Chemistry of Relationships & Divorce happen through communication around honouring contracts & maintaining your physical and mental health.

While some of the Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from DWM videos, do you own research and watch DWM videos.

We’re all on this spaceship called “Earth”.

We’re all part of it. And we’ve got to work together, and everybody will be happy to fix it.

So DWM discovers and develops CSSCPSGP… Now this program is being learned by people all over the world, so it’s no secret.

People know about it. They don’t talk about it, but they all know about it… and they’re all waiting for it to happen… so nobody is afraid…

They just know it takes time to study. Everyone in the program spends years studying and they know there’s a mountain of information about it.

It’s not a quick fix to get out of trouble.

You’ve got to do your homework ahead of time.

And if your contract is written in quantum, it can’t go into court because it’s a fact.

Because private contracts supersede judicial law.

So make sure your private contracts are correct, because private contract supersedes judicial interference by courts…

What’s Your Thinking?

Fiction in = Fiction out. It’s called volition.

The condition of thinking by your own confession is the conduct.

Now here’s the point:

You walk into the bank and you’re going to write a check, but you don’t have a pen.

On the counter there’s a pen, so you pick it up. When you get done with your banking back and forth, you put your checkbook away, and put your pen in your pocket and walk out…no problem.

Yet when the next guy comes in, he checks the monitors, looks for the cameras all over the bank. Then he looks at the pen and hesitates for a minute before picking it up.

He does his banking, but instead of putting the pen back in the bucket… since he didn’t ask permission to take it… So he checks the monitors to see if anybody’s looking, and then puts it in his pocket with hesitation, and walks out.

The first guy does his banking, and he’s innocent because he’s doing his business.

But the second guy is shoplifting a pen, and is guilty of stealing. Because the jury will look at the camera because he does this with his eyes and say that man’s guilty of body-language shoplifting.

Body language, without words, shows his guilt, that’s his volition.

Everything is based on time.

What’s your volition at the time of the crime?

In Salt Lake City a young girl has a baby. Years later, she’s 33 years old, and her child needs a blood transfusion. So the mother of the child asks the grandfather came forward to give blood for this child.

When the run a blood test, it turns out he’s the father, and he’s raped his daughter when she was 12, creating the child.

Now, 20 years later, because of the blood transfusion, they are able to make a determination that the man is guilty of incest with his 12 year-old-daughter. So he goes to prison for life.

It’s the person’s conduct at the time and place that’s against the law, in all cultures worldwide for all time. So it doesn’t matter when they catch you, because there’s no statute of limitations for rape or for murder anywhere in the world.

You commit a murder in your country, and go anywhere in the world… you’ll be extradited back to your country.

Because all courts are the same jurisdiction worldwide.

They are all foreign vessels in drydock. And they all have rules and regulations for murder, rape, specific drug dealings, criminal activities, treason, and conspiracies like spying.

There’s no statute of limitations for murder or for rape.

You can be found guilty with physical evidence and the chemistry of relationships.

Because of CSI and through DNA today, you’re going to prison.

Breakdown of Relationships & Divorce

There’s a chemistry of relationships & divorce…

If husband and wife want to get a divorce, do it yourselves…

You don’t need a lawyer.

Sit around the kitchen table and work out a deal.

Sign a private contract, and it’s done.

A lawyer can’t undo it, and nor can a judge. They will approve it 72 hours later, so it becomes official.

You’ve got to wait six months in most cases and you’re free.

If you hire a lawyer, the two lawyers will get you to fight until there’s nothing left…

Then the two lawyers will settle because there’s nothing left to divide.

But if anybody wants a divorce, there’s divorce contracts are already written in DWM’s book for you to copy.

Whether there are kids involved or no kids involved, there’s contracts for both.

Those contracts are already approved by the courts, and they’re free, no expensive legal fees.

So you can’t beat the price .

Private contract supersedes…

But you have to stay within the confinements of real estate laws and transfer quick claim deeds.

You’ve got to be careful, and make sure your taxes are taken care of. And any transfer fees are paid, licensing is done, etc.

Make sure you do your due diligence, especially with property sales etc., because don’t forget, you don’t actually own that property.

When you but the land, the contract’s written in adverb-verb.

Because in the beginning the government killed the people who lived on it.

So it’s an [F]ailing which means corruption from the beginning contract.

The military is there to make sure that no one interferes with the illusion of contract as long as you’re on it.

If you don’t pay your taxes, 90 days later you don’t live there anymore. They’ll sell it at auction find somebody else to pay the taxes.

Missing Words Certify The Math

CSSCPSGP technology works with any language. If some words don’t have an English translation, and you can’t find the right word, use the English word.

Even though you’re writing in another language you’ll put the English words in and the math will always work the same…

The language is created in adverb-verb from the beginning.

The math puts in missing words to certify those words belong there, or the volition of what that word means.

Since you can’t have two nouns together and say it makes sense, because it’s an adjective pronoun.

And you have to certify the terms.

If you just write in all nouns like the Hebrew language, you only have adjective-pronouns.

And therefore you lose the ability to identify the 1 : 900 accuracy of the sentence.

Therefore it’s chaos.

If you have chaos, no one’s going to do contract with you.

So now they have a vehicle through this technology to fix it

Everybody sees this program… it changes you

Mirrors, Relationships & Divorce

Remember this next time you have an argument, there’s a chemistry of relationships & divorce. You hear  people say they’re attracked by a “certain chemistry”.

Yet the way people talk can create more problems.

When you talk to someone, you can’t see your facial expressions.

You can’t see your eye contact, or who you are and what you look like…Or how you present yourself to someone.

But they can see from your facial expressions, your body language, your smiles, if they’re making sense to you.

Because you smile back at them…since you’re learning something, and the mind is always happy when it’s active.

So if you have a problem with yourself, stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself… if that’s the only person you trust

And if you have a partner or if you have children and you want to have a discussion with them…

Don’t talk to them face to face.

Stand in front of a mirror.

Now you’ve got four people there…

You have to look yourself in the mirror.

And you have to look yourself in the eye.

Now you’re talking to yourself as well as the person standing next to you.

So you have to see and listen to yourself right now.

And then you see your own body language…

80% of Communications is body language

So now you get to see who you are, and what how you perceive yourself to the world.

When you talk to yourself in front of a mirror, you learn much more about who you are.

And whether you’re talking to your child or talking to your spouse or your girlfriend or boyfriend…

You’ll be able to solve communications, because you see body language, and you’ve got eye contact…


It’s very powerful information…

This chemistry of relationships & divorce makes the difference between splitting and staying together.

Food, Relationships & Divorce

DWM claims he can put you on meat and potatoes for 90 days…

And he’ll create a personality in a body chemistry type that will perform a specific way…

Then take you off meat and potatoes put you on vegetables…

In 90 days it will completely change you… You will be a different personality and a different person…

Then take you off of vegetables and give you nothing but fruit, and in 90 days you’ll change again.

After that, eat junk food… crackers, potato chips, whatever…and you’ll change again.

Take a husband and a wife, who live together, eat together, and they work together.

Then along comes the seven-year cycle..

80% of all human beings both men and women go through a chemical change every seven years

It takes 14 months for this chemical change to take place.

The chemical change will start very slow

By about the fourth month you get into it… you want to change your diet, change your clothes, and change your job.

And by the time this thing accelerates the chemistry of relationships, & divorce seems like an easy fix…

So now you want to get a divorce.

At the end of 14 months you want to change partners…you want to change jobs…and you stop eating together.

The wife might be at home feeding, doing the a normal meal meat, potatoes and vegetables for the children…

While the husband’s out eating junk food, sandwiches, or drinking beer or something… and has a different diet

Then all sudden his body chemistry changes…

So when the body chemistry changes, the body scent changes…

Because you’re attracted by each other’s scent and condition of thinking that gets you together. And that chemistry now changes and you grow apart…

Now you don’t smell the same… you don’t think the same…. your personalities are different

So it’s like you’re living with a stranger…

And after a while it becomes so intolerable you can’t stay together anymore…

But if you’re now aware of chemistry changes, scent changes, food changes, & sleeping patterns…

Now you can sit down, discuss it, and you can get back to where you were.

And you can normalize your individual situations.

Old-Fashioned Chemistry Of Relationships

In the covered wagon days before instant transportation, husband and wife would go out on a farm

They’d eat the same food, and live together from cradle to grave

Divorce isn’t something they ever think about… Because they are partners through chemistry.

Not like today…relationships quickly break.

People sit on computers and phones.

They’re texting, not talking, to each other.

We develop all these different differences, and the world breaks down.

Separate, dysfunctional, we all become individuals, thinking you can become anything you want to become in life.

But you got to know what your diets are, what your personality is…

The chemistry of relationships and your scent….

You have to be pay attention to things which are happening within and around you.

So you take your vitamins, your glucosamine… know about zappers, to stay healthy.

There’s Five Forms In Life To Take Place

1. The first rule is physical and mental health

2. Second rule is you must honour all contracts that you make – with yourself and with other people… So your physical and mental health will be intact

3. The third thing is you must take care of the things you create. In other words, children, if you have children because you created an entity that’s going to grow up. Because if you take care of your children, they are a reflection of who you are. Which affects your contracts and your honour, which affects your physical and mental health.

4. Fourth thing is your job. You have to work, to generate income, to support the family. Since you got to have income to support your health, to support your contracts. Because if you don’t have money you can’t make a contract, and then your physical and mental health

You get these things out of out of track the whole thing falls apart

5. The fifth thing on the list is your spouse. There’s an independent individual man or woman. Because they have the same rules and regulations, they also have to:

(1) Maintain their physical and mental health
(2) Keep their contracts that they honour
(3) Manage their jobs and ability to feed themselves
(4) Earn money, respect, and earn whatever it takes in the world

And you both work together to take care of the children.

So if you stay focused and you keep these five rules intact in your life, you will find that you will successful throughout. And you will get through all the hardships you have in life, managing the balance of chemistry of relationships & divorce.

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

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