.

What it means is what it says now and forever.

So in a hundred years when they pick that contract up and they say:” Well, what it was supposed to mean. .. or what it is to mean later…” doesn’t apply.

It says now. Is and Are. What it is now. And it’s alll in Now-Time.

So in 100 years from now, they can pick it up and say:” wow, it still says today.” Nothing to argue over here. Because if you violate the contract, it’s obvious. And you’re busted for it, so they can take you to court.

Of course there are many ramifications behind that… There’s a litany of charges that can be created to eliminate the opportunity for fraudsters and racketeers trying to take advantage of that system. They’ll be removed.

Birth Certificate Quantum Grammar Construct

When you further go back to look at this…

Take a look, a real serious look, and examine this entire thing. We spent years on this now, we’ve spent a decade researching this entire matter. What this gentleman has done is, with his construct, he has taken command and control of the entire planet.

The construct that was there, he took command and control of and re-substantiated it, mirrored it… But in a correct manner using grammar correctly. By using the word, the meaning of the word correctly, and with that the powers that be lost all their powers.

Of course they had come unglued on this guy. They tried to get him to surrender the flag. So they beat him, they beat him pretty bad.

And they took him into Court because of what he had done. He had started court-martialling Bush and Cheney and 500 admirals and generals for not immediately jumping onto his plain… This immediately initiating the changeover of the new government to take place all the way down to the civil level…

So that contracts written by civil governments and state governments would all be operating with this quantum grammar construct. Now you couldn’t racketeer anymore… And there’d be no way to launder money… Or to move paedophiles or guns or drugs or anything like that.

The money was gonna go where it was supposed to go. You couldn’t borrow from the school slush fund to pay for the roads.

That would be gone.

That whole borrowing system, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul would be gone.

Florida Chads Smoke Screen Birth Certificate System

And of course with the “Florida Chads” – the Bush and Cheney “Florida Chads” sideshow… Bush is appointed (and he was appointed, he was not elected) president …

And RJG wants that correction made immediately. So because that doesn’t happen and they don’t join with him immediately, he court-martials them.

He starts court martial-ling everybody, saying there is no President.

That’s why you hear Trump saying it’s all rigged and we’re stopping it.. It’s all fraud and we’re ending it. Trump’s saying this because those guys Bush and Clinton and Obama were placed in there by this New World Order… This shadow government, Deep State global apparatus that has been trying to capture the world and place everybody on their Birth Certificate System.

So because RJG moves so rapidly with this, he’s no time to alert the NCO chain of command to say:” Hey guys, this is what’s going on with the bankruptcy. They’re about to surrender to the United States and raise a British flag here, and they’re gonna capture you all as chattel again, raise the British flag here, seize your guns.”

They put FEMA camps in place. Obama was coming for them. And thank God we did not get Hillary Clinton in there, because she was the final stake in the heart.

New World Order Double-Speak

When we look at what’s happening there, as far as the verbage goes, the doublespeak these guys are using this New World Order apparatus.

The doublespeak they use, when you examine the tapes… When you go back and look at the New World Order tapes of President Bush Senior talking, saying you know, we’re gonna have …we need to have create laws that will protect the weak from the strong.

[G Bush:]“ A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak… We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order. A world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of Nations”

Bush snr’s not talking about weak people as far as this person who’s unemployed.

He’s talking about the weak people, the New World Order, being so few against the strong. The people of the world, who don’t want this apparatus to come into play, that know what these guys have up their sleeve.

Read the Bible. We know what it looks like, and what they want to bring into fruition. And we know what’s coming. The playbook’s in your hands.

Everybody’s got one.

So when Bush says: ”we want to protect the weak from the strong and have freedom and peace” he doesn’t mean that. He’ss talking about the freedom to stop the rest of the world from allowing these guys to make laws freely in peace so that they can’t be stopped by the people.

That’s the doublespeak these guys are using It’s very, very nefarious.

When you listen to it and you’ve realized these guys aren’t talking to the American people, they’re talking to their bosses behind them.