War Castles Documentary Series reveals Largest National Security Secret.. presented by Robert-LeRoy: Horton, U.S.Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command… see part two here

“In 1999 the United States was quietly being taken over by Great Britain. A vigilant Patriot named Russell-Jay Gould (RJG) recognises the threat. In a series of strategic moves he saves the USA from foreign invasion. He takes control of the Title 4 US flag and logs it in with United Nations, becoming sovereign successor to Great Britain.

When the political dust settleds RJG’s taken over several high-ranking government positions and that put the country’s true terrorists on notice. Together with DWM, he introduces a language called Now-Time Quantum Grammar.

Then he uses it to prove all previous legal and financial documents to be fraudulent. This saves the U.S. $17 trillions dollars in debt.

RJG redesigns the Periodic Table of Elements. His work is referred to as extraterrestrial technology and genius. As a reward for his efforts he’s arrested and tortured by the government that he saves.

War Castles is a documentary series chronicling the events involving Russell-Jay Gould’s rescue of the free world. Join us as we lay out the facts and answer a very crucial question: “How is all of this a secret?”

In the year 2007 the mortgage crisis hit the United States. Several the guys in my unit got together. We’re sitting around the shop one day and talking about how we were losing our homes…  And we were all about to be tossed out on the street.

This worries us all… As we’re sitting around talking shop, we’re like

“Hey, we got the clearances to do this. We know people in the right places. Let’s get together and let’s see if we can’t drum up and figure out what in the heck happened. What in the heck caused this mortgage crisis incident and what really happened there?”

So after a few months of digging we ran across Judge David-Wynn: Miller and Russell-Jay:Gould. We discover what they do to the mortgage industry, that they’re responsible for.

DWM and RJG syntax the mortgages finding them to be 100% grammatical fraud. So that’s a big eye-opener for us. We look at that and we were like:

“Hey, it’s not the sub-prime mortgage lending that led to the collapse. It’s the fact that these guys syntax the actual Contracts, the Banking and Mortgage Contracts and find them to be 100% grammatical fraud”

And then Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac immediately bundle those up, selling them to the Bank of America. And three days later, when Bank of America finds out they’re sitting on bad paper, they sell them to (I believe it was) Wells Fargo. And from there the fire sales start with these bundled mortgages.

So with that, you know, we started digging deeper. Well, who is Russell-Jay Gould and who is David-Wynn Miller?

But what really unlocked the entire mystery for us was the fact that there was a grammar key on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Mortgages syntaxed by these guys. They had a grammar key or a syntax key on the side of the paperwork. We were like, okay. We understand how syntax works. And how there was grammatical fraud going on. But what gave this syntax key that they were putting on the paperwork the power to syntax the document?

With that, we uncovered the largest national security secret in this nation’s history, if not the world itself. What this did was, it basically led us down several rabbit holes. And one of the rabbit holes that it led us down was …
First we had to go all the way back to the beginning of US history or American history to figure out what in the world was going on there, because this goes back that far.

We went all the way back to the start of the thirteen colonies and the original Bankruptcy of the United States. And that’s really what this all stems from, is the Bankruptcy of the United States, the first Bankruptcy.When the thirteen colonies was fighting for its freedom from the British crown, there was a Post Office down in Philadelphia, and that was the Benjamin Franklin Post Office. And that Post Office was open until the war started, because all war vacates contracts.

So because the thirteen colonies weren’t yet an independent Nation state of their own, or Nation of their own, they had to close that Post Office down, because they were fighting for that national statehood.

And after the American Revolution that Post Office couldn’t be opened back up, because it was in a state of bankruptcy. It owed 1.6million francs to the French for funding the American Revolution. At that point Spain and France argued over who’s going to put the Postmaster General position here in the colonies to open it up to commerce.

Why was that so important?
When we take a look at it, Spain argued that they had found America first. That Christopher Columbus had found America first, so they had rights to it. France argued that without loaning America the 1.6million francs, America wouldn’t even be open for capture. But the king of Great Britain, or Great Britain, still being the reigning monarch in the world, told Spain and France: “I’m still the reigning monarch in the world, I’m gonna put my Post Office in up there. Those are my people”.

When we went back and looked at the American history, you could see that the Founders of the Republic talked about that. They said that they would much rather have chosen Great Britain as opposed to Spain and France because they were used to Great Britain’s ways. They understood how that Monarch operated.

They decided that it was best to just continue working with him because they knew how he operated and they knew the wiles of this guy’s operation and how his construct worked. And they weren’t too sure about Spain or France and didn’t want to start getting involved with someone they didn’t know anything about.

They decided to go ahead and joinder with Great Britain and they put Great Britain’s Post Office in Washington DC, which is a foreign Enclave of the United States. It never has been part of the United States, and was opened up as the District of Columbia as a foreign Enclave because it was the Post Office for Great Britain.

What that means is that the king of Great Britain, placing his Post Office here, opened up commerce to the rest of the world, because he was the reigning monarch. So if the rest of the monarchs or dictators wanted to come into this country and rape and pillage it for its goods they would have to go through him in his Post Office. Everything that was shipped in and out of this country, all commerce, he got a piece of, to that Post Office.

That was the first bankruptcy, when Benjamin Franklin borrowed 1.6 million Francs from the French. The second bankruptcy started when Abraham Lincoln borrowed the money from the IMF and the World Bank.

Now before I get into that, I want to say this:
The Founding Fathers had a pact, and that was that an accord, a gentlemen’s agreement between themselves; and that was that they were to never borrow any money from the IMF or the World Bank. And that is because the IMF and the World Bank owe no allegiance to any one particular monarch.

They decided the agreement was that they would only borrow money from other monarchs, because the monarchs were only as powerful as their armies. If they stayed in contract with two monarchs at the same time, if one monarch ever decided to try invade the colonies, they would have to concur with the other monarch first, before they can invade, so they didn’t mess up something that other monarch had going on.

It gave the colonies time to react and get a plan in place to go ahead and move forward and try to figure out how to get themselves out of whatever debacle they might have found themselves in.

At a later time I went through the historical records. And we ran into, of course, the Civil War was next. We found out that Abraham Lincoln, after the colonies dissolved, and they broke in half, there was no more United States. That had ended the north against the south.

You have two separate countries fighting against each other. Essentially what happened here during the Civil War, because the South did raise its own flag, and did substantiate itself as its own nation state.Abraham Lincoln, we found, violated the pact. He was the President that went ahead and borrowed money from the IMF and the World Bank thereby violating the gentleman’s agreement or the Accord that the founding fathers had had to never do that. When he did, he initiated the beginning of the second international bankruptcy.

[Explaining Lincoln’s Assasination]

That led us down into of course 1933, to the beginning of the Third and Final International Bankruptcy [2 November 1929], and also the Great Depression, the stock market crash of 1929.

From there this was all laid out historically with what happened in relation to this syntax key that had been placed on these mortgages.

This is how far back we had to track to find out what in the world gave this syntax key power to be utilized on these mortgage contracts, to conduct this syntaxing in the manner that had been conducted, to validate the fact that they were all grammatical fraud. Banking fraud, grammar fraud, you name it. Fraud.

Once we had backtracked that key and found out how it was given the authority to be placed on that contract, to conduct a syntaxing that it had conducted, we ran across the largest national security secret ever covered up in the history of United States.

This led us right back into the Birth Certificate and how the Birth Certificate System even got started here in America.

[Roosevelt never had the authority to attach the people to the Birth-Certificate-System]

“People are used as collateral with other nations because the U.S. is bankrupt. The United States declared bankruptcy on March 9th of 1933. At this point the U.S. began taking out loans from a private non-government affiliated corporation called the Federal Reserve. With no money to pay back the loans, the United States began using the citizens as collateral.”

That started back in 1933 with the beginning of the Third and Final International Bankruptcy. And, of course, we had found out at that point that the United States owed so much to the IMF and the World Bank for what Lincoln had done, that Roosevelt had to give up all of the gold that was here in the United States, to pay off the debt to the IMF and the World Bank.

The United States was completely broke. We had no money. So they devised the Birth Certificate System, in which the people themselves became the gold bars and they had been built for taxes, to pay off whatever debt still remained, or whatever debt was still going to be incurred by the financial needs of the United States.

And that system came to an end on November 2nd 1999. That entire system came to an end. And with that, like I said, we uncovered the largest national security secret ever kept in the history the United States. We still don’t know why it’s been kept a secret.

We have a good idea of why it’s been kept a secret.

Because we understand now the Deep State’s in charge. We understand who the Deep State is. We know how they operate. This has been one of the largest Deep State secrets in the history the United States, and we’re bringing it forward. Because we understand what the hell happened.

You think to yourself: “ok, well, you know it’s a Birth Certificate System. What? You know. So they use the people as chattel, to create an income off of, so they could substantiate the wealth that was necessary to go ahead and get us through our administrative ordeals as a nation.”

As we got looking at this thing and we researched it further and deeper into what the Birth Certificate System was, this thing was attached to the largest warfare platform in the world, that was essentially created to go ahead and capture everybody on the planet as chattel or property.

This was how they were going to go ahead and create their wealth off the sweat of everybody else’s backs.
This led us, of course, right back to the Vatican, London City, and the Pentagon. And those were the three locations on planet earth, the Three War Castles so to speak, that substantiated the empire of the Three City-States .

“I encourage all you guys out there take a look at the empire of Three City-States, and do your research on the empire of the Three City-States and exactly what that is.”

Watch out for Part two of War Castles Documentary Series, presented by Robert-LeRoy: Horton, U.S.Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command…